How to Bet on Soccer

Landing on this soccer betting guide is the first step to learning how to bet on soccer. Even if you are here to refresh your soccer betting knowledge, or get the latest free soccer picks, you are in the right place.


Here we will also cover soccer betting strategies, odds for the hottest soccer competitions from top betting sites, and the details for upcoming soccer competitions you can bet on. After reading this guide, you will be prepared and refreshed.

How to Read Soccer Odds

When you’re checking out the top soccer betting sites, you will need to understand how to read soccer odds. They are very similar to odds for the other main sports. One thing to remember is that in the United States, odds will likely be represented in the American format. In this format, favorites are represented by negative numbers. The lower that number, the more likely they are to win, and the less reward you receive for a winning bet slip.


While the others are less common in the US, you may find soccer odds in all of the following formats:

  • American
  • Fractional
  • Decimal
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Soccer Competitions You Can Bet On

One of the biggest steps for being the best soccer bettor possible is to become familiar with upcoming soccer competitions and leagues. These span the world and are especially concentrated in Europe. In addition to soccer bets in the USA, the European leagues have huge betting markets. let‘s dive into some of those details.


UEFA Champions League Betting

UEFA Champions League betting is a big deal. The Union of European Football Associations has an annual championship to decide who is the best club in Europe. The Champions League begins in late June, but Champions League betting is a year-round affair.


Spanish clubs have been the most successful of all. They have 18 wins, with English teams taking home 13 titles in total.

Bundesliga Betting

Bundesliga betting is for all those who follow this German league. The 18 teams who comprise the Bundesliga are the best in Germany.


They run the season from August to May, so you will have no problems placing great Bundesliga bets any time of the year. While this league may not be as followed in the United States, it is the number one in terms of live attendance in the world.


Bayern Munich has been the most successful team within the Bundesliga.

Premier League Bets

To make great Premier League bets, you can start by picking a team or two and following them closely. For many people used to making soccer bets in the USA, making Premier League bets is something of a Holy Grail. This is where you can really get into Chelsea betting or Manchester United betting.


The EPL is the top level of soccer in England. The twenty teams in the league play all other teams twice in the season that runs from August to May. The majority of games are played on the weekends.


Serie A Betting

Serie A betting is available all-year-round. Serie A is the top league of the Italian football leagues. Since 1930, it has operated as a round-robin tournament. Many consider Serie A to be the best among all national leagues, along with the EPL and La Liga in Spain. Twenty teams compete in the league.

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Soccer Betting Strategy, Advice, and Tips


Check out a variety of leagues

It is always a good idea to spread your opportunities. It is like diversifying your portfolio. The more you know about more leagues, the better you will be at spotting betting opportunities. Maybe the odds are all very sharp this week in Champions League betting, but Bundesliga betting has some undervalued underdogs.


There is no reason to put all your eggs in one basket. Check out the headlines at least for each league and let your instinct tell you where to dive deeper.

Incorporate it into your overall strategy

Your soccer betting should look very similar to the other bets you make. If you are only betting on favorites, then you should continue this strategy with your soccer betting. This will allow you to better analyze the betting strategy you have been using. If not, your data can become muddled, making ti difficult to know if you should adjust your strategy.

Underdog approach

One way of organizing your betting strategy is to always vote on underdogs. This means identifying bets that are less likely to win according to the bookies. They tend to be great values, so that even if you lose more bets than you win, you can come out on top in terms of overall dollar value. This requires that you know the teams well because you will have to identify underrated teams or odds.

Manage your finances

Having a strict bankroll management system is key to the continual development of your soccer betting strategy. This is because it will allow you to measure how well your approach has been performing.


For example, in the unit-based approach, you would bet the same amount of money on every bet. By doing this, you can really see very clearly if your bets have been successful, and if they become more successful if you switch approaches.

Getting Started: Finding Your Soccer Betting Sites

Now that you know the important aspects of soccer betting, you are ready to make your first soccer bet online! Check out these trusted soccer betting sites. They will have great markets for Premier League betting, Serie A betting, and more!



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