Betting on sports online comes with many advantages, such as easily finding the best odds, the big bonuses, and the convenience. Check out these tops Las Vegas gambling sites: 



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The Latest in Las Vegas Legal Gambling

Las Vegas is number one when it comes to sports betting. We all know that. But what we might not know is that this was the result of a national law that was recently struck down. That’s right! For seventy years, Las Vegas was the only place where legal offline sports betting was allowed. Online sports betting has been available in nearly every state since the mid 1990s. 

In 2018, the Supreme Court declared Nevada’s exceptional status as the only place where sports betting was allowed to be an illegal monopoly. In this case, new Jersey challenged the law. But once it was struck down, the floodgates opened nationwide. 

Of course, Las Vegas continues to enjoy momentum and is home to 168 casinos. They can be fun, but they can also be very expensive compared to online casinos, where you can shop around for the bets lines and bonuses and avoid the expensive parking and drinks on the Strip.

Five Reasons to Bet on These Las Vegas Betting Sites

With so many options along the strip, sports betting sites really have to offer something special to Las Vegas bettors. On top of the convenience that is inherent in being able to bet online, directly from your home or office, the best Vegas sports gambling sites are a full package. 

We combined our years of experience with specific research for making bets in Las Vegas. Over the years we have learned exactly what separates a great from a merely good sportsbook. We then sifted through the plethora of options available in Las Vegas. Here are our top five criteria for finalizing our recommendations.

You can bet from the comfort of your home using one of the reliable Las Vegas betting apps.

Avoid the Tourist Traps

We have found that the Las Vegas betting experience online si consistently better. There is just no comparison. Going to the strip means circling to find a parking spot, paying for the parking spot, all just to be surrounded by tourists. And then to pay exaggerated prices for food and drinks. No thanks. 

If you are looking to make it a social experience, you can invite friends to join your sportsbook. In fact, these sportsbooks have recommend-a-friend promotions, so you and your buddy can get a leg up right off the bat. 

Bigger Bonuses

These sports betting sites offer great welcome bonuses. And these are no small fries. You can get a welcome bonus, as well as a series of promotions over time. Many will have reload bonuses, recommend-a-friend bonuses, and bonuses related to specific events. 

GT Bets, for example, offers a 100% match on your first deposit. That means you can double your initial deposit, really extending your entertainment budget as you sharpen your betting strategy. 

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Shop for Great Lines

Betting online comes with the advantage of being able to easily shop around. This is why we always recommend signing up at more than one Las Vegas betting site, so that you can compare them side-by-side.

If you go in-person, you just have to take the odds they give you wherever you are. This allows for shady practices. However, online, you have more transparency and more autonomy. You can find the best odds, and therefore, increase your winnings.  

Excellent Customer Service

With Las Vegas sports betting, every minute counts. When we run into snags, we really need them solved quickly. Especially when it comes to live betting, because the odds can change by the minute, taking betting opportunities with them. 

The best Vegas betting sites will have the following options:

  • Phone numbers
  • Live chat
  • Emails
  • Community forums
  • FAQs 
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A Sterling Reputation

When we are going online to bet, we need our sportsbooks to be well-trusted. We need to know that our payouts will come in a timely manner. Every sportsbook on our list has always fulfilled our payout requests quickly. We have also checked forums for customer complaints. These sportsbooks all have a sterling reputation.

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Check Out Our Complete Betting Guide

Whether betting from the comfort of your home, or taking the journey to Las Vegas, Nevada, it is always important to have some sort of betting strategy that guides you. If you go into it blind, you will not be as successful as the bettor who plans ahead a little bit.

That is why we have a complete betting guide. Here you will find more information on parlay bets, an odds calculator, and answers to many of your other questions. Whether you are betting online or along the famous strip, you can always learn a thing or two to improve your success rate.