Watching the Super Bowl is fun no matter what. Betting on it, cooking up our favorite party foods, and yes, playing Super Bowl party betting games are great ways to make it even better. Whoever you are watching the Super Bowl with this year will be happy that you brought over some extra entertainment.

The majority are very simple and easy to play, even as the evening goes on. If you are going to be playing party betting games, it is a good idea to let your guests know, so that they can bring the appropriate stakes if they choose to participate.

Let’s go through the list of the top Super Bowl party betting games. But first, a quick glance at the winners’ odds for this years SuperBowl 58 in Nevada. The odds were last updated on January 30, 2024:

2024 Super BowlBovadaBetOnline ReviewBetUS Review
Kansas City Chiefs+115+115+120
San Francisco 49ers-135-140-135

Prop Pool

Making your at-home prop pool will require a quick Super Bowl bet sheet. It is easy to make though, don’t worry. Just include a list of props with a place for each participant to write their selection. It might be a good idea to turn them all in at a certain point so no one gets to erasing and changing their incorrect bets.

Superbowl Games

If your crowd is into it, feel free to mix entertainment and sports betting on the same sheet. To make the game even more dynamic, you can assign different point values to each question, depending on its difficulty or centrality to the evening.

Here are some examples of proposition bets you can use in your pool:

  • With the coin toss be heads or tails?
  • Will the coin toss be guessed correctly?
  • Which team will score the first points?
  • What will be the opening song for the halftime show?

Touchdown Toss

The touchdown toss is a classic for anyone who wants to do a little bit more moving for their Super Bowl party bets. You can set it up easily on an easy table.

The first thing is to make a paper football using a normal piece of notebook or printer paper. Fold it lengthwise until it is about two inches wide. Then, like a flag, fold it in a corner to the opposite edge, and do that all the way down until you have a triangle. Tape it to seal it.

Then place cups along with the table and try to flick the football in. It is supposed to represent making a field goal. This is one of many easy Super Bowl betting games for a small group.

Pass the Cup

This is a fairly simple, though really fun game. It is nice because no one has to be an expert to play, and it can involve as many people as you would like. It is a really good betting game for Super Bowl home parties. Here’s how it works:

  1. Every participant puts their stake in the cup and their name on a list.
  2. The youngest person starts off holding the cup.
  3. The cup goes to the next person on the list every time possession changes in the football game.
  4. The last person holding the cup at the end of the quarter, half, or game, gets to keep the whole pot.

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

This game is fun and interactive. Also paying attention throughout the game will pay off. That’s because every commercial can count towards a potential win.

Each participant grabs a bingo sheet, which you can print off easily. Then each participant fills in the squares with things they are likely to see in the Super Bowl.

NFL Balls For Games

Of course, you have to trade your bingo sheet with another player. Otherwise, it would be too easy to set up a win! If you want to even the playing field, set yours up before the guests arrive and have them rearrange the same squares on the other bingo sheets.

As you watch the commercials, mark off your squares. Examples of fun things to put in the squares are:

  • A dog
  • An iced drink
  • Someone running
  • A robot
  • A talking animal

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