Gambling requires a strategy when laying bets. Some strategies are billed as can’t-miss, risk-free betting; others work to increase the probability of picking a winner. With any system, you are trying to predict an outcome, and here at MyTopSportsbooks, we will review the Paroli Strategy to help sports bettors gain an edge when they place their bets. The Paroli strategy has a basis in procedures, probabilities, and assumptions that make it head and shoulders above other gambling strategies. Paroli isn’t a risk-free or can’t-miss or sure-fire winning strategy; it deals with probability and how it can increase your chance of a winning payout and avoid long-losing streaks when playing casino games. The betting strategy is focused on small wins to build your bankroll without spending multiple hours at a gaming table

The Paroli Betting System, What is it?

If you have heard the phrase ‘positive progression’ when talking about betting strategy, that is the Paroli betting system in a nutshell. When you engage in small-stakes gambling, it improves the winning probability of your bets consistently. It is based on marginal advantage and boosts initial bet winnings if the bet wins. The Paroli system is easy to learn but makes no guarantees of success. It improves the chances of winning on increased stakes bets. When seeing success in their bets, gamblers increase the bet they place as a means to increase profit. Blackjack tables and roulette tables, and baccarat tables see the Paroli strategy regularly, and sports betting where the probability is 50-50 or even-money bets. The users say the Paroli betting system works. You can use the negative progression Martingale betting system, but you end up risking a great deal for little return.

A Brief History of the Paroli Strategy, a Progression Betting System

The model, positive progression, is credited to a French mathematician, Blais Pascal. Pascal is also credited with the invention of the roulette wheel as a means to determine winners at the roulette table.

A Brief History of the Paroli Strategy, a Progression Betting System

Sports Betting Using the Paroli Method

RULE 1 – Decide Your Stake.

RULE 2 – Double Up When You Win.

RULE 3 – Stop Increasing Your Bets after 3 Consecutive Wins in a Row.

RULE 4 – When You Lose Your Bet, Return to Your Original Bet.

How the Paroli System, a Positive Progression System, is Applied to Sports Betting

Sports gaming with real money will have even money propositions to bet on. Games like NHL games, NFL games, NBA games, MLB games, and MLS games with a clear outcome can use the Paroli method for sports betting. In-play or live bets are popular when using Paroli, but they must be a two-option outcome.

An Paroli Betting Example

Your in-play or live bet is on an NFL game, Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Buffalo Bills, when you play online gambling. You start with your standard $100 bet money wager as your first bet. You bet $20 on the first TDs possible outcomes, and if you win, the next bet stays the same at $20. Suppose Kansas City scores first; your next bet is $40. If you bet both teams to score, the third bet is $80.

Other Applications for the Paroli System

The Paroli system sees its strength in stake progression and was first tested at the roulette table.

  • Paroli and Roulette

Starting off with a roulette system bet at even odds, the first stake should be a fraction of the total amount bet. Suppose you have a winner on bet one – double the stake. If you don’t win, retain the initial stake. Use the same approach on your third bet – depending on the results – and continue using the procedures of Paroli. Your roulette strategy will be defined by how strictly you adhere to the Paroli betting strategy. Remember, table limits can be defeating when you are running up the betting ladder. The house edge is built in to stop beginners and seasoned players from hitting the craps table or roulette table hard when on a winning streak.

  • Paroli and Blackjack

The player is dealt a winning hand right off the bat at the blackjack table. The next bet (second) they place is double the first bet. If that bet loses, they return to the original bet for the next hand.

System Variants, Paroli Betting

System Variants, Paroli Betting

Extended Paroli

The focus is on winning bets because it outweighs the losses. The stake drives this system and depends on what the player will spend. If the player is successful three consecutive times or on a winning streak, they should quit as the balance of probabilities decreases with each passing play in the Paroli betting system.

Inverted Paroli

Inverted Paroli is similar to the Martingale betting system in that it focuses more on the losses than the wins. If you lose, you double your stake; if you win, you bet the same amount because you have made a profit.

Double Betting, What is It?

In simplest terms, double betting is a multiple bet that consists of two bet selections. The two bets must be independent of each other to keep the outcomes from killing one bet. One bet can be successful, and you add to your bankroll, while the other may not, and you break even with the right odds or cash a return with odds in your favor.

Double Bet Odds Calculator

Your betting on an NFL game – you pick Buffalo at 1.75 and Kansas City Chiefs at 2.1 – the math works out to 1.75×2.1 on a $100 bet returns $367. Double bets are frequent in football, horse racing, greyhound racing and tennis

Double Betting, Pros and Cons


  1. If you succeed, you bank more profit than a single bet.
  2. You can boost the odds when betting on heavy favorites.
  3. It is a two-outcome system; you don’t need any exotic results for this model of accumulation betting.


  1. If one bet loses, you see no return on your betting outlay.
  2. If you use an accumulator, you should add more bets to your betting slip.
  3. You will have greater success with single-action betting.


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