Those who want to get into soccer prop bets are in for a treat. This is our guide dedicated exclusively to prop bets in soccer markets.


Soccer prop bets span many leagues, such as Major League Soccer betting or betting on the English Premier League. Going beyond the typical soccer betting premises, prop bets are sure to provide interesting propositions and exciting new ways to think about the world’s most popular sport.

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Soccer Prop Bet Types

There are lots of soccer proposition markets out there. To get an idea of how they work, we break them down into three categories.

Soccer Coach Prop Bets

The soccer prop bet markets come in many different forms. One of the biggest ones is betting on soccer coaches. Here, you can bet on new Manchester United coaches, or who will be the next Arsenal coach. 

The main subject of these is the hiring and the sacking of soccer coaches and managers. Others will ask who will be named coach of the year, for example.

If you think you have a good idea of the next Premier League manager to get fired, these are the soccer proposition markets where you will feel right at home.

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Soccer Team Prop Bets

The remaining soccer props are both short- and long-term. In soccer team proposition bets, you are betting on teams. The basic unit of the bet is the team, rather than the coach or the athlete.

Here, you can either bet on the happenings within a match, or within a season. These two types of bets fall within the category of soccer team props.

Here are some examples of soccer team props:

  • Will Arsenal reach the finals?
  • Will Manchester United make it to the playoffs?
  • Will the LA Galaxy or Chicago Fire score first?

As you can see, team soccer props cover a wide range of possibilities. Diving into these bets really requires a global understanding of soccer. Or a laser focus in your area of expertise.

Soccer Player Prop Bets

Soccer player bets round out the main three types of soccer prop wagers. In these bets, the main component of the bet will be a player. They will often ask which player will be the first to do something, if a player will do more or less of something, or if a player will be able to complete something.

Here are some examples:

  • Will Lionel Messi score a hat trick?
  • Will Cristiano Ronaldo be the first to score?
  • How many goals will Jan Oblak save?

Best Betting Sites for Soccer Props

One of the biggest services we can provide for our readers is directing them to the best soccer props betting sites. This is a key component of not only winning big but also having a good time. This is why it is so important to follow recommendations when choosing the best site to sign up with. 

Here are the main components we look for when recommending the best betting sites for soccer props.



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Soccer Prop Markets

Each site will have its own spin on prop bets. Because the types of questions they ask can vary so much. There is no standard here.

This is exactly what makes soccer prop markets so exciting. It is also why it is important to sign up at the best soccer prop betting sites. Unlike if you want to bet on moneylines exclusively, in soccer prop bets, this can make a huge difference.

Some will only have player props, while others will have odds on the next Premier League Manager to get sacked. Odds on sacking Premier League Managers is an example of a creative prop bet that you won´t find everywhere.

Some will even break this down further by offering Manchester United coach odds or New Arsenal coach odds. These types of bets are exactly the type of juicy wagers we look for when recommending soccer prop betting sites.


Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are key to having lucky streaks in soccer prop betting. Having a matching deposit on your initial deposit is key, especially because soccer props can take a little while to get used to.

Remember, this is not just betting on the winner. So it is super important to have a bit of a cushion as we get started on soccer props. Because we have to look at the details of players’ performance or at the internal dynamics of team leadership in order to bet on, for example, new Arsenal coach odds, we should not be surprised by a few hiccups.


Reasonable Odds

While having great markets is essential, having reasonable odds is as well. It does us no good to have extensive markets if the odds they give us make them essentially unbettable.

When looking at soccer prop betting odds, we want them to be reasonable. If they are too generous, we are often wary about things that seem to be too good to be true. If the odds are too stingy, we are not very eager to bet on those markets either.

To get a better idea of how to read them, check out our guide to betting odds.

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