Superbowl penalties are common as they represent a staple part of American Football. There are a variety of reasons why a team might concede a penalty. Teams focus on training regimes, coaching drills, special team plays, and many more things. But, one thing you cannot coach in the head of the moment is discipline. A false start kills a drive and can lead to a big play for the opposing team.

In certain situations, Super bowl penalties can drastically affect the outcome of a game. As such, it’s no surprise that Super Bowl 57 odds for the number of penalties in the Super Bowl are drawing a lot of attention. The two teams that make it to the big game will be some of the best in the league at avoiding them.

On this page, we’re going to explore all things related to Superbowl penalties and provide you with a complete understanding of how things might pan out on the day in February. Let’s get started.

Penalties prop bets

One of the main types of bets at the Super Bowl is prop bets because they allow bettors to wager on something other than the game’s outcome. This is important for bettors who spend a lot of time on the main betting lines, as it gives them something else to focus on—something more relaxing.

Total penalties accepted bet

One of the best ways to do this is to wager on total penalties at the Super Bowl. A straightforward wager that can pay out quite well if the odds are favorable. We would advise looking at the number of penalties each team has given away across the course of the season and use that as a benchmark for your bet. The odds for the total number of penalties in the Super Bowl were last updated on November 23, 2022: 

Total PenaltiesBovada ReviewMyBookie ReviewBetOnline Review

First penalty in Super Bowl

This is a bet type where you wager on the team to first give away a penalty at the Super Bowl. This is often the same as the Super Bowl first half penalties wagers, but on occasions, we don’t see one crop up until the second half of the game. If you feel one team will be put under more pressure and therefore is likely to make a mistake, then this wager would suit you perfectly.

What were the most penalties in Super Bowl game?

The first Super Bowl occurred on January 15, 1967, and we’ve had some memorable moments. But, in terms of specifically the most penalties in a Super Bowl game, we have to look to the North Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys, the teams tied for the most penalties at the Super Bowl with 12. As such, it’s best to avoid wagering that a number higher than this will come up this year!

Which team had the most penalty yards in a Super Bowl game?

The team with the most penalty yards in a Super Bowl game is the Dallas Cowboys, who got 133 yards in Super Bowl V against the Baltimore Colts on January 17, 1971. The second most penalty yards in a Super Bowl game was achieved by the Pittsburgh Steelers, who managed 122 yards 4 years later in 1975 against the Minnesota Vikings.

Where to bet on Super Bowl penalties props?

Many top-tier online sports betting providers offer Super Bowl penalties prop betting markets. We have selected some of the best available to those residing in the US and listed them below:

  • BetUS – is a veteran bookmaker focusing on the major US sports leagues.
  • BetOnline offers great sports betting mobile app with an intuitive UI for iOS and Android users.
  • GTBets is an old classic that provides quality lines and some of the most competitive odds online.
  • Bovada – a name synonymous with sports betting in the US and boasting the biggest userbase of all the bookmakers listed here.
  • MyBookie – a bookmaker known for excellent betting promotions and bonuses to back up its endless list of betting lines.




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