Betting strategies are in the eye of the beholder. They can be as simple as uniform colour – probably doesn’t return too many winners – to more sophisticated techniques that have been developed over years of testing through sports betting. Today, at  MyTopSportsbooks, we will look at the Fibonacci System, a negative progression system for sports betting and touch on a few mathematical-based sports betting systems to help gamblers gain an edge for their bets to prevent extended losing streaks. Using Fibonacci is to bet in the negative when sports betting.

We mean here that the system is a regressive betting system, and you increase your stake with every loss. In theory, losing on your first bet helps you win down the line, and the winnings will surpass whatever losses are incurred. All negative progression betting systems are based on this principle. Using Fibonacci is one of the simpler regression betting systems, but there are things to know.

The Fibonacci sequence is at the root of the betting system, and once you understand it, you can master regressive betting. Like the Martingale betting system (your bet doubles with every loss, The book of calculations was published by Leonardo Pisano, which is the basis for the betting strategy.

What is the Fibonacci Sequence for the Fibonacci Strategy

The system was introduced in India centuries ago and brought into the mainstream by an Italian mathematician in the 13th century. The numerical sequence starts with zero, then one, and each subsequent value is the total of the two numbers. It works like this the beginning of the sequences starts at 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21, and so on to the next number. The sequence is considered the Fibonacci numbers that you can use at online betting sites for your sports wagers.

What is the Fibonacci Sequence for the Fibonacci Strategy

How do You Use the Fibonacci Betting System

You use the system when making even money bets on games in leagues like the NBA, NHL, NFL or soccer. The system can be used for casino games like Craps, Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat to cut the house edge. Before utilizing the Fibonacci strategy, you must ignore the zero at the front of the sequence of numbers – you can’t make a zero-dollar bet. Once you have decided to use the Fibonacci system, you must decide on your wager to get things off the ground. The amount doesn’t matter, but being new to this system, a rule of thumb is two percent of your entire bankroll and never more than five percent. There are three rules to adhere to help as a guide when using the system.

Rule One

  • The first bet is a single betting unit to bet. We have already told you to ignore the zero, so you start at a default of one unit. You choose your dollar value – say $5 to get started – and your inaugural bet is $5 when sports betting.

Rule Two

  • Your first bet crashed and burned, so your next wager at the sportsbook or roulette table will increase. The following number that falls into the sequence will tell you how much to wager on the second betting unit. If you lose this wager, remember the sequence 1,1, then you move on to the third number in the sequence that determines your next bet after two units at $5; since the following number in line is two, your $5 bet doubles to $10 to maintain the progression.

Rule Three

  • When you win your bet, the system tells you to move down two numbers in the sequence where you happen to be. For example, if you are at 13, move down to five – remember the sequence from above, and start your progression from five on the next bet. This is not a hard and fast rule due to two exceptions. First, if you haven’t moved more than two numbers up the chain, you move to the beginning of the sequence. If you are in profit during the betting cycle, you begin at the start of the sequence.

Fibonacci System, Does it Work?

The system contains flaws, but it can help in the short term or the longer term if you can avoid a prolonged losing streak. What happens in this system is that the sports bettor runs out of money. You may go back when you win, but as you lose, you climb higher and higher, as does your financial outlay, leaving a bettor short to cover the highest of all bets demanded by the numerical sequence. Discipline is the key to using the Fibonacci system; bet small, and if you lose, cut your losses and withdraw.

Other Mathematical Betting Systems to Consider

Other Mathematical Betting Systems to Consider

  • Progressive Betting Strategies and Progressive Betting Systems

Using a progressive betting strategy means your bets decide how you climb or descend the betting ladder. On a winning streak, in a progressive betting strategy, you increase the size of your bets in conjunction with your wins. On a losing streak, you reduce the amount of money you are betting and utilize variations of both when betting on sports. And your payouts increase or decrease according to the bet you place.

Using this method, the gambler calculates the odds on offer at different sportsbooks, finds a profit and places a bet. It is said that arb betting is betting on both sides and is considered risk-free betting. The profit gleaned in arbbing is the difference in price in the odds. Bookies and bookmakers frown on arbitrage betting and go to great lengths to police it on their betting sites.

  • Value Betting

Finding a value bet means finding the least possible risk for the highest possible return on the wager placed by a sports bettor. The gambler views the odds and lines at two sportsbooks and determines which to bet on based on the amount of action the sportsbook is getting. Lines move in accordance with public money, so it stands to reason that a value bet can be found when public money is heavily bet on one team or another. New York teams grab the largest share of value betting based on competitive odds and the occasional free bet from an online sportsbook.

  • Metrics Betting

This is a data-driven system requiring updates as information changes and how it affects the bets. You can identify excellent opportunities or value bets on the NFL, NBA or NHL in the numbers, but you must track thousands of bets weekly to determine the best bets available. Software like Python or R Studio can aid the serious sports bettor who wants to monitor and use statistics to make winning bets and receive great payouts.

  • League Data

Using data analysis for information obtained from league sources, you can identify team play trends that translate into sports bets. For example, if the data reveals one NFL team is strong on the pass rush and gets to the quarterback regularly, you might bet on them against a team that throws the ball a lot and doesn’t pass protect well. You can see how offensive and defensive linemen will match up in the grading system. Bookmakers often evaluate the same information that sports bettors do. It boils down to calculations that the bookies use to determine the probability of winning bets for payout at their betting site for NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL bets or casino games like roulette.