Here, we bring you our ultimate guide on how to bet on basketball. This is a game popular all over the country. Most people know how the game works, but what about how betting on the game works?

On this page, we will look at how to bet on basketball, the different bet types, tips and strategies and all the terminology you need to know for the ultimate basketball betting experience.




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How to bet on NBA Games in 2022

This is our passion and our skill – and we want to pass on these skills to you. That’s why we want to impart all of our tips and strategies. NBA games go on practically all through the year – so whether you want to bet on pre-season, regular season, post-season games or even the highly anticipated NBA Finals, look no further.

So, let’s take a look at how to bet on NBA games – and the best sites for NBA betting.

How to bet on NBA Games in 2022

Basketball Betting Explained: NBA Betting Lines

Once you know what you’re doing, there are lots of different types of NBA bets to choose from. As soon as you understand how NBA odds work, the betting world is your oyster. So, here are the main types of bets to look out for:

  • Moneyline Bets
  • Race to Points
  • Points Spreads/Handicap
  • Winner Margin Bets
  • Over/Under Bets
  • Special Bets
  • Long Term Bets

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are the most popular betting line in the NBA, and indeed in all major sports betting leagues, as this type offers customers the chance to wager on the outcome of a sports event or competition. The moneyline will winner is defined with a minus symbol (-) follow by a number, and the underdog is symbolized by the plus symbol and followed by a number (+). A great way to wager on who you think will win or lose.

Race to Points

Race to points in the NBA is a fun little wager. It lets you bet on which team you think will make it to a score of specific points first. While this is generally team-based and game-based, it can also be done by quarter or half and specified for both team’s combined scores.

Moneyline Bets: Betting on a Winner

It is straightforward because all you need to do is try and figure out which team you think will win the game. So, if the LA Lakers were playing the Cleveland Cavaliers, you just predict which team will win to make a profit!

Race to Points: First Past the Post

This is a betting line that requires you to guess which team will reach a certain number of points first. For example, if the New York Knicks were playing the Chicago Bulls, you may predict that the Knicks will be the first team to get 20 points. If they do, you win!

Spread Betting: How to Bet on a Favourite and Make a Profit

Sometimes, there may be a game where there is one clear favorite and one serious underdog. In this case, Moneyline bets aren’t great. Betting on the underdog will probably be a losing bet and betting on the winner won’t really get you much.

This is essentially a handicap bet. The favorite team will need to overcome a points handicap to win the bet. So, if Miami Heat was playing against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the sportsbook could choose to give the Miami Heat team a -6.5 handicap. If you want to bet on Miami Heat to win, then you need to consider that Miami Heat will need to win by 7 points or more for your bet to be a success.

Winner Margin: How Big is the Defeat?

You can try to predict the margin by which the winning team will win. So, if the Golden State Warriors were to play the Indiana Pacers then you could place a wager that the Warriors will win by 10 points. You will only win if the points difference is 10 in favor of the GSWs.

Over/Under: Betting on Totals

Over/Under: Betting on Totals

It usually requires you to predict the combined score of the two teams – but not exactly. You simply need to predict whether the score will be over or under a number set by the sportsbook.

So, if the Boston Celtics were taking on the Toronto Raptors, you might bet that the combined score would be over 200.

Quarter Bets: One Step at a Time

These usually have great odds and are popular with NBA and European basketball punters. It’s simply betting on an outcome in one of the quarters. For example, you could bet that Brooklyn Nets will be beating the Utah Jazz at the end of the first quarter.

Special Bets and Props: Betting on the Players

These add a little bit of excitement to the game and aren’t usually as easy to predict. They are usually bets on teams or managers that don’t affect the outcome.

Long Term Bets: Predicting the Future

Long-term bets (futures), simply require you to bet on the outcome of something that will happen sometime in the future. It could be which player gets Rookie of the Year or which team will win the NBA Finals before the regular-season has even begun.

Live/In-Play Betting

The opposite of futures betting is In-Play or Live bets. You can bet on the game as it’s happening. Decide who you think will win, who will score next etc. The odds keep changing and you can get the very best value with this bet type.

Basketball Betting Glossary

Here are some of the most important NBA betting terms in our betting glossary:

Basketball Betting Term Definition
Accumulator (Parlay) A series of bets placed into one big bet (all parts of the bet must win)
Chalk A team expected to win by a large margin
Dog Short for underdog – the team expected to lose
Even Money A bet that pays out the same as the stake (+100)
Margin How much a team wins by
Push If the point spread lands exactly on the line you get your stake returned.
Stake The amount of money you put on a bet
Juice / Vig The sportsbook commission
Drift Odds moving up or down
Exotic Bets Any bet other than a straight or multiple bet

Best Basketball Betting Tips: NBA Betting Strategy

If you feel like you’re ready to get started, then you should check out our best basketball betting tips and NBA betting strategy. With a little help, you can start making those profits whilst having fun.

Know the Sport

You should try to avoid betting on the NBA game with little or no information on the sport. You need to know what to research for the game and what teams you should bet on. You will need to understand the different statistics, how to analyse the game and make sure you know the sport back to front.

Research team Form and Player Injuries

The form of the team is important to know and it is essential to read up on player injuries before even considering betting on the game. There’s no point betting on a team to win if you don’t realise their best player is out for the game.

Manage Your Bankroll

Before betting on a game, you should have a budget and stick to it. If you don’t do this, then you will start eating into other funds and possibly start chasing losses. This leads to making some bad betting decisions. So, set limits and stick to them and find out more about how to effectively manage your bankroll here.

Bet With Your Head

Don’t bet on a team or player just because you’re a fan. Many NBA bettors bet on their favorite team, obviously. However, you shouldn’t do this unless you have done extensive research and this has indicated that they are the most likely to win. If you don’t want to bet against your team, either choose another type of bet on the game (such as Totals) or pick another game.

How to Bet on Basketball and Win

So, all that being said, let’s look at how to bet on basketball online and win:

  1. Pick your preferred sportsbook from our list of NBA betting sites.
  2. Open a new account, following the instructions carefully.
  3. Make your first deposit. Choose your deposit method and fund your account.
  4. Claim your welcome bonus (Check our list of best bonuses)
  5. Find your bet, click on the odds and add to your betslip.
  6. Confirm and wait for the results.