In the world of soccer, bets can be very competitive. Due to the nature of the game, soccer is a low-scoring game where ties can dominate a schedule of games. It certainly makes for boring sports betting, evenly matched teams will tie. In over 40 percent of games played, they end in ties. For teams that aren’t so evenly matched, you have a 60 percent chance of a goal for the favorite; it sure doesn’t take much to pick out a favorite in soccer. The payouts on soccer bets tend to be limited at best due to the score predictability of each match. But, there is a system that rewards sports bettors called Asian handicapping, and it is a system that works like North American systems that rate underdog and favorites. At MyTopSportsbooks, we will review the Asian handicapping system in the betting market to give sophisticated sports bettors a leg up on their soccer bets.

Asian Handicap, What is it?

The Asian handicap market is an advanced betting structure for soccer betting at your bookmaker, and it can become somewhat complicated for the novice bettor for goal handicaps. If you bet on Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea in soccer matches in the Premier League with bookies, or the World Cup you can use the system to your best advantage. But once you master the system, you will see better payouts and more profit when you determine who to favor (a plus on the goal ledger) and who gets a negative (a minus on the goal ledger). One thing, though, Asian handicapping isn’t just a soccer betting strategy; it works to even off talent imbalances of two teams that are competing against one another.

Once you remove the imbalance by handicapping the underdog, the probability (something that is likely to happen) comes into play. Let’s look to England and the FA Cup for examples of how Asian handicapping works when two clubs play. In the FA Cup tournament, giant teams (Premier League) often take to the pitch against relatively small teams. We will look at a recent matchup, Southampton against Newport. Southampton plays in the Premier League, while the Welshmen play in the league in Wales. Because Southampton is an overwhelming favorite, the odds to win will be for a limited payout – on a win, lose, or draw, which is considered a 1×2 bet. Asian handicapping smoothes out the imbalance between the two teams by evening the scoreline.

It works by adding or subtracting goals from a team’s tally at the end of a game. The betting strategy is focused on evens and presents a winning probability of close to 50 percent. The stake you start with can be won back if the team you bet on stays within the handicap you have set. Soccer is the most popular sport for Asian handicapping for a straightforward reason, easy covers. As we mentioned, ties are 40 percent of all soccer game results; hence you are covered for the middle result of a win, a tie or a loss.

Asian Handicap, What is it?

Asian Handicapping, How Does it Work?

Sports often see two teams that are equals competing for wins, which makes for entertaining sports events and lots of action on a multitude of bets – think teasers, prop bets, parlays, over/under and Moneyline bets. But more often than not, games see teams that are vastly superior to an inferior opponent matchup. It happens in the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, MLB, soccer, and tennis, to name a few. The Asian system was created to stimulate action on the lopsided games through handicapping to give a sports bettor a chance at betting in the 1×2 betting model.

Full Lines, Whole Numbers

We go back to the Premier League for our example of how full lines work with a hypothetical matchup between Tottenham and Crystal Palace. Tottenham is a heavy favorite with an excellent chance of success. You can use the Asian handicapping system to bet Tottenham – -1 goal at 1.80. If the Hot Spurs win by two goals, your payout is assured. If they tie or lose, you lose your bet. If Tottenham wins by a goal, you get your original stake back.

Half and Quarter Lines, How do They Work?

Half and Quarter Lines, How do They Work?

Half Lines

Half lines work like this, .5, 1.5, 2.5 and on and on for betting options on the Asian handicap lines. When you place a bet with a +0.5, it means the team you are betting on has a head start in the game with a half-goal advantage on the scoreboard in the football match. It is very similar to point-spread betting in the NFL when the underdog is a +7 – meaning they have a touchdown advantage betting on the underdog team. When placing a bet on +1.5, the team starts with a 1.5-goal advantage and better odds of a winning bet. Here is how you win that bet, the team selected wins outright or ties, or they lose by a goal – you are plus a half-goal here for the win. You can bet negative half lines, and the situation is reversed.

Quarter Lines

The handicap is just like it sounds, .25, .75, 1.25, 1.75, and so on and so on. If you bet quarter goal(-0.25)lines on football betting, you are saying the team you like will start down a quarter of a goal. To win your bet, your team must win outright; if they lose, so does your bet. If there is a tie you get your stake back. When betting -0.75 lines, your team is down three-quarters of a goal. Possible outcomes to win your bet, team A you are backing must win by two goals; you lose if the game is a tie or the team loses. A divided win comes when your team wins by one goal, you get your stake back on the front end of the bet, and you win on the back half.

Asian Total Bets, Explained

This is a variation of over/under betting using positive and negative goals for totals. If you bet on full lines – say over 1 goal – you lose on a scoreless game and get your stake back on a single goal scored. If you bet under, you need a goalless draw to get your stake back, and you lose if two goals are scored.

Asian Half-Line Totals

There are only two true outcomes on a 0.5 bet – a win and a loss. If the game is a goalless draw, you lose; if one goal is scored, you win, and you bet under 0.5, it is reversed. On a 0.75 bet, you are wagering that two goals will be scored. If one goal is scored, you get half your money back, and if the game is goalless, you win your bet. If two or more goals are scored, you lose your bet.

What are the Best Sports for Asian Handicapping?

Undoubtedly, soccer is by far the best for Asian play. Cricket, along with NBA games and NFL games, make for interesting Asian handicapping bets.