Top Sportsbooks To Bet On WWE

The WWE is a veteran entertainment sport in the US, with a long line of celebrities and industry greats that have become household names. Most online betting sites offer WWE betting markets, but which ones are the best? We have compiled a list of the top-tier bookmakers available to US citizens. We’ve handpicked the best five bookmakers below, offering numerous betting lines, great signup bonuses and promotions, and many other great features.

BetOnline Is The Best Overall Sportsbook For WWE

When looking at the quality of bets available at, BetOnline you can find a broad range of odds and markets to enjoy for significant events. But, outside of that, there are far fewer lines available throughout the year. Thousands of bettors from the United States are keen to access top-level WWE betting sites, with BetOnline atop that list.

BetOnline SportsBetting WWE

BetOnline provides some great features and makes it easy to grasp the range of markets available. Like most online bookmakers, you’ll find that this oddsmaker is focused on providing a quality betting experience, which is why you’ll find one of the most comprehensive sports betting apps online at this bookmaker.

Out of all the WWE betting sites, BetOnline is the one that bettors keep going back to as it ensures customer satisfaction is the priority. With swift deposits and withdrawals through various payment methods, it’s easy to get started at this reliable bookmaker.

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Bovada Offers Enhanced Odds

Bovada is synonymous with the sports betting industry, established as one of the best in the business. This oddsmaker offers great lines for WWE betting and some of the game’s most competitive odds. As an industry leader, Bovada can set the benchmark for WWE betting odds, showing its bookmaker rivals how long it can go.

Bovada Sportsbook WWE

You’ll be hard-pressed to find WWE betting odds that can compete with Bovada. Not just that, but Bovada has focused on WWE betting lines, ensuring that there’s nothing you’ll find elsewhere that isn’t available on its platform!

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GTBets Focuses On In-Play Live Betting

In-play betting has become one of the most in-demand markets across all sports betting lines. In essence, live betting allows bettors to get involved in the event at any time. In the case of WWE betting, this would mean that bettors can wager as the Royal Rumble, for example, is underway, giving bettors the chance to wager at the peak of the excitement.

GTBets Sports betting WWE

GTBets live betting feature is easy to use, making it one of the best choices for bettors in the US. The interface was initially designed for the website but has been adapted to iOS and Android operating systems for players wagering from mobile phones and tablets. The odds update in real-time, meaning you have an exciting display of new odds as you enjoy these big events.

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MyBookie For The Bonus Hunters

There is a range of WWE bets leading up to and during the major events, though you won’t find traditional betting markets popping up each week as you might in the NHL and NBA. But, the great thing about this is that there is a focus on futures markets, and when the major events come around, bookmakers like MyBookie offer some great bonuses from time to time.

MyBookie Sportsbetting WWE

The MyBookie welcome bonus is excellent, providing customers with $1000 in free play on your first deposit, accessible through the mobile betting app or the website. This is a solid welcome bonus that it draws customers worldwide to deposit with MyBookie. You will also notice that this provider regularly updates its bonuses to keep things fresh and ensure its welcome bonus is the best in the game.

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BetUS For Veteran Bettors

Rather than just your standard one-time bonus, BetUS customers will be able to enjoy the customer loyalty program. This gives customers various bonuses, rolling up to $5,000, depending on the colour assigned to them for their loyalty – with black being the highest. These points can be awarded for various things, though free cash is far and far the best for bettors.

BetUS Sports betting WWE

On top of that, there are some great promotions and contests, which customers can take advantage of leading up to the WWE main events; WrestleMania, Smackdown, and the Royal Rumble! This bookmaker is often overlooked, but it’s a veteran provider that has commanded a huge following of players for some years now.

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How to bet on WWE

There are various ways to wager on WWE, ranging from the basics for betting newcomers and industry “sharps” who have been in the game for decades.

Betting on WWE offers some unique betting opportunities, some of which will attract even those bettors who aren’t interested in the WWE, as they offer some great value.


WWE Betting Markets

We’ve gone through some important things to remember when WWE is betting, but now we’ll quickly highlight all of the WWE events. Each of these betting markets has its unique betting lines. However, for the most part, they follow a fairly linear path. All these provide value for bettors, but first, you must understand them and how they work. It’s always worth checking with the WWE official site to see when the event will take place this year.

WWE Betting Strategies & Tips

A big part of the WWE betting odds success is creating a solid, consistent strategy you can apply to any market. Your betting strategy should be the foundation of your betting, giving you the best possible chance of winning each time you wager. As long as the fundamentals are there, you will be more likely to succeed over time. Check a few of these out:

Follow Closely WWE Betting Odds

Be sure that you’ve got your ear to the mat. A lot can happen in weeks, and with WWE betting, things move very quickly as top contenders fall in and out of favor every week. The WWE has major events, which we’ve listed above, and those are the opportunities to find value in WWE betting markets. So, take advantage of these moments and ensure that you’re following what’s happening in the WWE industry leading up to these events.

Tracking The Popularity Of Contenders For Major Events

Much like tracking the odds, we would also advise following how the WWE industry, its fans, and the various bookmakers are ranking fighters leading up to the big events, such as SummerSlam, WrestleMania, and the Royal Rumble.

WWE Underdog Betting Value

While it’s common for WWE picks and sites to promote the top fighters before significant events, the reality is the value in the odds can be anywhere. Since the market nearly always sides with the favorite, sportsbooks offer fantastic deals when you look to the underdog. If you find a spread bet of +7 with a moneyline bet of around +250 or so, you have the chance to make a solid wager.

This isn’t always possible, of course. But, as with any betting market, research and persistence to find quality odds will succeed. Anything can happen in the WWE, and we know this industry loves surprises. If you can get any insider scoops you trust, go with them and find underdog value.

WWE Betting Updates – 2023/2024

  • The Royal Rumble 2024 is a long way away, but Cody Rhodes is the clear favorite already at -120 with BetOnline.
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a very popular line at odds of +1200 at Bovada.
  • The ex-UFC star Brock Lesnar also offers great betting odds with odds of +2000 at BetUS.
  • Becky Lynch is favorite to win the women’s Royal Rumble this year, with odds of +310 at GTBets.
  • Rhea Ripley is also in contention for the Royal Rumble in 2024 with odds of +450 at MyBookie.

Betting on WWE FAQ

Everything you need to know to make fun WWE bets in the US

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