There are limitless ways to bet on the Super Bowl. Super Bowl betting squares are a popular method for setting up a fun and simple betting pool for the Super Bowl. Nobody has to be an expert bettor to play, so you can include whoever you want. Plus, you can have as few as two people and as many as 100 all betting in the same Super Bowl betting chart.

Whether you are playing with a digital or printable Super Bowl betting grid, the rules are the same. Let’s go through how to set it up and how to determine the winner.

As we gear up for the SuperBowl LVIII on February 11th. The San Francisco 49ers are looking very strong, but with the ever-present KC Chiefs, it could be anyone’s this year. These Super Bowl 58 2024 odds were last updated January 30, 2024:

2024 Super BowlBovadaBetOnline ReviewBetUS Review
Kansas City Chiefs+115+115+120
San Francisco 49ers-135-140-135

Setting up the Super Bowl Betting Chart

In order to set up your Super Bowl betting chart, you can either print one off of the internet, use a digital one, or just start from a blank sheet of paper.  Here are the instructions starting from the most basic option: the blank sheet of paper.

  1. On your blank sheet of printer paper, write one of the teams at the top, and the other along the side of the paper.
  2. Next, draw eleven lines going out from each of the two teams. This should create a big grid.
  3. Write in 0-9 along the uppermost row and side-most column
  4. Now you need to divide the internal squares of the Super Bowl betting grid among the bettors. There are a few ways to do this
    1. Assign them randomly giving everyone who puts in a stake the same amount.
    2. Or you can raffle off the different squares for different amounts of money, depending on how much the group thinks they are worth.

After all is said and done, you should have a ten by ten grid, so 100 squares, flanked by 0-9, and a team name on the left and on the top. Each internal square would then be represented by an intersection of those two numbers.

Of course, to play Super Bowl betting squares, you can also print it out, or use a digital version. But it is worth noting how simple it is to set up at home among family and friends.

SuperBowl Betting Squares

How to win Super Bowl Betting Squares

You can have a different winner at the end of each of the quarters and at the end of the game itself. If you do it this way, just divide up the pool so that the winner at the end of the first quarter gets 20%, the same for the winner at halftime and at the end of the third quarter. That leaves 40% for the winner at the very end of the match.

In order to determine the winner, just match the last digit of the score to the correct square. So if the Chiefs are winning against the Packers 14-9, find the four on the side marked “Chiefs”  and the nine on the side marked “Packers.” Whoever holds the square where these two values intersect will be the winner of that particular competition.

This game is a great way to set up a Super Bowl betting pool. It is something that you can set up at your party on the fly. Or you can set it up well in advance of your party. In fact, you do not even have to be together for the Super Bowl in order to participate in the pool together.

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