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Sunday Night Football is typically the most-watched NFL game of the week. The league office knows this so you’ll often see must-see matchups featured in this game. With so many eyeballs, naturally, you’re going to get massive amounts of bets too.

This page is for the Sunday Night Football bettors. This is your how-to football guide to SNF bets packed with tips, schedules, and advice on where to actually stake money at. By the time you’re done reading this page, you’ll be more than ready to tackle the best SNF bets of this week.

Best SNF Bets: Final Week

Sunday Night Football is dead and gone for the 2023 season — but, boy, was it a barnburner. All we can do now is wait and wait some more for the 2024 season and the next slate of SNF games every week.

The NFL typically unveils its entire regular-season schedule around May. That release will include every prime-time game — Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and of course, Sunday Night Football.

SNF Betting Odds

No more SNF bets until September 2024. But once the NFL season gets back in full swing, you can check here to see the latest best Sunday Night Football bets here. We’ll have odds for the main bet types — moneyline, over/under, and spread. Each week we’ll update them with the current SNF matchup.

Best Sunday Night Football Bonuses

Here’s the real kicker about SNF betting (or any NFL betting for that matter): it could be free. You see, the best online sportsbooks are offering hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play — now and when the NFL regular season is in action. Cashing in these deals means you have free money to chase the best SNF bets for free. The table below features a glimpse at the type of bonuses that’ll be available:

One more tidbit, the bookies above not only feature great bonuses, but top mobile-betting experiences too. The latter makes perfect for on-the-go betting in case you’re watching SNF away from home.

How To Bet Sunday Night Football Like A Sharp


Want to be like the sharp bettors who routinely win their bets and come out profitable? You need a game plan then — like NFL coaches and teams do. Believe us, you won’t be able to consistently beat the bookies by betting with “your gut.” Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. But what is easy is following our three hard rules for betting like a sharp below:

Find A Mismatch

When analyzing a SNF game, it is mission-critical to uncover possible mismatches between the two teams playing. A mismatch is essentially when the strength of one team (or player) aligns with the opponent’s weakness. It’s possible that weakness can be exploited, leading to good betting opportunities.

How do you spot mismatches? Well, it’s gonna have to be through research before the game. Start by looking at their recent performances (is a team’s quarterback on fire?), crunch the numbers, and understand the coaching philosophies. It won’t be easy, but if you dig deep enough, you’ll soon get a glimpse of what each team does well and what they do badly.

Once a mismatch is spotted, seize on it. Not only with regular game bets but perhaps player props too. If the best running back in the league is facing a defense struggling to stop the run, it’s probably safe to believe the back is about to go off. If so, props on his yardage and touchdowns will pay.

Weight Recent Performances More

This piggybacks off the previous rule, but it’s worth its own principle. When analyzing teams and players, it would be smart to consider most recent performances more than anything else.

A recency bias works in the NFL betting because teams and players both change over the course of the regular season (and playoffs) — for better and for worse depending on the situation. Injuries happen, coaches get dumped, or teams just “catch on” with enough game type, these are all reasons things change fast in the NFL. They adjust and so too should bettors.

We’re not saying to completely throw away results from Week 1 or early in the season, but don’t overweigh them is all. Who a team or player was in Week 1 rarely holds up by Week 15. So make sure you’re betting based on the most recent trends.

Don’t Forget About Live Betting


Let’s be real, sometimes you can do the research and still not know what to bet cause it’s so close. In these scenarios, you might want to consider live betting rather than putting money pre-game.

Live betting allows you to bet at any point in the game — after the first drive, middle second quarter, or even late in the fourth. The great thing about in-play betting is it allows you get a “read” on each team. What’s their gameplan? Is a certain player having an off game? That becomes apparent when watching the game, and you can bet off it.

Reference our sportsbook table from the bonus section. Those same bookies offer in-play betting for Sunday Night Football games and any other in the NFL.

SNF Prop Bets Spotlight

Sunday Night prop bets are special — maybe not to the level of Super Bowl betting, but still special. That’s because, as we said before, SNF is routinely the most-watched football game of the whole week. With so many eyeballs on the matchup, bookies roll out a plethora of props for it. When the 2024 season rolls around, expect to see these prop types of prop markets.

Game props: these bets focus on outcomes in the game between either team. A common example is whether a team will score 30+ points. It’s a simple yes-or-no and either team can get that point mark to score the bet as a winner. Other game outcomes like whether there’s a safety or two-point conversion can also be bet on.

Team props: these bets are focused on specific team outcomes, unlike game props. Something like a team’s over/under on defensive sacks during a game. Team props almost always revolve around statistical performances like these.

Player props: the biggest prop market is on players. The quarterback, running back, and wide receivers will all get bets on how many yards they get, touchdowns scored, and so forth. This applies to both teams so this is why these bets come in bunches during SNF.

How To Watch Sunday Night Football


NFL WeekDateMatchupTimeStreaming
1September 10Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants8:20 ESTNBC
2September 17Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots8:20 ESTNBC
3September 24Pittsburgh Steelers at Las Vegas Raiders8:20 ESTNBC
4October 1Kansas City Chiefs at New York Jets8:20 ESTNBC
5October 8Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers8:20 ESTNBC
6October 15New York Giants at Buffalo Bills8:20 ESTNBC
7October 22Miami Dolphins at Philadelphia Eagles8:20 ESTNBC
8October 29Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Chargers8:20 ESTNBC
9Nocember 5Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals8:20 ESTNBC
10November 12New York Jets at Las Vegas Raiders8:20 ESTNBC
11November 19Minnesota Vikings at Denver Broncos8:20 ESTNBC
12November 26Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Chargers8:20 ESTNBC
13December 3Kansas City Chiefs at Green Bay Packers8:20 ESTNBC
14December 10Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys8:20 ESTNBC
15December 17Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars8:20 ESTNBC
17December 31Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings8:20 ESTNBC
18January 7Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins8:20 ESTNBC

Which team has the most SNF wins all-time?

Green Bay Packers711
Chicago Bears707
New York Giants638
Washington Commanders568
Pittsburgh Steelers564
Los Angeles Rams547
Philadelphia Eagles538
Arizona Cardinals533
San Francisco 49ers498
Indiana Colts494
Detroit Lions492
New England Patriots462
Cleeveland Browns460
Kansas City Chiefs459