• Date: June 14- July 14, 2024
  • How many teams: 24
  • Where: Across 10 German cities
  • Current Holders: Italy


The UEFA European Football Champion 2024 odds are out. Soccer bettors will be happy to have this talent-packed tournament.

uefa europa league 2024


Best Euro Odds 2024

The Euro odds 2024 are not quite out yet, but once they are we will provide the latest odds from top sports euro betting sites. We provide the outright odds to win the Euros, but at these sportsbooks you will also find more wagering options.


You can bet during the entire qualifying rounds on each match and on the winner of each round. These Euro online betting sites will have parlays, prop euro bets, and over/unders bets. While we give you the best Euro odds for the outright, the depth of betting options for this tournament is huge! The Euro 2024 betting odds were last updated on June 13, 2024:

Euros 2024 OddsBovadaBetUS ReviewBetOnline Review

England to Win Euros Odds

The current odds favorite to win the Euros is England. This is huge news for the Men’s England National team who has never won a UEFA European Football Championship. This may come as a surprise given how much of a powerhouse England is, and that they have won the FIFA World Cup twice. One would think the Euros would be a little bit easier.


Sports fans are excited to see if they can bring home this historic win. Their main competition, as in all things, is Germany.  There are many underdogs that are still not to be counted out. Other top contenders to be the Euro 2024 champs are Belgium, Spain, Portugal, and France.


In any case, all of the teams are still underdogs against the field. This is still very true even for England. You can know this by looking at the Euro odds and noticing if they are positive (+) or negative (-). If it is a positive value, you will be able to risk very little and still bring in a huge reward, even if you are betting on the most likely team to win.

Euros 2024 Betting Tips and Strategy

Our Euro 2024 betting guide includes tips and strategies that will help you make the best soccer bets. Sports bettors will recognize many of these tips. Nonetheless, it is important to review these every chance you get and to see how we adapt these tips and strategies to the specifics of Euros betting.

uefa europa league 2024 odds


Do the Research

Many soccer fans will be familiar with the national teams across Europe. This is especially true for those who have been betting on the FIFA World Cup for years. However, do not take for granted that you already know these teams so well.


Remember that they train and trade in the years between these big tournaments. Keep up on the tabs by following our soccer picks. Whether these have to do with the World Cup or MLS, they will be helpful to sports fans who want to bet on the Euros.


That is because you will familiarize yourself with different types of soccer bets and with the different players. This is a great way to internalize the best soccer betting practices, so making the best bets in the Euros 2024 will be your second nature.

Keep an Eye on Fatigue and Momentum

Even if you know the teams and the players inside and out, you still need to understand the context of the game itself. Some questions you should be asking yourself during the UEFA European Championship are: Who will the crowd be supporting? Are they playing in a cultural context similar to their own? Have they played tough games recently?

uefa europa league 2024 betting


For example, if the teams have been traveling a lot between tough games that they are barely pulling off, you can expect them to be not quite at the top of their game. However, if they have been handily beating team after team, their feeling of momentum will be an extra plus that may not be factored into the betting markets and Euro odds.


Euro 2024 Sports Betting Sites

All the Euro soccer betting odds, picks, and betting strategies will amount to nill without having accounts at top sportsbooks with great betting markets for the Euros 2024. After all, you will need a place to easily and enjoyably deploy the best bets that you have put so much research and heart into wagering.


When we analyze the best online sportsbook for betting on the Euro Cup, we have years of experience under our belts when it comes to soccer betting. We understand the different types bets for Euro games and what we want when we sign up at sportsbooks.


We apply this experience to our research to make sure we bring you only the best. That being said, no sportsbook is perfect, and we recommend line shopping. For these reasons, we recommend signing up with more than one sportsbook. This way you can collect on welcome bonuses at each one. Plus, when you compare lines, you can be sure you are getting the best deal for your money. These are basically free bets!

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