If you started gambling 20 or 30 years ago as a sports bettor, you know what an inconvenience it was. Apart from the fact that you had to be in a state that had legalized sportsbook betting or casino gambling – like New Jersey or Nevada – to attend a sportsbook or play the tables, it wasn’t easy.

If you weren’t in a state with legal gaming, you called your local bookie and placed an illegal bet on NFL football or horses at one of the many racetracks that had races on any given day. Now the sports bettor is inundated with ways to hook up with legal sportsbooks across the 50 states that don’t require a visit to the building; just stopping by a website or using an app for mobile gambling is the latest betting craze.

With the ease of making a bet, it has become increasingly easy to transfer funds to open an account. Prepaid cards, PayPal, or credit cards, and vouchers now dominate online sports gambling. At MyTopSportsbooks, we will expand your knowledge for moving money to a sportsbook with a profile on Webmoney as a payment method for sports betting and how you can use it to facilitate your gambling desires.

Best Betting Sites accepting WebMoney

Webmoney, Where it Came From

The fall of the Soviet Union many years ago created a new-found freedom for the tech sector, and innovation grew by leaps and bounds. One innovation was Webmoney, as an online payment system which was successfully launched in Russia and now has gone global with the reach of, dare I say, a currency for the gambling community.

Webmoney will accept international currency from many countries and works like Skrill and PayPal when sending and receiving payments. The site is safe and hosts over 30MM users worldwide, attesting to the security that the site provides.

Everything you Wanted to Know About Webmoney Betting

For online betting, e-wallets have become increasingly popular with the public. More and more bookies and betting establishments recognize them as a secure means to transfer funds and convert winnings to payouts for the sports bettor.

  1. Webmoney is used as a trusted e-wallet by millions
  2. Webmoney allows you to deposit funds instantly and bet without delay.
  3. Football is the most popular sport to bet on in the gambling industry in the US.
  4. With one click, you can withdraw winnings from your account to your Webmoney account.
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Is Webmoney Safe?

Webmoney bills itself as a highly safe place to send your funds. Many safeguards are built in to protect your personal information and money from being stolen. SSL encryption is the latest security system in use, creating fortress-like protection for your account. The SSL security dovetails nicely with many of the big sportsbooks in the US because they use the same security system to protect their players.

How Webmoney Betting Works

Payment options can be added to your account as a means of betting protection – you can change where your bankroll comes from and where your winnings are sent when you use this deposit method. Using Webmoney for deposits into your e-wallet is free as an option at the sportsbook of choice, but be aware Webmoney may enact a fee for transferring funds or withdrawals from your account.

Webmoney Bookmakers

The Webmoney phenomenon has caught on to the point that many online sportsbooks are offering it as an option for deposits into accounts for sports bettors. Trust is a significant factor when betting online, and trusting the newest money transfer system – Webmoney – is easy.

When the bookmakers trust Webmoney, know that you are in good hands as their business depends on safely and securely receiving your funds for bets on their site. They will handle US dollars for processing if you are gambling in the 50 states and any other currency for gambling around the world as deposit options.

Online bookmakers have been known to accept cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, prepaid Visa/MasterCard cards, neteller, debit cards, and bank transfers from your bank account. The top-rated casinos and Webmoney have no minimum deposit requirements nor withdrawal method requirements (like limits). Terms and Conditions (t&cs) may vary from site to site, so ensure up to speed before you play.

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Webmoney?


  • High-security rating, using SSL encryption.
  • A widely known funds transfer system that is honoured around the world
  • It is a fast and easy-to-use system that gets you betting in minutes after a deposit


  • Deposit fees of up to 0.08 percent of all transfers made to your account
  • As a Russian-based system, the customer support for non-Russians is lacking
  • The competition – like PayPal – doesn’t charge a fee.

How Can I Obtain Webmoney?

Like any web-based product, you must visit a website (www.wmtransfer.com) and start the registration process. The site requires some personal details, like mobile phone number, email address and date of birth. They will also ask you to create a security question for account access as a form of validation or proof of identity.

Once those steps are complete, you are ready to make your first WebMoney deposit and minutes away from a bet at your favorite online sportsbook or casino.

Many casinos offer deposit bonuses, promo codes, welcome bonuses and deposit matches for new customers on their sites. So the 0.08 percent fee for using Webmoney payment as an option for your betting account is negated when you register your account with a casino or sportsbook.

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