How to bet on Cricket

There are multiple ways to bet on cricket. There are always ways to improve your betting skills, which generally focus on finding value in the odds by making smarter bets.

We will explore some techniques for cricket match betting, as well as how to take advantage of cricket betting tips. There are many common types of football bets, which we will explain and focus on ways to improve your profits. There are a wealth of online bookmakers that offer a broad range of cricket betting markets.


Cricket Betting Picks

Cricket fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to cricket tournaments. Throughout the year bettors can find games to play on; whether it’s international fixtures or domestic league games, there is always a market to enjoy. Here are just some of the most popular markets;

  • The Ashes Series
  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • T20 World Cup
  • International Test Matches
  • The IPL (Indian Premier League)

The next major tournament is The Ashes Series, which will be played down under from December 2021 to January 2022. At the moment, the famous Ashes urn is in the hands of the Australians and we back the Aussies to retain it in 2021. English International cricket is going through a purple patch, with a strong squad it feels like they should be achieving more, but have struggled to do so. Expect the Aussies to win the series 4-1.

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Moneyline cricket bets

Certainly the most common type of betting market. Moneyline wagers are simply betting on which team you think will win outright. The most common type of betting market you’ll find in almost any sport. Moreover, this is where the vast majority of cricket betting tips will focus their attention. A very common form of singles betting.


Cricket over/under

Another very popular market is the over/under or game totals. With cricket matches sometimes reaching extremely high batting figures, it can be quite an exciting game. Much like in basketball, a game can be quite defensive or it can be very open. These factors will largely dictate the outcome of a game and mean the figures can change drastically.


Cricket prop bets

Prop bets are everything in cricket. Especially during the cricket World Cup betting season, as the bookmakers focus on some more exciting markets to keep punters entertained. Betting on props during the cricket World Cup is advisable as there are some great opportunities to find value in the odds. From player props to entertainment wagers, it’s all up for grabs during this period.

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Cricket Betting Markets

Now that we’ve covered the main betting times, we’ll turn your attention to some of the best cricket betting markets you’ll see in the USA. These revolve around Parlays, Futures, and Live/In-Play betting. Let’s take a look.

cricket betting odds and predictions


Parlays come in as one of the second most cricket betting markets after moneyline wagers. These kinds of wagers entail a bettor placing a stake on multiple markets, which will then form a multiple bet on the ticket. While they are reliant on different bets to be successful, they offer much more favorable odds to bettors.

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Futures betting markets are great for big tournaments, like the cricket World Cup and the Ashes, not to mention the endless test matches that run throughout the season. The beauty of cricket is the international scene, which outshines domestic cricket. Moreover, the sport is popular in the East, the West and the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, so there is cricket being played year-round. Cricket betting rates are great for all corners of the globe, with futures offered for almost any tournament.


Live Betting

As any bettors will be aware, in-play betting is as popular as any other form of online wagering. Bettors can now access live cricket betting from their mobile phones. With just the click of a button, they are able to take part in the excitement of major cricket tournaments, via online wagering. Live betting for cricket is great, as each over offers something new; new bowlers facing different batsmen, the prop betting markets are insanely popular. Be sure to check out some live cricket betting, if you’re thinking of wagering on this unique market.

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Cricket Betting Strategies & Tips

The best way to find success when wagering on cricket betting sites is to form some kind of basic strategy. Successful strategies are dependent on a number of things and there are several core factors that influence the outcome of strategies. Some basic sports betting strategies are always worth employing, but understanding betting site basics is always helpful as well. Let’s explore some of those tips and strategies.

Cricket Player betting odds and predictions

Home vs Away Pros & Cons

While in certain sports this may not seem such an influential factor, in cricket it’s monumental. The MCG cricket ground in Australia is one of the highest-capacity stadiums in the world for all sports combined. As such, the home advantage can be quite severe. Furthermore, many cricket betting markets focus on internationals, with teams like Sri Lanka, Australia, England, India, and the West Indies as some of the most popular teams. For fans to travel to away matches is no easy feat, so often the home advantage is amplified compared to other major sports.


NFL Underdog Betting Value

Cricket is the kind of sport where anything can happen. Following the current form and looking at the world rankings is certainly going to help you to find out which team is likely to win, but the underdog value is there with cricket betting. Since betting markets generally side with the favorite, sportsbooks will set the underdog values very high. A spread of +7 can be accompanied by a moneyline bet of +300 or so.

These kinds of odds offer great value for a game predicted to be decided by one score. Anything can happen in one-score games. If the odds look favorable, then you’re always in with a fair chance of winning. One thing to note with those kinds of odds is that even if you win less often the profits attained when bets come in will make it worthwhile.

Cricket Betting FAQs

Everything you need to know to make fun Cricket bets in the US