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The team here strive to give our readers a well-informed and accurate take on the latest sports betting news. As the industry develops, we remain on top of things and keep working to ensure the publication of only the best content.


Our mission and company vision

We want to ensure that our readers make an informed and responsible decision in the betting markets, all the while understanding the potential risks involved. We will achieve this by giving customers absolute clarity and in-depth knowledge about how to bet responsibly.


Who we are

We take pride in the fact we have built a reliable and well-informed team of journalists and content writers who are dedicated to the sports and gambling industries. These writers also have an understanding of online gaming, as well as the regulatory standards that dictate how the industry operates.

Our writers have experience working with numerous companies in the industry and have published their work with internationally renowned websites, such as the New York Times, TalkSport, and Fox Sports.


What we focus on

We track all aspects of the US and international sports betting, focusing on sports betting legislation, revenue, betting regulations, and other industry-related markets. We work with an international team, giving us a broad scope


Content Ideas

Our MTS team is happy to engage with our audience and actively seeks their thoughts and opinions to improve our coverage.

Please direct your pitch via email for any PR professional or writer interested in working with us. You can contact us directly through the registered email address on our website. You can also contact any of our team members directly, and they’ll ensure the information gets to the right place.


Sponsored posts

Regarding sponsorship, we do not have a policy for working with sponsored posts and do not purchase content. On top of that, we do not run any “native ads,” nor do we accept sponsors to run any specific news or sports content.


Business Relationships

MyTopSportsbooks is a publication that acts independently of the online gambling industry and is not influenced by anything other than its own opinions.

While it’s involved in the industry directly, our team of writers have no financial relationships or responsibilities to the subjects of our publications.