The Academy Awards mark the most ostentatious event of the year, with an annual ceremony to celebrate the success of movies, actors, directors, and producers as we head to Hollywood with the industry’s biggest stars. Oscars betting odds are readily available across all the top-tier sportsbook providers available to U.S. players. As we move towards the 2023 Oscars, the favorites are starting to pull away from the pack and things are becoming a lot more clear.


Oscars Odds 2023

The 95th Academy Awards is due to take place on March 12th, 2023, as we head to the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, California. The Oscars odds betting markets have been analysed and collected from the best oddsmakers around. Check out the latest Oscars betting odds below, which were last updated on November 8, 2022:

Oscars: Best Picture 2023Bovada ReviewBetUS ReviewMyBookie Review
Thirteen Lives+550+550+550
The Killers of Flower Moon+650+650+650
She Said+850+850+850
The Woman King+1000+1000+1000
Oscars: Best Actor 2023Bovada ReviewBetUS ReviewMyBookie Review
Austin Butler+300+300+300
Hugh Jackman+375+375+375
Brendan Fraser+450+450+450
Jesse Plemons+800+800+800
Colman Domingo+800+800+800

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Best Betting Sites for Oscars Betting 2023

While it feels like the 94th Academy Awards just finished, we head right back into action this year. Many of the best online bookmakers offer a broad range of in-depth odds for the Oscars betting in 2023, meaning there will be a broad range of prop bets and futures for all the major events. We’ll dig a little deeper into the specifics later on this page, but you can check out top-tier providers like Sports Interaction (SIA) and ComeOn. For a comprehensive list of bookies offering a type of Oscars betting system, we’d advise taking a look through our best-betting sites page.

We should mention, by the time the Oscars comes around the odds can change dramatically, as the shortlist announcement for the nominations reaches the public eye. After the nominations have taken place, you can place wagers on various categories until any time leading up to the event in California.

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Oscars Betting Odds: The Main Categories

Although there is a near endless list of Oscars betting markets, the focus is on the key events and awards, which we’ll cover in our list below.


Best Picture Odds

When people refer to the ‘Oscars odds’ the chances are they are referring to the winner of the Oscar Best Picture odds, which generally bring together the best movies of the year and peg them against one another. At first, there were only five nominees for the award, but it has since increased to ten.

The favorites odds aren’t always to be trusted, as we saw in 2010 with The King’s Speech and again with Moonlight in 2016. Betting on Best Picture odds is an outright format, meaning you pick who will win the award outright that year.


Best Actor Odds

From Brad Pitt to Leonardo DiCaprio, each year we see Hollywood’s most glamorous and talented actors do battle for the top prize. This award is probably tied joint second with Best Actor as the most popular award for the event. There are normally outright favorites, with one particular actor standing out above the rest of the pack.

While this is true, this isn’t always the case. If we look back to Roberto Benigni winning in 1998 and Adrian Brody in 2002, you know things are never going to be straightforward.


Best Actress Odds

Exactly like its Best Actor counterpart, the odds for Best Actress tend to be a full-gone conclusion and rarely offer great value in the odds. Having said that, there is nearly always some value to be found in the odds. Avoid the favorite and focus on second and third picks in this category, as the favorite is often saturated. We’ve seen upsets including Glenn Close losing in 2018 and Meryl Streep winning in 2011. We should mention that we don’t recommend betting on this market unless it’s an “open field” so to speak, which is rarely the case.

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Best Director Odds

The best director can be a category that is overlooked by punters, but it really holds as much weight as best actor/actress, as the outcome is quite often related to the movie that was best directed. The Best Director and Best Picture categories are almost always intrinsically tied to one another, with the occasional upset along the way. Tom Hooper taking Ridley Scott’s Oscar in 2010 is certainly one of note.


Best Supporting Actor/Actress Odds

This is the first award to be announced during the evening, though it really doesn’t hold the same glamour and weight as the aforementioned categories. This category is often full of upsets, as it’s rarely a foregone conclusion. Alan Arkin beat Eddie Murphy in 2006, which was an unprecedented upset.

As one of the more “open” categories, it gets a lot of attention from Entertainment bettors. There’s little else to say, other than to remind you of a few more unforeseen outcomes. Juliette Binoche upsetting Lauren Bacall in 1996, as well as Marisa Tomei pulling off a huge underdog win for My Cousin Vinny in 1997.


Other Oscars betting odds

There are a variety of other categories, some dozen or so, that offer some great opportunities to find value in Oscars betting odds. Here are a few of the most popular Academy Awards categories we haven’t covered yet:

  • Best Original Screenplay odds
  • Best Adapted Screenplay odds
  • Best Animated Feature Film odds
  • Best Documentary Feature odds
  • Best Original Song odds
  • Best International Feature Film odds

The popularity of these categories, certainly in the oddsmakers eyes, depend largely on if there is any demand (a popular nominee) for the market. Sometimes very popular musicians or songs features on the soundtrack of movies.


How to find Oscars Betting odds

You can find Oscars betting odds and Entertainment odds across any major sportsbook provider in the United States. Each sportsbook will offer its own take on the odds, as well as a quite unique range of prop betting markets, which is common for Entertainment odds because bookmakers often get quite experimental.


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Although the Oscars are a major event, not every bookmaker follows the odds. As such, it’s worth checking out if your favorite bookmaker is going to list markets for the Oscars before the event comes around. When it comes to Oscars betting, any sensible bettor should be looking for competitive odds and unique props.

When reviewing the sportsbooks, be sure to look for oddsmakers offering decent promotions, as this is a popular market and one that will likely offer some decent value. Promotions come and go, so you can never be sure, but it’s worth taking a look ahead of time.

Alternatively, be sure to sign up with various bookmakers, so that when the time comes you can line shop and find the best value.

As is the case for most entertainment markets, the Oscars betting should be entertaining! Generally speaking, the odds aren’t likely to be favorable for the bettor. However, things change each year. So, if you’re a bit of a film buff, take advantage of these markets.