How to Bet on the Olympics

With the Olympic betting lines on hand and access to our free Olympics picks, you are well on your way to placing your next Olympic wager. Here are five Olympic betting strategies and tips to keep in mind as you move forward.

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Read Our Olympics Picks

The first step to getting started on your Olympics betting research is to peruse our free picks. They are here for our readers as a free resource. The more you read them, the better off you will be.

Even if they deal with a bet that you do not plan on making or that is not the most interesting for you, they will be very useful. That is because as you read more and more Olympics betting analyses, you will instinctually learn how to bet on the Olympics. It will become second nature.

Plus, you will get to know the different athletes and how they are likely to fare in different sporting events. You will see how expert bettors analyze different Olympic bet types, and how they choose to make which wager and when. All of this takes time to internalize, and reading our Olympics picks is a great way to get started on that process.

Follow Line Movement

Because Olympics bets are available for so long before the actual games take place, you are sure to see the betting lines go up and down. This may seem strange at first, but it ends up making perfect sense!

One reason the lines go up and down is that the bettors can start to weigh on one side of the bet or the other, and the bookies adjust their Olympic lines based on the behavior of their bettors.

Another reason is that news happens. As we follow the training schedule of star athletes, we learn more about how they will arrive at the Olympic games. If injuries come to light, you can expect to see Olympic line movement there too.

Go Line Shopping

As you follow line movement, you should also be aware the lines vary across top Olympics sports betting sites. You can bet the same risk at two different sites on the same wager, and get two different payouts.

Of course, we want the highest payout for the least amount of risk. This is why going line shopping is a key part of any sports betting strategy.

In order to implement this Olympics betting tip, you should have at least two sports betting sites accounts. This way when you look at our Olympics betting lines here in the chart, you can make the right wager at the moment.

50% up to $1,000
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Be Careful About Your Home Country

When we are being smart bettors we are thinking with our heads, not with our hearts. This becomes difficult when we want our own home country to come out on top. When betting on the Olympics, you should keep this in mind.

It can be easy to exaggerate our country’s medal total or the relative chances of the star athletes from our home countries. Remember to be as objective as possible when making these bets. It can even be a good idea to avoid betting on your home country if you do not trust yourself to be honest about their chances.

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Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is absolutely essential in wagering on the Olympics. This will help you make the best decisions regarding your overall strategy.  The basic idea is to regulate the amount that you risk so that you can more easily measure your payouts.

The two basic approaches to bankroll management are:

  • The Unit Approach
  • The Percentage Approach

Either way, the idea is the same: you will be able to adjust your betting strategy more objectively having a sound financial management plan.

Olympics Betting Markets

Looking at Olympics betting markets you will see a full range of options. It is really impressive. You can find bets that mix MLB and the Olympics and also NBA with the Olympics. 

You will really have a lot to choose from here. If you follow our picks, you will see more details on each of the bet types.

  • Country to win the most models
  • Country to win the most gold medals
  • Prop bets
  • Over/under Olympics bet for how many medals each country will win
  • The winner of the different events

Frequently Asked Questions

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