How to Bet on Politics

Learning how to bet on politics is pretty simple. Once you know which political events you can bet on, it is mainly a matter of having a great politics betting site. Plus if you have an overall betting strategy, politics betting should fit smoothly into it.


For example, if you are using a bankroll management technique based on the unit system. You should keep that going when you bet on politics. So if you are always betting twenty bucks on each of your football and baseball bets, keep it going for your President bets.


Many people assume that politics should be a different category within your betting strategy, but this will make it hard to judge the overall effectiveness of your strategy. It would water-down your results. Keep it consistent.

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What Political Events Can You Bet On?

When it comes to politics betting, you can bet on a huge variety of political events. The biggest ones are the President bets. There is a presidential betting market in almost every country on this Earth. It is by no means limited to US elections betting.


In fact, no matter where you are, you can find odds for betting on the US President, as well as heads of state for Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and more. Not only can you bet on heads of state, but you can also bet on elections for parliaments and smaller races. There are even betting lines available for the European Union parliament.

US Elections Betting

When it comes to US elections betting, you will be spooled. You can bet on the Presidential election, of course. The Presidential betting market is huge and varied, even when it is not election season. In addition, you can bet on US elections for the Senate and House. Here are some of the biggest political events you can bet on in US elections betting:

  1. Betting on the Presidential election – every four years
  2. Betting on control of the US House – every two years
  3. Betting on control of the US Senate – every two years.

Mayoral Elections Betting

While they do not lead countries, mayoral elections betting still grabs plenty of attention. This is why we provide New York City mayor odds. People around the country, and even the world, pay attention to who will lead the Big Apple.

NYC mayoral elections betting is not the only urban market available. You can also bet on who will lead other large cities, and sometimes even the smaller ones when they catch national attention.

French Elections Betting

Similarly, you can bet on French Presidential elections every five years as well. The voting works a little bit differently here than in the United States. Here they have a two-round voting system. If no one candidate gets an absolute majority in the first round, two weeks later, the top two candidates face off directly.


Knowing these details will be key to making smart political bets in whichever country you decide to bet on.

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Other Political Bets You Can Make

Political bets are not limited to US presidential betting markets and the elections in France. In fact, there are many ways for political junkies to dive into politics betting. Whether you’re anglophile or francophile or something else, you will find a political betting market where you can be an expert. Political betting markets include but are not limited to the following:

  • Canadian politics
  • Primary elections
  • States elections
  • Brazilian elections
  • British Prime Minister
  • European Union parliament
  • Japan elections

Politics Betting Strategies, Tips, and Advice

Politics betting is its own beast. This is a game that comes with its own rules and therefore requires some strategies and tips that are specific to making politics bets.


Keep your cool.

It can be so easy to get ahead of ourselves. Very few things get us heated, and therefore blind, like politics. Because we want so badly for our candidate or party to win, we can sometimes fall into wishful thinking. We cherry-pick data to make a political bet.  While it can be tough, we should try to look at things objectively when we are betting, even when they are races that are near and dear to us.


Keep your distance

If keeping your cool is too tough, try, keeping your distance. It can be a good idea to bet on elections that mean less to you personally. This allows an objective eye, rather than a subjective heart. Your brain is a much better political betting tool than your heart. This can mean betting on elections in other states, countries, or continents.


Do your research

But of course, this means you have to do some research. And when you are looking into who is more likely to win the election, keep in mind that the polls do not tell the whole story.


  1. They can miss certain segments of the population
  2. They can only estimate voter turnout
  3. Votes in different areas carry different weights


So, polls are just a snapshot of information. They are not a crystal ball. You now have enough information to really dive into betting on elections from around the world. Check out these tested politics betting sites and have tons of fun!


Getting Started: Find Your Politics Betting Sites

Now that you have tons of information on politics betting strategies, odds, and events, you are ready to sign up at a few politics betting sites. You can find trusted and easy to use politics betting sites from the table below.



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Bet on Politics FAQ

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