Does the sport of cricket leave you stumped? Well, fear not – in our cricket betting guide, we will tell you all you need to know about the sport. The game comes in all different formats – Test Matches for the purists, One Day Internationals (ODIs) and the short and fierce T20 format.

We’ll look at all the strategies and tips, the terminology and bet types. So, whether you want to make a successful bet on an Indian Premier League T20 game or the famous Oz v England ‘The Ashes’, we will look at how to bet on cricket and win!

How to Bet on Cricket in 2022

How to Bet on Cricket in 2022

Cricket is a sport that comes in all shapes and sizes. The more traditional format of the game is a Test Match – which can be played over 3 to 5 days. These are generally international matches – with The Ashes between England and Australia being one of the most famous examples.

Then there are One Day Internationals, which are started and finished on the same day. The most recent format is T20 (Twenty20) in which two teams play 20 overs each – and normally lasts just hours. Not only are these sometimes international games (such as the T20 World Cup), but this is the format of most domestic cricket leagues, such as the IPL, Australia’s Big Bash League, The PSL and more.

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Cricket Betting Explained: Cricket Betting Lines

Let’s take a look at the most popular cricket bet types:

  • Match Betting
  • Tied Match
  • Innings Runs
  • Top Bowler
  • Top Batsman
  • Batsman Match Bet
  • Outright Bet
  • Series Winner
  • Over/Under
  • Method of Dismissal
  • Coin Toss
  • Toss Combination

Match Betting: The Winner

This is the most straightforward and is a bet on which team you think will win the match. For example, you can pick the English national team to beat the New Zealand team in the head-to-head next week.

Tied Match: No Winner

Another pretty straightforward bet for new punters is betting on whether you think the match will end up in a tie or not. This is just a yes/no bet.

Innings Runs: Over/Under

You need to try and predict how many runs are going to be scored in the first inning. This is normally predicting if it will be over or under the line set by the sportsbook.

Top Bowler: Most Wickets

You need to bet on which player you think will take the most wickets in a match or during a series. This can earn a nice reward if you guess right. For example, if you think Trent Boult is going to have a great game, you can bet on hium to get the most wickets.

Top Batsman: Most Runs

This is another bet on a player – this time which player you think will be the top batsman. You simply wager on who you think will score the most runs in a match or during a series.

Team of the Top Batsman

This is easier than trying to pick which player gets the most runs. You simply need to choose which team you think will have the highest-scoring batsman. As a 50-50 bet, your chances of a payout is fairly high.

Batsman Match Bets

Again, just like the above bet, instead of betting on which batsman you think will be the best out of all players, this is a head-to-head. So, you simply need to choose which batsman you think will be the best of the two – another 50-50 bet.

Outright Winner: Tournament or League Winner

This is a futures bet. You need to bet on which team you think will win a tournament (such as the T20 World Cup) or a league (such as the IPL) outright.

Series Winner: Best of 5

Often, teams will take part in a series of matches (i.e, the Ashes). These can be made up of 5 matches, so you will be betting on the team you think will win at least 3 of the 5 matches.

Over/Under: Betting on the Score

This is a bet on whether the total score would be higher or lower than the line set by the bookmaker. This is yet another 50-50 bet.

Method of Dismissal: Caught Out?

Here you are betting on how you think the batsman that is currently in the crease will be dismissed. Your choice is often: LBW, caught out, run out, bowled out, stumped out or others. You just need to pick one of the options.

Win the Toss: A 50-50 Chance

This is just a proposition bet – and has nothing to do with skill. You need to guess which team captain will win the coin toss at the start of the game.

Toss Combination: A Step Further

This requires you to not just guess the outcome of the toss, but also to predict whether the winning captain will choose to bat or bowl first. You need to get both parts of the bet right to win.

Cricket Betting Glossary

Here are the main cricket terms you should know:

Cricket Betting Terms Definition
All Out When a team loses all ten wickets
All Rounder A player who is equally good at batting and bowling
First Ball Bet on what will happen on the 1st ball of a match
Future Betting on the outcome of a future event
Highest Opening Partnership Betting on which opening partnership will score the most runs
Century Score of 100 runs
Half Century Score of 50 runs
T20 – Twenty20 Format of cricket where both teams play 20 overs each
Away Swing The type of ball bowled by a spin bowler
Duck A batsman is out without scoring a run

Best Cricket Betting Tips: Cricket Betting Strategy

When you are ready to start, here are some top cricket betting tips to help you make your own cricket betting strategy.

Research Pitch and Weather Conditions

Weather plays a vital role in the game. You need to know whether rain will affect play, or if there’s extreme heat and how this will affect the condition of the pitch. Pitch conditions will suit some players better than others. This is important information to know before betting.

The Team Strategy and Form

You also need to know the current form of the team – how their chemistry is and how they have performed recently. Also, look at historical form between the two teams to see who has the best track record and determine who the key players are.

Player Form and Injuries

Often a team will have one or two key players that are likely to determine how the team will perform. You need to look at the form of these players, how they perform against the opposing team historically and whether they are suffering from any injuries. A team will need its key players in top form.

Best Cricket Betting Tips: Cricket Betting Strategy

Research the Teams

Find out news on the different teams. The more you know about both teams, the better. Do they have strong swing bowlers? Do they have a lot of boundary hitters? What types of pitches do they perform best on?

Manage Your Bankroll

You should only ever bet money that you can afford to lose. Set yourself a budget and stick to it. Find out how to implement a good bankroll management strategy here.

How to Bet on Cricket and Win

If you’re ready to get started, it takes just a few steps

  1. Choose one of our top cricket betting sites and click on our link.
  2. Create a new betting account.
  3. Make your first qualifying deposit and claim the welcome bonus.
  4. Find your cricket bet, set your wager and confirm!