Betting on the color of the Super Bowl Gatorade shower is one of the most fun wagers you can make. It is definitely a bit off-the-wall, but that is why we love it! It has become a quintessential part of Super Bowl betting overall.

Here we go through everything you need to know about the Super Bowl Gatorade bet. We will cover the history of the tradition, exceptions, and the results of Super Bowl betting on the Gatorade color.

In this article, we’ll explore what color Gatorade will be used at the Super Bowl, the history of this event, highlight the past Gatorade colors for the Super Bowl and how to play the odds markets.  What color will the Gatorade be for the Super Bowl 57? Keep reading.


Super Bowl 2023 Gatorade Shower Odds

Color of Liquid Poured on Winning CoachOrange
Bet now
Color of Liquid Poured on Winning CoachYellow/Green/Lime
Bet now
Color of Liquid Poured on Winning CoachBlue
Bet now
Color of Liquid Poured on Winning CoachPurple
Bet now
Color of Liquid Poured on Winning CoachClear
Bet now
Color of Liquid Poured on Winning CoachRed/Pink
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History of the Super Bowl Gatorade Shower

The Gatorade show has become such a staple of Super Bowl traditions that we can forget that it also has a history. It also started at some point. Of course, the tradition has to start before we can even think about Super Bowl betting on the Gatorade color.

Funnily enough, the tradition began as good-hearted revenge. On October 28, 1984, Jim Burt, nose tackle for the New York Giants, had been feeling frustrated. He did not think Coach bill Parcells had been treating him very well. After winning against the Washington Redskins 37-13, he decided it would be a good time to break the tension and enlisted teammate Harry Carson in dumping the sports drink.

However, this history is controversial. The Chicago bears defensive tackle also claims to have invented the tradition in the same year: 1984. He claims to have dunked Coach Mike Ditka upon clinching the NFC Central playoff spot. This would be one month later than the claim made by the New York Giants.

One thing we know for sure is that the tradition gained national traction with the New York Giants 1986 season. They doused Parcells after each of their seventeen wins. Each time the crowd ate it up! They ended up winning the Super Bowl in one of the most historically significant seasons in the NFL.

Evolution of the Tradition

While the Gatorade shower started with championship games, and indeed where the Gatorade color Super Bowl bet began, people have gotten very creative with their dunking and showering.

For one, the tradition has spread to college football, to emotionally charged games, and even to television interviews. Some of these variations border on disgusting. For example, after the 2020 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, the Ohio Bobcats dumped french fries on their coach.


Other edible variations include:

  • December 29, 2020, the Oklahoma State team dumped Cheez-Its on head coach Mike Gundy following victory at the 2020 Cheez-It Bowl
  • December 31, 2019, the Arizona State Sun Devils dumped Frosted Flakes on coach herm Edwards following their win at the 2019 Sun Bowl.
  • January 10, 2021, the New Orleans Saints dumped green slime over coach Sean Payton after winning an NFC Wild Card Playoff game.

History of the Super Bowl Gatorade Bet

While the color of the Gatorade shower is in part random, it never hurts to look back at our history books. The most winning color of the Super bowl Gatorade bet has been clear. I didn’t even know that was a color!

Here’s a list of the winning color for your Superbowl Gatorade color betting:

Super Bowl NumberColorWinning Team
35YellowBaltimore Ravens
36NoneNew England Patriots
37PurpleTampa Bay Buccaneers
38NoneNew England Patriots
39ClearNew England Patriots
40ClearPittsburgh Steelers
41ClearIndianapolis Colts
42ClearNew York Giants
43YellowPittsburgh Steelers
44OrangeNew Orleans Saints
45OrangeGreen Bay Packers
46PurpleNew York Giants
47NoneBaltimore Ravens
48OrangeSeattle Seahawks
49BlueNew England Patriots
50OrangeDenver Broncos
51NoneNew England Patriots
52YellowPhiladelphia Eagles
53BlueNew England Patriots
54OrangeKansas City Chiefs
55BlueGreen Bay Packers

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