How to Bet on College Football

You’ve taken the first steps in learning how to bet on college football. This guide will help you understand the different types of bets and what to do with them.

After reading this you will not only know how to be to bet on college football but also how to fit it into your overall betting strategy.

Bigger spreads (And what to do with them?)

The biggest difference between NCAA and NFL football is the lack of parity. There are 128 programs in the FBS, and the gap between the best and worst teams is astronomical.

As a result, you will see point spreads in college that will never see in the NFL. The most significant closing spread in NFL history is 27 points, and that’s only happened on two occasions. You’ll see numbers bigger than that on the NCAA board almost every weekend. (Side note: the odds will be posted every Sunday after the majority of the weekend’s games are over.)

So, while options like teasers, explained here, are available for college, they aren’t particularly popular. This is because moving a 31-point spread by six points doesn’t make a huge impact. Since matchups are rarely on even footing, moneyline plays aren’t often worthwhile on their own. instead, they’re best stacked up in a parlay. That leaves spread betting and game totals as the only real options for single college bets on a weekly basis.

Bigger totals (And what to do with them?)

Not only will NCAA football have larger spreads, but the game totals can also be massive compared to the pros. That’s thanks to a few factors. First, college football features a lot of inferior defenses. Second, not all wins are equal, since the college rankings (i.e. Coaches’ Poll, AP Poll, CFP Poll) aren’t based on wins and losses, alone; there’s a premium on blowing out opponents to convince the voters of your true strength and solidify your “bowl resume.” In some instances, you’ll have to pick over or under 80 total points in a game, and the public will be split.

Moneyline Betting and NCAAF

The NCAA football betting line is a classic bet. In fact, it is the classic bet type. Understanding this style will help you make the best college football bets no matter the bet type.


In making a line bet on college football, you are simply choosing who you think will be the winner of the particular match. It is as simple as that. In American odds, the favorite to win will be represented by negative odds.

NCAA Football Futures Betting

NCAA football futures betting is exactly what it sounds like. You are wagering on an event that is set to take place at some distance in the future. These are generally larger events that people will be thinking about all year-long.


Some of the best futures bets fot college football are the Rose Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, and the Orange Bowl. All the biggest games will have great futures options months in advance.


Because there is an inherent risk in the passing of time, the earlier you make the bet, you can often get great deals. These are definitely some of college football’s best bets. The odds will change drastically throughout the months leading up to the event. Keep your eyes on how they move to know when it is your time to dive in.


NCAAF Betting Guide


Why pick college football betting over the NFL?

Even though they’re markedly similar, betting on college may be more alluring to bettors versus betting on the NFL for a couple of reasons. The most obvious is that it can create interest in an otherwise non-competitive and meaningless Ohio State (-30) vs. Rutgers matchup. It can also let bettors back their alma mater; something alumni are frequently keen to do.

However, not every sportsbook has an extensive offering of college football games. If you went to a smaller school, like an FCS/Division II institution, there might not be many places you can bet on your school. Conversely, if you’re getting into college football betting to support alma mater, make sure you pick a sportsbook that frequently posts lines for your team. If and when you do find a sportsbook with a broad NCAA selection, you will likely have also stumbled upon a sportsbook with a broad range of prop bets for each game. Some books may just have a few alternate spreads and halftime lines, while others will have far more extensive options, including player props.
The lopsided nature of college ball can make getting any value in betting a chore on a weekly basis. But it does make the futures market a far more attractive play. There are usually only a handful of teams with a realistic chance of winning the national championship in a given season. The same principle applies to a conference title. The College Football Playoff ranking system – which sees the four playoff teams chosen by an “expert” selection committee. This means a team’s playoff chances are shot if it loses two games. (In the short three-year history of the CFP system, no team has qualified for the four-team playoff with two losses on its resume.) Add in the fact that college season is the shortest betting season, featuring just 12 regular-season games, and you’ll know if the teams you backed are winners far sooner than in any other league. Win totals are also available, but not for every program. Typically, only a select number of power schools are available for betting at online books. Keep in mind that win totals only include the regular season. This means that conference championships and bowl game wins won’t count toward a team’s win total.

NCAAF Betting Strategies and Tips

We have prepared some key NCAAF betting tips for you. These will help complement your overall betting strategy and really propel you to success. Keep these in mind to make the best bets in college football. It will mean expanding your horizon a little bit, but it will pay off in fun and winnings!


One thing to do is to follow a smaller conference. While most of us are very familiar with the bigger names in college football, such as the Michigan Wolverines, sometimes making bets on the smaller conference can be your best option. This is precisely because so much less attention is paid to them. Do a little bit of studying and suddenly you can have the upper hand. Plus, the smaller conferences can have more safe bets. So buckle up, study up, and get familiar with what’s happening farther from the limelight.


And also remember to manage your money strategically. No matter how good of a bettor you are, you will still need a strategy for managing your entertainment budget. One of the latest trends in NCAAF betting is bankroll management. There are two basic types. One is the unit approach where you always bet the same amount of money no matter what. Another is the percentage approach where you always risk a fixed percent of your remaining balance on your college football betting site account. Both standardize finances so you can easily track progress.


NCAAF Live Betting

Live betting is one of the hottest NCAAF betting trends. And of course, it is! It is becoming easier and easier as internet speed and capabilities grow. Betting live during college football games is an extremely exciting way to make the best NCAAF bets tonight.


That is because you can hop right into the action. If the game is tonight, you will be able to live the excitement in the moment. As the odds change you will the best NCAAF bets of the day appear and disappear in minutes. The excitement is palpable.


In addition to having lots of different odds for the NCAAF betting lines, you will have access to a wide variety of bets when you are betting live. Here are some of the most popular and best NCAAF live bets:

  • Moneylines
  • College football spreads
  • NCAAF props
  • Over/unders


A word of caution with live betting is to prepare very well beforehand. Because in-game betting can be so fast-paced, you might not have time to do much research in the moment. The better prepared you are when the game starts, the more you will be able to keep your cool and make the best possible college football bets.

Betting on NCAA Football Games FAQ

Find answers to common questions bettors like you have when researching which sportsbook to join.