A seasoned bettor will know the term action betting, but for new bettors, what does action mean in betting, and why is it essential for gamblers? In this article at MyTopSportsbooks, we will unravel the definition of ‘action’ and ‘no action’ betting to provide a clear and concise understanding of action betting and how they will affect your bets.

Another way the term action is used in betting is that it refers to a slate of games that are on offer on any given day. When action is used in betting parlance, a gambler might be interested in the slate of games open for wagering.


What is "Action" and "No Action" in Sports Betting?

Action bets vs. Listed bets

If your bet is based primarily on the starting pitcher, it is considered ‘listed.’ If you are betting on the underdog, the unknown quantity starting against the Ace should come out victorious, and many factors can influence that result. Remember, a starting pitching staff is five deep, and sometimes the replacement pitcher isn’t much of a dropoff from one in the starting rotation — a desirable situation for action bets.

Let’s look at the other side of the coin, a ‘no action’ bet.

Why is a bet a ‘no action’ bet?

There are differences to be acquainted with. First, a bet is declined/rejected; second, the wager has been graded as ‘no action.’ This is considered no-action betting.

Why are bets listed as ‘no action

  • Game cancellation
  • A key player is out
  • The game doesn’t meet the competition requirements
  • Unforeseen circumstances (think intense weather events/natural disasters)


What are the ‘no action’ rules for betting on baseball?

  • Pitching changes governing the starting pitcher will affect your MLB picks.
  • A rainout of a baseball game
  • Game not reaching five innings (standard for an official game)


What are the ‘no action’ rules when betting on golf, online sports bets

  • If you drop a wager on the PGA, golf, weather can affect the result. Rain can postpone a round, meaning the tournament won’t be completed until Monday.
  • When betting on rounds of golf, head-to-head matchups or props, a no-action designation can come into play.
  • If a golfer withdraws from a tournament before they tee up, a no-action designation can be the result, and the bet is refunded. If a golfer players a certain number of holes and withdraws, it depends on the sportsbook policy regarding withdrawals.


What are the no-action rules for betting on tennis?

When you bet on tennis, many of the same rules apply as with golf.

  • Weather
  • Tournament withdrawal
  • Or retiring during a match

Suppose the weather has been a problem. Some sportsbooks or bookies will have a rider that as long as the match can be completed in a ‘reasonable’ amount of time, your bet is considered ‘live.’

If you bet on tennis player who retires mid-match, your bet can be designated as no action if less than one set has been completed. Before placing a tennis bet, check the rules that your online sportsbook has made to govern such a situation for payouts.


What are the no-action rules for player prop bets?

  • Prop bets on a player who sits out – injury or Coach’s decision – generally are considered no action, but it depends on the sportsbook rules. Some sportsbooks consider a bet on a player sitting out as live if the player is on the active roster.
  • A futures bet can be trickier. It works like this: you have made a future bet on a player to win the MVP award in their league. The player gets injured and can’t play. You would think this might be a no-action situation under some circumstances. Your bet might be considered ‘live’ if the player plays part of the season.


  • A teaser, like a parlay bet – can be two or more games – bet on the point spread and game totals. You buy points for teasers, the consequence of buying points for your teaser is a smaller payout.


Moneyline Action

Taking action on the Moneyline, all bets are considered live. A betting tip – if the starting pitchers change before the game, your bet will be locked in the on the Moneyline with revised betting odds

We at MyTopSportsbooks can’t emphasize enough that you must read the rules governing no-action bets at the online sportsbook or the sportsbook of your choice when placing a wager.


What are no action rules for other sporting events?

You can have no action bets in other sports, also. For NASCAR or Formula 1 events or MMA cards, delays, postponements, or cancellations can happen at any time for a variety of reasons. NFL games, NHL games, NBA games and soccer games usually play despite mitigating circumstances. Generally, these sports are action bets unless something catastrophic happens that prevent play.

What are no action rules for other sporting events?

What to Remember

At MyTopSportsbooks, we encourage anyone placing a bet on anything to be aware of the rules governing action and no-action bets at the online sportsbooks or casinos you bet at. Also, shopping for the best sportsbooks and rules governing action-no-action bets should be top of mind for any bettor. Never bet more than you can afford to lose, and may all your bets pay off.




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