Does the sport of cricket leave you stumped? Well, fear not – in our cricket betting guide, we will tell you all you need to know about the sport. The game comes in all different formats – Test Matches for the purists, One Day Internationals (ODIs) and the short and fierce T20 format.

We’ll look at all the strategies and tips, the terminology and bet types. So, whether you want to make a successful bet on an Indian Premier League T20 game or the famous Oz v England ‘The Ashes’, we will look at how to bet on cricket and win!

How to Bet on Cricket in 2022

How to Bet on Cricket in 2024

Cricket is a sport that comes in all shapes and sizes. The more traditional format of the game is a Test Match – which can be played over 3 to 5 days. These are generally international matches – with The Ashes between England and Australia being one of the most famous examples.

Then there are One Day Internationals, which are started and finished on the same day. The most recent format is T20 (Twenty20) in which two teams play 20 overs each – and normally lasts just hours. Not only are these sometimes international games (such as the T20 World Cup), but this is the format of most domestic cricket leagues, such as the IPL, Australia’s Big Bash League, The PSL and more.

Because there are so many cricketing leagues and events, there are also numerous betting options available at the top cricket betting sites, including a range of the best mobile betting apps.




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Cricket Betting Explained: Cricket Betting Lines

Let’s take a look at the most popular cricket bet types:

  • Match Betting
  • Tied Match
  • Innings Runs
  • Top Bowler
  • Top Batsman
  • Batsman Match Bet
  • Outright Bet
  • Series Winner
  • Over/Under
  • Method of Dismissal
  • Coin Toss
  • Toss Combination


Match Betting: The Winner

This is the most straightforward and is a bet on which team you think will win the match. Match betting is both the simplest and most popular bet among cricket fans and bettors alike. Because cricket test matches sometimes do end in a tie, it’s always recommended to check with your sportsbook what would happen in the event of a tie.

In cricket terms, placing a match bet is like backing your favorite team to hit the ball out of the park and win the game. The excitement of any cricket match can be heightened by betting on the outcome, as you cheer your chosen team on and hope they’ll bowl and field their way to success!

  • Example: Gujarat Titans (-135) vs. Chennai Super Kings (+105)

Take this IPL match between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings. The numbers in parentheses indicate the odds for each team to win the match.

In this case, Gujarat Titans are the favorites, with odds of -135. This means that if you place a bet of $135 on Gujarat Titans to win, you would win $100 if they do win the match. On the other hand, Chennai Super Kings are the underdogs, with odds of +105. Therefore, if you place a bet of $100 on Chennai Super Kings to win, you would win $105 if they do end up winning the match.

The odds are determined by the bookmakers or sportsbooks based on the perceived likelihood of each team winning the match. The team with better odds is considered more likely to win, and therefore offers a lower payout if they do win, while the underdog offers a higher payout if they manage to pull off an upset!

Match Betting: The Winner

Tied Match: No Winner

Another pretty straightforward bet for new punters is betting on whether you think the match will end up in a tie or not. This is just a yes/no bet.

In cricket, a tie occurs when both teams score the same number of runs at the end of the match. This bet type is not so common, as ties are relatively rare in cricket. Ties do happen from time to time, however, especially in shorter formats of the game like the IPL.

For example, let’s say there’s an IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals, and you place a bet on whether the match will end in a tie or not. If you bet “yes,” you’re essentially predicting that both teams will score the exact same number of runs and the match will end in a tie. If you bet “no,” you’re predicting that the match will not end in a tie and one team will emerge as the winner. As you can probably tell, this is a relatively low-risk bet. And yet, the potential payout can be quite high if a tie does occur, making it an attractive option for some bettors.

Innings Runs: Over/Under

Innings Runs: Over/Under

One popular wagering method among cricket bettors is to predict how many runs will be scored in the first inning. Typically, this involves predicting whether the actual number of runs scored will be more or less than the line set by the sportsbook.

Put simply, sportsbooks will typically list a specific number of runs, and you have to decide whether the actual amount of runs scored will be over or under that number. 

To place a winning innings runs bet, it’s important to do your research beforehand. This may involve checking the stats and analyzing previous encounters between the two teams on the same field, examining the current wicket conditions, taking note of recent injuries, and considering any other relevant information that may help you predict the number of runs for a match.

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Top Bowler: Most Wickets

You need to bet on which player you think will take the most wickets in a match or during a series. This can earn a nice reward if you guess right.

In cricket, batsmen are constantly trying to score as many runs as possible, while the bowlers aim to take wickets as quickly as they can. Betting on the Top Bowler is straightforward, particularly when it comes to T20 and ODI matches, as each team only bats once. In these cases, you must choose the most successful bowler who will take the greatest number of wickets in the first and only innings.

To master your top bowler betting strategy, it is imperative that you scrutinize the selected bowler’s statistics, recent form, and injuries. It is also essential to examine the performance of the opposition’s batting lineup. Furthermore, it is vital to consider contextual factors such as the specific cricket format and the nature of the pitch, as different bowlers may perform differently based on these elements. Lastly, try to evaluate the home and away records of both teams, as such a comparison can reveal potential strengths and weaknesses that may impact the bowler’s performance.

  • Example: Lockie Ferguson +275

In this example, Lockie Ferguson has been given odds of +275 to be the top bowler in the upcoming IPL game between the Punjab Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders. The odds indicate that Lockie is a strong contender to be the top bowler in this match, possibly due to his exceptional pace and the impressive performances he’s had in the past. Specifically, the odds suggest that for every $100 wagered on Ferguson, you stand to win $275 if he emerges as the top bowler.


Top Batsman: Most Runs

This is another bet on a player – this time which player you think will be the top batsman. You simply wager on who you think will score the most runs in a match or during a series.

You can bet on the top batsman for a match, or for a series or tournament. You can also opt to bet on the top batsman for a team or bet on the top batsman for the whole match. You can select any player from any team.

This is a highly popular bet among cricket bettors, yet, bear in mind that it can be slightly riskier than other cricket bets. Of course, this means payouts for winning bets tend to be higher than for other bets.

Experienced cricket bettors take every detail into consideration before placing a top batsman wager. The recent form of all participating batsmen and the current shape of all the opponent’s bowlers are the key aspects you should focus on. Additionally, make sure to study batting positions, the types of wickets, and the pitch conditions.

In rare cases, two batsmen may score the exact same number of runs. Bettors who placed bets on either player will receive half of the payoff. If three batsmen score the same number of runs, then your payout will be one-third of the odds.

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Team of the Top Batsman

This is easier than trying to pick which player gets the most runs! You simply need to choose which team you think will have the highest-scoring batsman. 

The main benefit of this type of bet is that it offers a 50% chance of success. You have a high chance of earning a payout, regardless of whether the team wins or loses. For instance, in a match between India and England, if you bet on India to have the top batsman, and one of India’s players does end up becoming the top scorer, you will receive a payout, even if India loses the match.

Another great benefit of betting on the team of the top batsman is that it eliminates the complexity of having to predict which exact player will be the highest scorer in a match.

As a general rule, when placing this bet try to opt for the team with the most consistent and prolific batsmen. Keep an eye out for teams with consistently top-scoring batsmen, such as Virat Kohli, Joe Root, or David Warner. By keeping track of the performance of the key players of each team, you can make profitable bets on the team with the most potent batsmen.


Batsman Match Bets

Again, just like the above bet, instead of betting on which batsman you think will be the best out of all players, this is a head-to-head. So, you simply need to choose which batsman you think will score the most runs out of the two – another 50-50 bet.

Sportsbooks will list the two top-scoring batsmen from two opposing teams, and all you have to do is pick one. Compared to other cricket bets, the head-to-head bet on the top-scoring batsmen is a simpler option. And even if one team performs poorly, you can still win your bet if the player you picked outperforms the other batsman.

To better illustrate this, take a match between India and Australia. You can bet on the head-to-head performance of Virat Kohli and David Warner. If you bet on Kohli and he scores more runs than Warner in the match, you win the bet, even if India doesn’t win the match.


Outright Winner: Tournament or League Winner

This is a futures bet. You need to bet on which team you think will win a tournament (such as the T20 World Cup) or a league (such as the IPL) outright.

As with any futures bet, the sooner you place your bets, the higher the potential payouts will be. Betting on the outright winner requires you to look into all competing teams, rather than focusing on one or two teams.

Futures odds tend to shift as a tournament progresses. This can make betting on the outright winner slightly risky, as favorites may become underdogs, and vice versa. To avoid taking unnecessary risks, try to place your futures bet sometime after the opening odds become available. This will allow you to check the most recent updates, and to better predict which team will be the tournament winner.


Series Winner: Best of 5

Often, teams will take part in a series of matches (i.e, the Ashes). These can be made up of 5 matches, so you bet on which team will win at least three of the five matches in the series.

This type of bet is quite popular among cricket fans as it covers multiple games and allows for more significant payouts compared to a single-game bet. However, it also carries higher risks, as the outcome of each match can affect the overall outcome of the series.

To increase your chances of winning a Best of 5 bet, it’s crucial to assess the teams’ form, their previous performances against each other, the pitch conditions, as well as any other relevant statistics or updates that might signal toward a team’s likelihood of winning a certain series.


Over/Under: Betting on the Score

This is a bet on whether the total score would be higher or lower than the line set by the bookmaker. This is yet another 50-50 bet.

Bookies establish a predetermined total score that the two participating teams are expected to reach by the end of the match. Punters then have the task of predicting whether the actual final number will be over or under this pre-set value.

To increase the odds of a successful Over/Under bet, it is important to review the statistics of both teams and analyzing their previous performances in matches leading up to the one you are currently betting on. Additionally, weather conditions can play a role in determining the outcome of the Over/Under Score bet. As you may already know, in sunny weather conditions with no wind or too much heat, batsmen tend to score runs more easily. In these cases, betting on the Over is the better choice. In cloudy and humid weather, however, the ball is more likely to swing, which can be advantageous for bowlers, so in these cases, it’s advisable to wager on the Under instead.


Method of Dismissal: Caught Out?

Here you are betting on how you think the batsman that is currently in the crease will be dismissed. Bookies will list the most common methods of dismissal and all you have to do is select one of these options. The most typical dismissal methods in cricket include:

  • LBW (Leg Before Wicket) – This takes place when the ball hits the batsman’s leg, and the umpire deems that the ball would have gone on to hit the stumps if it had not hit the leg.
  • Caught Out – In this method of dismissal, the batsman hits the ball and a fielder catches it before it hits the ground.
  • Run Out – A batsman can be run out if they are outside of their crease when a fielder hits the stumps with the ball while they are attempting to score a run.
  • Bowled Out – When the ball hits the stumps and knocks off the bails without the batsman making contact with the ball, they are considered to be “bowled out”.
  • Stumped – This happens when the batsman comes out of their crease to play a shot and misses the ball, and the wicket-keeper catches the ball and removes the bails before the batsman can return to their crease.


Win the Toss: A 50-50 Chance

This is just a proposition bet – and has nothing to do with skill. You need to guess which team captain will win the coin toss at the start of the game.

The coin toss is a critical moment that can have a significant impact on the outcome of the game. If a team’s captain decides to bat first, they can set a target for the opposition to chase, putting pressure on them to score more runs. On the other hand, if they decide to bowl first, they can take advantage of the fresh pitch conditions and potentially dismiss the opposition’s batsmen early on.

This is among the easiest cricket bets you can make, as you have a 50% chance of winning and don’t need to have any previous betting experience or knowledge of cricket and the teams playing. That said, payouts for the toss bet tend to be on the lower side, and might be capped by the sportsbook.

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Toss Combination: A Step Further

This requires you to not just guess the outcome of the toss, but also to predict whether the winning captain will choose to bat or bowl first. You need to get both parts of the bet right to win.

This bet is slightly trickier than the Win the Toss bet, as you need to make not only one, but two predictions. It is worth noting that the winning captain’s decision to bat or bowl first will depend on many different factors. The playing conditions, for instance, tend to affect this decision greatly. If the pitch is damp, captains will usually choose to bowl first. If the pitch is dry and flat, most captains would prefer their team to bat first.


Cricket Betting Glossary

Here are the main cricket terms you should know:

Cricket Betting Terms Definition
All Out When a team loses all ten wickets
All Rounder A player who is equally good at batting and bowling
First Ball Bet on what will happen on the 1st ball of a match
Future Betting on the outcome of a future event
Highest Opening Partnership Betting on which opening partnership will score the most runs
Century Score of 100 runs
Half Century Score of 50 runs
T20 – Twenty20 Format of cricket where both teams play 20 overs each
Away Swing The type of ball bowled by a spin bowler
Duck A batsman is out without scoring a run

Best Cricket Betting Tips: Cricket Betting Strategy

When you are ready to start, here are some top cricket betting tips to help you make your own cricket betting strategy.

Research Pitch and Weather Conditions

Weather plays a vital role in the game. You need to know whether rain will affect play, or if there’s extreme heat and how this will affect the condition of the pitch.

Cloudy skies, for instance, offer the perfect conditions for seam bowlers, as the increased humidity in the air creates increased friction and swing. Overcast weather can thus put the odds in favor of the team that has strong fast bowlers, especially if the pitch has enough grass, as this will also benefit seam bowling.

On the other hand, if the sun is out, the batsmen will have it easier. And, as a matter of fact, the advantage will be even more in favor of the batsmen if the cricket pitch is hard and not very grassy.

In short, pitch conditions will suit some players better than others. So it’s crucial for bettors to understand how the weather and the characteristics of the pitch will affect a team and its players before placing any bets.


The Team Strategy and Form

You also need to know the current form of the team – how their chemistry is and how they have performed recently. Also, look at historical form between the two teams to see who has the best track record and determine who the key players are.

Each cricket team has its own strategies, strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these can make the difference between success and failure for bettors. Even if a team is considered the underdog, if they are in better form or have a better strategy than their stronger opposition, they are often able to win on the day of the match. That said, don’t forget to pay close attention to the stats, as well as any news or updates regarding a team’s strategy for their next match or tournament.

Bear in mind that teams with more of a defensive strategy, those who specialize on protecting their wickets and restricting the opposition’s runs, tend to excel in multi-day cricket matches.

On the other hand, teams with an attacking approach, tend to perform better in limited overs or one-day games.


Player Form and Injuries

Often a team will have one or two key players that are likely to determine how the team will perform. You need to look at the form of these players, how they perform against the opposing team historically, and whether they are suffering from any injuries. A team will need its key players in top form.

Best Cricket Betting Tips: Cricket Betting Strategy

These players are often referred to as “game-changers,” and their contributions can be seen in numerous examples from the history of cricket. For instance, in the 2005 Ashes series between England and Australia, Kevin Pietersen’s magnificent century in the fifth and final test at The Oval played a crucial role in England regaining the Ashes after a gap of 18 years.

This goes to show how improtant it can be for bettors to identify such game-changing players and analyze their current form, recent improvements, and possible injuries. 

If a team has a player who is known for his or her exceptional batting skills and has been in a good form recently, you can probably count on him scoring a significant number of runs in the upcoming match. Similarly, if a team has a bowler who is known for his ability to swing the ball and take wickets, you probably can assume he will take a lot of wickets in the match. Essentially, an in-depth research into player form can go a long way in cricket betting.


Research Pays Off

Find out news on the different teams. The more you know about both teams, the better. Do they have strong swing bowlers? Do they have a lot of boundary hitters? What types of pitches do they perform best on?

The best way to increase your cricket knowledge is to stay up-to-date on the latest news related to the teams. This can include information on their recent performances, any injuries to key players, etc.

Additionally, following tipsters can be beneficial when placing bets on cricket. Instead of spending hours poring over stats and trends, you can simply follow a professional punter and read their picks and analysis on a regular basis. This can be especially helpful if you’re new to cricket betting or don’t have a lot of experience analyzing records. Check out our expert cricket picks here.


Manage Your Bankroll

You should only ever bet money that you can afford to lose. Set yourself a budget and stick to it, regardless of whether you’re on a winning or losing streak. Find out how to implement a good bankroll management strategy here. Try to always approach cricket betting with a responsible mindset, but keep it fun at the same time!


How to Bet on Cricket and Win

If you’re ready to get started, it takes just a few steps:

  1. Choose one of our top cricket betting sites. Opt for a bookie that is reputable and trustworthy, with a good selection of cricket matches and markets. Once you’ve found a site that meets your needs, click on our link to quickly sign-up.
  2. Create a new betting account. You’ll need to provide some basic information, such as your name, and email address.
  3. Make your first deposit and claim the welcome bonus. Once you’ve created your new betting account, check the site’s payment options to see which one works best for you. Once you’ve made your first deposit, you will be eligible to claim a welcome bonus. In most cases, the bookie will match your initial deposit (up to a certain amount).
  4. Find your cricket bet, set your wager and confirm! Scroll through the site and click on the cricket match you’re interested in betting on. Then, take a look at the available markets. This might include options such as the match winner, the top batsman, or the top bowler, among many others. Choose your market, set your wager, and confirm your bet.
  5. After you’ve placed your bets, the excitement begins! Tune in to the cricket match you bet on and watch the action unfold. Keep an eye on your bets and see if they win. If you win, your payout will be credited to your betting account.


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