Placing prop bets on Super Bowl commercials was always just a matter of time. With the hype the ads during the big game have garnered, it is no surprise that the betting frenzy that is the Super Bowl also reached the commercials themselves.


You might be wondering how you even bet on Super Bowl commercials? The sportsbooks have gotten creative. They are not as structured as other prop bet opportunities, or the sport itself, obviously. Let’s take a look at how they have done it in the best so you can be prepared for the Super Bowl 52 commercial prop bets. We will also take a look at the history of Super Bowl ads and how they became what they are today.


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Odds for Super Bowl 2022

These Super Bowl odds were last updated January 19, 2022.

EventBetUS Review
Green Bay Packers-
Kansas City Chiefs-
Buffalo Bills-
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-
Los Angeles Rams-
Tennessee Titans-
San Francisco 49ers-
Cincinnati Bengals-

Super Bowl Commercial Prop Bets

Some Super Bowl commercial prop bets are perennial. You are likely to see them, or something very similar, year after year. These will often be the bets that deal with beer or soda commercials, as these are staples every year.


Others will be around more current events. Like the betting on Mike Bloomberg’s presidential ads that were rumored ahead of time to be running during the Super Bowl. Given the astronomical price of these slots, of course, billionaire Bloomberg was there to buy his slice.


Super Bowl 2022 Hottest Commercial Prop Odds


How Many Commercials will Show a Person Wearing a MaskOver 1.5
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How Many Commercials will Show a Person Wearing a MaskUnder 1.5
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Will Mr. J Pringle Touch his Moustache in the Pringles Commercial?Yes
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Will Mr. J Pringle Touch his Moustache in the Pringles Commercial?No
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Who will Speak First in Frito-Lay Pregame Commercial?Peyton Manning
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Who will Speak First in Frito-Lay Pregame Commercial?Eli Manning
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List of Previous Super Bowl commercial Prop Bets

  • Which commercial will appear first? Budweiser or Bud Light?
    • Budweiser EVEN
    • Bud Light (-140)
  • How many times will Mike Bloomberg’s ad mention Trump.
    •  Over/under 2
  • Which commercial will appear first? Cheetos or Heinz?
    • Cheetos (+155)
    • Heinz (-220)
  • How many commercials will run during the Super Bowl?
    • Over 96 (-120)
    • Under 96 (-120)
  • Will the Mountain Dew Commercial say “What will you be drinking?”
    • Yes (-500)
    • No (+300)
  • Which Anheuser-Busch commercial will air first?
    • Bud Light (-175)
    • Michelob Ultra (+275)
    • Budweiser (+275)
    • Michelob Pure Gold (+400)
  • Which automobile brand will air a commercial first?
    • Hyundai (+175)
    • Kia (+300)
    • Porsche (+300)
    • Audi (+350)
    • Toyota (+400)
  • Which food brand commercial will air first?
    • Doritos (+125)
    • Snickers (+150)
    • Cheetos (+300)
    • Avocados from mexico (+500)


While proposition bets for Super Bowl commercials seem outright random!


  • Will Betty White appear in a Snickers commercial?
    • Yes (-200)
    • No (+150)
  • How many commercials will have a dog in it?
    • OVER/UNDER 3

History of Super Bowl Commercials

Many people now tune in to the Super Bowl primarily for the commercials. These ads are known for their high quality and surprising humor. Prop bets for Super Bowl commercials get better every year, as the demand for betting markets increases.


Companies invest so much in these commercials because of the large viewership and diversity of audiences. The most-watched broadcasts in US history are Super Bowls, where more than 100 million viewers regularly watch the big game.


The costs for running a Super Bowl ad are equally high. For a 30-second slot during Super Bowl LIV, that would run you $5.6 million. These television ads are only available in the United States at the time of the broadcast. Canadian law requires Canadian content to have priority, resulting in many complaints from residents in Canada.


Super Bowl ads have been a big deal since the 1970s. So almost since the beginning of the mass advent of television. Given the huge audience that has always tuned in, this is no surprise.


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