Here we have our complete guide to help you bet on the NFL Rookie of the year! You will find odds for the NFL Best Rookie as well as betting strategies to help you make the best bets. Check out these great football sportsbooks to get started!

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NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds

The latest NFL Offensive Player of the Year odds will be announced later in 2023. The offensive player generally has more hype around them, so keep this in mind when placing smart bets. The Rookie of the year odds for the NFL were last updated on April 9, 2024:

NFL - Awards - Offensive Rookie Of The Year 2024MyBookie Review
Stroud, Cj-10000
Nacua, Makea Puka+1700
Gibbs, Jahmyr+1925
Addison, Jordan+5600
Robinson, Bijan+6600
Laporta, Sam+6800
Rice, Rashee+8500
Flowers, Zay+10000

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Odds

The NFL Defensive Player of the Year odds will be announced later this year. This is the black horse of the NFL Rookie of the Year betting lines. Do some research to get the upper hand!

NFL - Awards - Defensive Rookie Of The Year 2024MyBookie Review
Carter, Jalen-7692
Anderson, Will+1700
Witherspoon, Devon+2200
Pace, Ivan+8000
Banks, Deonte+10000
Porter Jr, Joey+11000

How to Bet on the NFL Rookie of the Year

Having your favorite football team and knowing their rosters like the back of your hand is an important step toward developing an overall NFL betting strategy. But it is not enough. In fact, it is really only the beginning for betting on the NFL Rookie of the Year odds.

Having specific knowledge about the teams and players is just one route toward NFL Rookie of the Year betting odds success. Let’s go over some of the NFL betting trends, strategies, and tips that will help you make the best football bets possible.

nfl Justin Fields rookie odds

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management in Rookie of the Year betting is a new way to make great football bets today. Instead of focusing on which bet, spending hours comparing stats, and analyzing impact, you just make a bet. Here, the strategy comes in the form of the size of your risk.

You can choose between two basic approaches. The first is the unit approach, where you always wager the same quantity. It is a very constant way of doing it. The other approach is the percentage, where you bet a fixed percent of what you have in your football betting site account.

Only Cautiously Bet on Your Favorite

While it is great to be a huge fan of your favorite NFL team well, what is more important is how you use this knowledge. It is far too easy to see our team’s rookie’s chance through rose-tinted glasses. Although the new rookie may be your favorite, you should look closely at NFL Rookie odds through an objective lens.

In fact, it can be a good idea to ban yourself from betting on your favorites. It is just difficult to be objective. Betting on your favorite team can be a lot of fun, but be cautious. Are you willing to bet against your favorite team’s rookie?

Follow our NFL Picks

Our free NFL picks will give you a great footing for your research into betting on NFL offensive rookie of the year odds and NFL defensive rookie of the year odds. Even when our free picks do not deal directly with who will be selected for NFL rookie of the year, you will learn a lot.

You will become increasingly familiar with the different athletes who are up for the big prize. You will understand the impact they have on their team in key football matches and so on. Plus, when we analyze other awards for individual NFL players, you can see the way expert bettors analyze these types of competitions.

Keep an Eye on College Football

Given that you are looking at NFL rookie of the year betting markets, it is a good idea to also keep an eye on NCAAF betting. This will work as something of a preview to the upcoming rookies in the NFL.

You should know these players because whether they overperform or underperform in their inaugural NFL year will be relevant to whether or not they win the award.

Shop the Lines

The lines for the NFL rookie of the year both offensive and defensive are available many months before the actual award ceremony takes place. In the months that the lines are available, expect movement. Check back here often to keep an eye on them.

Plus, the betting odds for NFL Rookie of the Year are very different across top NFL sportsbooks. Having the odds here in the chart is a good way to make sure you are getting a good deal for your money. Make sure to double-check the odds at the bookmaker before placing your bet.

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Follow the Quality, Not the Hype

We cannot stress this enough. Each year the media will jump on a certain player that they have decided is the best of the bunch and this normally dramatically influenced the odds. As such, when you’re watching the young players, try to use your football knowledge to find players that of elite potential or quality.

The hype is often difficult to avoid, so it’s worth observing and seeing what’s being said. But, don’t fall for it. Be savvy and navigate your way through the hype and see which players near the top are most likely to succeed. The Rookie of the Year is normally clear, if you know your football!