With Super Bowl 57 well in our rearview mirror, it is time to review the official Super Bowl prop bet results from 2022. We are all familiar with betting on the Super Bowl winner. We know that the Los Angeles Rams took home the Lombardi Trophy.

We are probably all less familiar with the results of the prop bets. These fun bets are the most varied of all. You can bet on things during the Super Bowl such as which team will score first. But you can also bet on the whole spectacle that surrounds the game, such as the halftime show. Looking back at the Super Bowl proposition bet results from last year can only help you make better bets this year as we wait for Super Bowl 57 prop bet results.

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Who Won Super Bowl 2022 MVP

One of the biggest Vegas Super Bowl prop results that we wait for every year is the MVP award. The winning team almost always, but not 100% of the time, gets the Pete Rozelle Trophy. Furthermore, it is likely to be the quarterback on the winning team.

That was not the case for 2022. Last year Cooper Kupp was named the MVP after the Rams won the game. He was considered a long shot at the start of the game.


National Anthem 2022 Prop Results

Prop bet results for the Super Bowl National Anthem are a whole category unto themselves. They get more and more creative every year! Whenever making a bet in this category, take a look at the results from previous years and how that particular performer tends to handle their music and even the National Anthem in particular.

The National Anthem over/under is the most common. Here you guess if the amount of time to sing the whole National Anthem will be more or less than the time posted by the bookie, typically two minutes. Last year, they took one minute and fifty seconds to sing.

There is also a miniature version of the over/under. You bet on how long the singer will hold the final word “brave”  in the Star-Spangled Banner. This can be quite a fruitful bet, as you can generally tell from the performer how long it will be.

Of course, every year it is a new performer, so this will have some, but limited, bearing on Super Bowl proposition bets results in 2023.

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Prop Bet

One of the more fun and funny bets is on the color of the Gatorade victory shower. It is rather difficult to predict as the teams may have multiple coolers, so even if you have seen other Gatorade flavors favored by the teams, you just never know.

Nevertheless, looking at past Super Bowl prop bet results from Vegas, we see that there are more and less frequent colors. We can even see that colors seem to come in and out of fashion. For example, clear was the most common color at the beginning of the tradition. Now purple seems to be emerging as a favorite.

Last year the color of the Gatorade shower was blue (+800). This is a good area to bet on an underdog, as their different values are somewhat arbitrary or based on hype.

Super Bowl LV Coin Toss Result

You do not have to be an expert to make a good bet on this prop bet. That’s because the result of this particular Super Bowl prop is absolutely 50/50. When you’re betting on the coin toss, you will find almost even odds at just around (-105).

You can combine the heads vs tails prop bet with the betting on which team will win the coin toss. If you parlay them, and they turn out in your favor, you can really rake in a nice win!

Last year the Bengals won the initial coin toss because the Rams chose tails.

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