Top Bookies for WNBA betting in 2024

The days of “clowning” on the WNBA are long gone (unless you’re still under the age of 18, physically or mentally). The league has grown massively — in skill and popularity. This combo has made it a great option for basketball bettors wanting to make money. Since WNBA betting action still pales in comparison to the NBA, the gambling markets are less “mature” with the women. This means you’re more likely to find a mispriced bet, which you can hammer home with a wager. If that’s of interest to you, then you need to start with the five WNBA bookmakers listed underneath, who are the “best” for different reasons.

WNBA betting enthusiasts have a plethora of options to engage with the action, whether it’s exploring player props on top betting apps or diving into the intricacies of point spread betting. From Los Angeles to Virginia, fans can access online sportsbooks to wager on games, with exciting opportunities like futures odds on standout players such as Caitlin Clark or predicting the next MVP. With the convenience of using a promo code on these platforms, fans can enhance their experience and make informed decisions while tracking basketball odds and crafting their bet slips.

As the WNBA season progresses, the excitement builds akin to the anticipation of the Super Bowl, offering a unique thrill for fans of women’s basketball who have long awaited the opportunity to engage with the league on a betting level. Whether it’s analyzing NCAA stars transitioning to the pros or considering the impact of NHL playoffs on game outcomes, WNBA betting opens up a world of possibilities for fans, rooted in the love for the game and the thrill of wagering.

Bovada Is The Best All-Around Sportsbook For WNBA Betting

Bovada is truly an all-in-one sports betting destination. You could use Bovada to make WNBA bets — and only Bovada — and not miss out on anything. Everything you need as a bettor is served up here and then some.

Let’s start with the betting menu. When we say it’s loaded with options, we’re not understating it. That goes for every sport, including WNBA. There won’t be a women’s game that’s NOT available for betting within Bovada’s borders. Spreads, moneylines, over/under, futures, it’s all there for the taking.

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Top Betting Lines For WNBA Can Be Had At BetOnline

Bovada’s sportsbook is really good, but BetOnline’s is great. The difference between the two and where BetOnline wins out is the prices bets are offered at. More times than not, BetOnline offers wagers at the most friendly odds for bettors. So for example, a WNBA moneyline might be at -150 at one bookmaker. However, at BetOnline, the line for the same team could be -140.

Furthermore, BetOnline’s selection of WNBA bets is also vast. Between the diversity and value of odds, BetOnline really goes above and beyond when setting betting lines.

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MyBookie’s Free-Play Bonuses Can Help WNBA Bettors

Remember how we said WNBA is on the rise? Well, it is and that’s reflected in the number of games played over the course of the season. The league now plays 40 regular-season games (a record high) and expanded the playoff field to include eight teams (with each round being a series now, no longer single-elimination early on). So there are more betting opportunities on the WNBA than ever before. MyBookie has made it easy for you to seize these opportunities with massive promotional bonuses.

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XBet Live Betting Experience Is Top Of The Class

We’ll be completely upfront: live betting for WNBA betting is hard to find. The sport is growing, but it’s still not big enough where bookmakers are offering live odds for it regularly. Could that change down the line? Sure. But for now, it’s not widely supported, aside from championship games at the season’s end.

Your best bet (pun fully intended) to get in-play WNBA odds is over at XBet. Not only will you find lines from time to time, but the actual live betting experience at XBet is largely unrivaled industry-wide. More than anything else, it’s fast — which is an absolute must when betting basketball in real-time.

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Rich Rewards Are In Play At BetUS

What does BetUS offer better than the previously mentioned bookmakers? It’s their rewards program, which allows bettors to rank through three different tiers. Each tier offers different perks and obviously, the higher the level, the better the incentives.

Points earned through any of the tiers can be exchanged for cash back, merchandise, and sweepstakes entries. Cashback is obviously the most prized reward and for WNBA bettors that wager consistently enough, this could prove to be more valuable than any one bonus.

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How to Bet on WNBA Games

Beginning your journey with WNBA Las Vegas odds and following the best WNBA betting trends is very important. In fact, if bettors want to make sure they get the best deals on the market, it is important to shop around the various top-tier sportsbooks available to US bettors. From regular betting lines to WNBA prop bets, you can find it all with online oddsmakers – much the same as you can during the NBA Regular and NBA Playoffs.

Whether it’s the Las Vegas Aces or the Phoenix Mercury you’re backing for the WNBA Championship, there are so many great betting opportunities available. From three-point stats to the number of turnovers, our top-tier sportsbook providers offer it all. We offer betting picks throughout the year here at MyTopSportsbooks.

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WNBA Basketball Betting Against the Spread

The standard WNBA spread looks much like bettors will have seen in any other sport. Basically, the home team will be on the bottom of the bet, with the favorite marked with the negative number, and the payout will be written next to the spread. Read more about spread betting in our single bets guides. Here’s an example:

  • Team                        Spread
  • New York Liberty     +13 (-110)
  • Chicago Sky            +13 (-110)

WNBA basketball spreads don’t see as much line movement as you’ll see in other major league sports in the US. Mainly because there is simply a lot less money wagered on the WNBA. There are always a lot of factors that affect a teams’ odds, the team selection, the point in the season, the matchup, and the list goes on.

Spreads in the WNBA will usually stay in the same range as other major league sports, it’s rare to see a favorite of over 20 points. The only big changes we’ll see are double-digit spreads. But, the majority of spreads will be single digits in favor of the home team.


WNBA Basketball Moneyline

The moneyline is the choice of WNBA betting line for those bettors that want to try and pick winners. However, the return isn’t always the best, as matchups are increasingly lopsided. There are now 2 or 3 teams that are truly dominant in the WNBA, which means that it’s very difficult for other teams to compete. Hoping the underdog wins isn’t going to prove to be that fruitful. However, moneyline bettors, have the option to wager on multiple bets such as parlays, round robins or teasers.


Team Spread Moneyline Total

Here’s an example of what a total will look like:

  • New York Liberty   +13 (-110) +1000          O 204.5 (-110)
  • Chicago Sky           +13 (-110) -2000         U 204.5 (-110)

Taking a look at the example above, we can see that it would take a bet of $2,000 to win just $100 if you wager on Chicago Sky to win. Alternatively, if a bettor wagered on New York Liberty would be $1,000 on a $100 bet. For any of our readers who still haven’t reviewed our guide to understanding odds, take a look.

The team spread betting is an extremely popular betting line across all major sports, not just the WNBA. When the straight moneyline doesn’t offer much value, it’s always worth exploring the other available lines.

wnba betting strategies and tips


WNBA Betting Strategies and Tips

It’s of great value to have a few good WNBA betting tips ready to go, which can often mean the difference between winning or going home a loser. While strategies and tips can really help, there’s nothing that can replace a bettor’s own instincts and keen sense of sports knowledge.

The more information you have on a team the better. Whether it’s the Connecticut Sun, the Dallas Wings, or the Indiana Fever that you support, you should ensure you’ve got as many tools as possible at your disposal to predict how games may unfold. The WNBA doesn’t have the same presence as the NFL or MLB, but there are many tipster sites and forecasters that can help you to understand more about teams’ and players’ backgrounds.

Betting strategies and tips simply help a bettor to achieve success with bookmakers. Let’s take a look at two common WNBA betting strategies. Keep these tips in mind if you find the WNBA best bets.

Player Fitness

Often player fatigue is overlooked by bettors and sports critics, expecting the same kinds of performances games after the game. This is especially important in major American sports leagues, where players are sometimes playing hundreds of games across the course of a regular and post-season. This is an excessive expectation of players. Bettors must account for this as the season rolls on.

Moreover, injuries are an important factor. Players sometimes have underlying injuries and recurring niggles that cause them problems and if you notice something in the previous game, it’s worth accounting for this possibility in the next. This kind of depth of tracking players is often difficult. But with many bettors following their favorite teams, it’s quite easy really.

Triple Check the Lineup

The lineups aren’t often going to change but this can occur from game to game, especially given the opponents or the upcoming fixtures. Pay attention to future games and see what is going to be expected of players in the next series of games. Often top players will be rested so that they’re prepared for the tougher opponents.

Sometimes, depending on whether the teams are playing in the Western Conference or Eastern Conference, you will find that certain teams have tougher schedules, which can affect the lineups. Also, if the team is on a two-game or three games losing skid, this will affect the lineup. Equally, if there is a team on a winning streak, they’re more likely to stick with that team.

Live Betting on the WNBA

Basketball is a high-intensity sport, face-paced and full of action. This type of sports lends itself to live/in-play betting, meaning bettors can wager on scores, shots taken, interceptions, among many other markets.

Moreover, each game comes with a lot of different bets for live betting. As the game is so fast, it is important to have an NBA betting site that updates their odds quickly. We have here at this site a variety of recommended sportsbooks.

Here are some live bets you make during a WNBA game:

  • Outright winner
  • Halftime winner
  • Score races between players
  • Spreads
  • Odd or even game totals
  • Number of assists and rebounds

Live betting can really add to the entertainment of a WNBA game. For these kinds of bets, it’s best to avoid simply betting on the outright winner. There are lots of reasons to get into live betting on the WNBA.

  • An added level of entertainment
  • A broader variety of betting odds
  • Play-by-play betting
  • Make unique WNBA bets on the day of the game

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