The same-game parlay (sgp betting, for short) has exploded in popularity over the past few years — both for bettors and sportsbooks. Surely, you’ve either heard of it or already tried your luck at spg sports betting.

No matter which of the two camps you fall into, this is a complete primer to same-game parlays — the good, the bad, and everything in between.

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What Are Same Game Parlays?

You know what a parlay is, right? In case you’ve been living under a rock, parlays involves picking multiple different bets — all under one ticket. Most bets are single, as in you’re betting on one outcome and that’s it. Parlays up the ante by adding more “legs” or outcomes to the ticket. Each of those bets has to hit for the entire ticket to cash — even one slip up and the ticket is toast.

Based on the name alone, you can probably guess what is a same game parlay, right? It’s a parlay — but all the bets come from a single game, not multiple.

Let’s say we’re doing NFL betting in a game involving the Dolphins and Jets. You could throw all three of these bets under one same game parlay ticket:

  • Tyreek Hill anytime TD prop
  • Jets under 21.5 points scored
  • Greg Zuerlein over 1.5 FGs made

Obviously, the big allure of parlays — whether it is the same game or across multiple games — is the potential for massive payouts. This is a more high-risk bet since not one, not two, but in our example, three different outcomes have to hit for this parlay to be “on the money.” With the added risk, there’s an added reward. Just about every bettor has a friend they know who made a killing off a measly parlay of $5 or $10 one time and naturally, that creates FOMO (fear of missing out).

We used three bets in our parlay example, but of course, that’s not a limit. A sgp bet can feature as few as two legs or as many as you want (e.g. 10 if you’re a madman). Obviously, the more legs you add, the less probability of winning — but also a bigger potential payday if you beat the odds.

Speaking of which, you might want to use our super handy parlay calculator to see this exact information — what the implied probability of the parlay is and your potential winnings. Both will help you make more informed decisions on making sgp bets or not.

Where Can I Bet Same Game Parlays?

Now that you know the same game parlay meaning, you might want to give it a go. The good thing is sportsbooks love — and we mean love — offering this bet type (more on why that is shortly). Therefore, you will be hard-pressed to not find sgp options readily available.

However, a good sportsbook starting point is one of the offshore betting sites listed below. Per our latest sportsbook reviews, these sites are the “cream of the crop” in the crowded marketplace. A major reason why that is because they offer deep betting menus, and that goes for same game parlays too. You can see for yourself by clicking one of the “play now” buttons in the table.

Most bookmakers have a fully dedicated menu for same game parlays. Find this menu and start “picking your poison” per se. But please, before you place your wager, do use our parlay calculator so you know what you’re getting into with this gamble.

What Are Risks Of Same Game Parlays?

We would be negligent if we didn’t mention the potential downsides along with the potential upside (a fat payout if correct). Before we get into this, just a reminder that sportsbooks, even the ones we recommend, are a business. Their goal is to take more money from you than you take from them. Obvious enough, right?

Well, here’s the thing, bookies make an absolute killing off parlay betting — in general, not just same-game ones. In fact, bookmakers make more profits from parlays than any other sports bets. We have the numbers to back it too. Here’s some data:

  • Parlays were responsible for 60% of all sportsbook profits in the state of New Jersey during 2022
  • Since 1984, Nevada sportsbooks win rate on parlays was 30.97% — compared to a 5.6% win rate on all other sports bets

Folks, why do you think that is? Because parlays stack the odds even more against bettors than regular betting. These aren’t easy bets to hit at all, but bettors are ignoring that because of the potential for a big win with some “luck.” Bettors should prioritize being smart rather than lucky if they want to last in this business.

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What Happens If A Bet Gets Voided?

Here’s a situation that can arise: one of your parlay bets gets voided. This is most likely to happen due to injuries. Using our prior Miami-New York football example, let’s say Hill was a late scratch for the game due to injury. You might’ve bet the same game parlay mid-week before that injury decision was made. What happens to your parlay now?

Well, it depends. Every bookmaker has separate rules on this, which they outline in their terms and conditions. Some will settle the bet as a “push” (tie essentially) and take it off the parlay. However, other bookies might call the bet a loss and screw over the whole ticket — yes, that’s a thing with less bettor-friendly sites. We’d avoid the latter sites if we were you because that’s just flat-out unfair.

Same Game Parlay Strategy And Tips


The big benefit of the same game parlay over standard parlays is the ability to deploy specialized knowledge to the situation. Think about it, if you’re betting a regular parlay on three different matchups, that would require the bettor to be knowledgeable enough on three games to make informed decisions. That’s a tall order for anyone, little less the casual bettor who has to hold down a job and family.

Same game parlays change the equation. Say a bettor is a massive Lakers fan. This person watches every game involving the Purple and Gold. So long as the player doesn’t allow the bias of being a fan creep into their decision-making, the bettor has an advantage over others and possibly the bookmaker: they knows the Lakers like the back of his hand. That deep knowledge makes the bettor far more capable of hitting a sgp parlay.

If you take one thing away from this entire guide what is sgp bet, then let it be this: the only way to win at this in the long run is to have an “edge”, by that we mean know-how that exceeds common knowledge. That’s not only the key to winning these parlays, but any sports bet really.

We know what you’re thinking, “how do you even develop an edge in the first place?” Well, it’ll take time and effort. Time to watch one team or player consistently, day in and day out, until you know their tendencies. Effort to go the extra mile and research some more — betting trends, advanced analytics, injury reports, etc. Hyper-focus on one person and/or team so you can gain true specialized knowledge (and not spread yourself too thin).

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Frank Lorenzo
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Geoff Johnson
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