Many people wager on NBA prop bets as the main form of gambling in pro basketball games. Some basketball fans feel there is an obstacle to enjoying the fruits of prop bets for the NBA, as they are difficult to handicap and make money from. We explore the best prop bets today for the NBA!

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However, what many people don’t understand is you can often find good value when wagering on some of the best NBA prop bets. You just need to know how to find the value in the odds, which our experts will help you to do as well as providing excellent NBA props picks.

Within this guide, we’ll provide bettors with some of the NBA best prop bets today, as well as covering the ways these types of bets work. From player prop bets in the NBA to tournament special, bettors will ensure readers are fully prepared to wager on NBA props from the top-tier sportsbooks available to American players. The latest NBA prop betting odds were updated on May 31, 2024:

NBA Prop Bet OddsBetNow ReviewBetOnline ReviewBetUS Review
NBA MVP - Luka Doncic+380+400+380
NBA MVP - Jayson Tatum+1500+1500+1500
Bostin Celtics to Win 2025 Championship+350+350+350
Luka Doncic Top Points Scorer Reg. Season+410+400+410
Dallas Mavericks to win the 2025 Championship+900+900+900

NBA Prop Bets

The NBA Regular season runs for a long time, throughout which time bettors will find a variety of great betting markets covering the main lines; the likes of the moneyline, over/under, parlays, & other markets stand as the most popular markets. Regardless, basketball fans will still have access to weekly NBA player prop bets.

Once the season reaches the NBA Playoffs and beyond, there are much more available like the National Anthem over under and tournament specials. We have broken down the prop betting types into three main categories, these stand as;

  • Game-related props
  • Futures props
  • Special props

Game-related Props

These are arguably the best NBA player prop bets, as they offer prop betting opportunities for every single game during the season. Generally speaking, the kinds of props you’ll find are player-related, focusing on some of the leagues’ best players.

The most common player prop bets in the NBA are based on statistical analysis made throughout the season, which then provides sports fans with the NBA prop bets for todays, or futures, picks and predictions.

These kinds of markets are based on points scored, assists, rebounds, and many other stats. Markets for prop bets are usually based around the bookmakers’ numbers, where bettors can choose whether the relevant number will go over or under the line set.

Let’s take for example a game between the Lakers and Nets, with the bettor focused on player props. They might see something like this:

  • Kevin Durant Over 29.5 Points (-110)
  • Kevin Durant Under 29.5 Points (-110)

While not all game-related props are based on player performance, they are the dominant market. Team performance also offers a lot of value, as well as wagers on coaches. As well as these, bettors may find odds on first timeout, fouls, and other game-based stats.


Futures Props

Futures NBA props bets are also widely available from top US bookmakers. Simply put, these kinds of bets allow you to wager on the statistical performance of players over the course of a season, as well as outrights on unique markets. These kinds of wagers are also available in the NCAAB for dedicated basketball fans.

Options include average points per game and a total number of assists. Examples of this could look like this:

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo over 25.5 PPG (-110)
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo less 25.5 PPG (-110)

For certain, particularly famous players, bettors can even wager on the number of triple-doubles and double-doubles that a player will hit during the season. These kinds of futures props are also available as team-related wagers for the likes of the Nets, Lakers, Mavs, and other top teams.


LA Lakers Betting Odds


Special Props

When it comes to specials, there is an endless list of betting options available to basketball fans. Oddsmakers are always under pressure to produce more betting options, with prop bets being one of the markets that receive a lot of the additional wagers being created.

Online sportsbooks are particularly focused on these kinds of special props. These kinds of wagers get really creative, focused around the main sports games, like the NBA All-Star games and the season conclusion—featuring some unique NBA Finals prop bets.

Just skimming the surface, you can bet on commercials, celebrity presence, social media posts, sportscasters and pundits, and the list goes on. While many of these wagers are random and have no statistical backing, which we wouldn’t necessarily advise—something that will come later.


How to bet on the NBA Prop Bets

Above we gave you the various types of the best prop bets in the NBA you may encounter at online bookmakers. On top of that, we wanted to give you some strategies for NBA prop betting and how to find value in the odds. But, ultimately, to find the best prop bets in the NBA, be sure to shop around various bookmakers.

We’ll explore the various NBA prop betting tips and strategies available to bettors. But, do take note that this isn’t a guaranteed path to success, it’s just a variety of strategies employed by the experienced bettors here at MyTopSportsbooks.

While we can point you in the right direction, we cannot ensure you’ll make serious cash. That part is down to you. Risk is always involved, but if you can mitigate the risk then why not. Let’s take a look.

Learn How Markets Work

This may seem blindingly obvious, but it’s pretty key and something many prop bettors overlook. Don’t just start wagering at random, try to take the time to learn the markets and understand what you’re betting on.

Moreover, NBA prop bets have a quite specific betting type and their own unique payout conditions. Not being aware of these unique rules can be costly, so it’s well worth reading the conditions and understanding how the markets work at the bookmaker you’re working with at that time.

Avoid Pure Luck Props

Many people will claim that NBA props are worth avoiding because they believe that these types of bets are largely dependent on luck. This may be true, but there are some prop bets that can be backed with value if the bettor is aware of the potential market.

Take, for example, the triple-double stats for Luka Doncic is hardly something you could predict with any great accuracy. However, there is the opportunity to look at what he’s done and see how his stats have been in previous seasons, which would provide an informed decision on this bet. However, we do not deny that you’re in pure gambling mode, you cannot beat the betting site’s consistency with pure luck props.

New York Knicks Betting Odds

Do Your Homework

This is the number one thing for us. Any bettor who has any experience in the industry will know that the more research you do into the bettors market, the more chance you’ll have of finding success with NBA prop bets today.

This involves looking at the various betting markets available and checking the validity of the bet; Will it payout? Does it offer value? Does the over under offer any value? The general rule of thumb when it comes to NBA Prop betting is to use your common sense. But we say do more than that, do your homework before you bet.

Check the Stats

Statistical analysis is something that you should be doing as a standard for any kind of sports betting market. It’s not down to anything more than just ensuring that any bet you place is made with some forethought.

Most prop bets are created as a result of statistical performances, so crunching the numbers is crucial. Let’s say you’re betting on the number of 3-pointers a player will score, there are a variety of stats that can help you prepare properly for this wager.

Be aware of things like 3-point percentage, how often the player is fouled, the amount of assists he makes against shots, the list goes on. The more you explore the statistical analysis of games, the more successful you’ll become as a bettor as time goes on. Stats are extremely valuable, so be sure to pay attention to them.

Follow Sports Betting Basics

This means the essentials, following the general principles of sports wagering. The NBA props are mostly simple to follow, but nonetheless sticking to betting basics will help. What do we mean by this? We mean to follow these basics:

  • Pick a staking strategy and stick with it.
  • Don’t place too many wagers at the same time, wait for them to payout.
  • Only ever bet when there is value in the market.