Where to bet on the Super Bowl 2023?

Knowing where to bet on the Super Bowl is vital. After all, it is the betting event of the year. In other words, no amount of preparation will be too much. Whether you find your best sites for Super Bowl bets, or you sign up at many Super Bowl betting sites, finding your place is the first step in how to bet on the Super Bowl.

Signing up at more than one is a great strategy for Super Bowl 2023. This way you can bet on Super Bowl props, which are always different from sportsbook to sportsbook. For example, a common Super Bowl prop is how long the National Anthem will take, or which song will open the halftime show.

With more and more options, online Super Bowl betting has never been more exciting. Let’s take a look at the best Super Bowl sportsbooks and why.



Why We Chose These Super Bowl Betting Sites?

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Bovada is Great for New and Experienced Bettors


  • Guides for Super Bowl
  • Intuitive design
  • Odds updates quickly


  • No live chat

Conclusion: Bovada is a great Super Bowl betting site. Their easy design and a trusted name are great for newcomers. Their quickly updating odds are ideal for experienced bettors who want to bet live.


50% up to $1,000
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BetOnline is the Best for Bitcoin Betting


  • Extra Bonuses for Using Cryptocurrency
  • Super Bowl odds archive
  • Creative Super Bowl bet specials


  • No live streaming option

Conclusion: If you are into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, BetOnline will give you extra bonuses. Betting with BTC comes with additional security benefits as well. These advantages are buttressed by a good selection of Super Bowl odds.


100% up to $1,000
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Huge Welcome Bonuses at Everygame


  • Choose from three great welcome bonuses
  • Weekly NFL Pools
  • Great Live Chat


  • Cannot Stream Live

Conclusion: Signing up at Everygame is great! They let you choose from welcome bonuses with up to a 150% match. Plus, warm-up by àrticipating in their free weekly NFL pools throughout the season.


50% up to $200
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How to Bet on Super Bowl – Top 5 Tips to win

With so much on the line, we have collected the top 5 Super Bowl betting tips. Next time you are wondering about your next step, you can quickly refer back to this list for a reminder.

Sign up at Great Super Bowl Betting Sites

Nothing else you learn here is as important as what you learn about finding the best Super Bowl betting sites. Without this, you will miss out on Super Bowl bonuses, props, and competitive markets. To make sure you are doing your shopping around, it is even a good idea to have a few accounts.

Keep up on Super Bowl Propositions

These bets are often the most fun for bettors. They can also be the most profitable. Because moneylines are the focus, Super Bowl props tend to fly under the radar. They also change so much between Super Bowl sportsbooks. Check them out wherever you have accounts! It is well worth your time.

Incorporate the Super Bowl into Your Overall Strategy

Betting on the Super Bowl should not be a break from your betting routine. Instead, make it a fluid part of it. If you are using a unit-based bankroll management strategy, stick to it! You might place more bets during this time, or seek out more exciting props. That’s no excuse to break from your overall strategy.

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Take Into Account Players Injuries

With the two week break before the Super Bowl starts, the normal considerations of fatigue and travel will be less important. However, injuries are still relevant. And they can change at the last minute. Many players get hurt during training, so keep an eye on how these develop in the weeks leading up to the game.

Don’t Ignore Home Field Advantage

When thinking about how to bet on the Super Bowl, many people disregard home-field advantage. They argue that because the tickets are sold so far in advance and many times it is a neutral field, it does not matter. However, playing in Florida’s heat is something that not all teams are used to, for example. Plus, the treatment the players receive from hotel staff can vary quite a bit as well. In other words, if a team is relatively loved or particularly reviled should still make a difference in your Super Bowl bets.

Placing a bet on the Super Bowl

The amount of options can be overwhelming. It can be tough to sort through them all. Here is a quick guide to the different ones available, so you can quickly and easily place the best Super Bowl bets.

  1. Super Bowl Money lines
  2. Super Bowl Spreads
  3. Super Bowl Props

Super Bowl Moneylines

These are the most common bets and probably what a layman first thinks of. You are simply betting on the winner. A or B and that is it. These are also called straight or outrights.

Super Bowl Spreads

Spreads are perhaps the toughest bets. Because the big finale pits the two best teams against one another, the score is likely too hard to know. This is the place where you should pay special attention to the relative strength of the offenses and defenses. Spreads are betting on the final score of the big game.

Super Bowl Props

This is truly the part that makes the Super Bowl a special time of year. Super Bowl props are like nothing else. It is also a key way to distinguish an ok betting site from the best Super Bowl sportsbooks. Props are bets on anything that has nothing to do with the final outcome. You could bet on who will score first or which team will receive more penalties.

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Super Bowl LVII Betting FAQ

Find answers to common questions bettors like you have when researching which sportsbook to join.