How to Bet on Golf

By being here in our golf betting guide, you have already taken your most important step towards learning how to bet on golf. Golf betting is quite different from betting on other sports. For one, the game is simply very different from other ball games, so having an idea of how baseball works will really be of no use.


Plus, unlike so many other sports, golfers are mainly competing with themselves. Of course, there are winners and losers, but there is no offense and defense, for example-. You do not have to consider how a certain offensive style will match up with a certain defensive style. When thinking about how to bet on golf, this actually makes it easier.


We will go through the different types of golf bets, some golf betting strategies and tips, and the biggest golf events for betting.

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Betting on Major Golf Tournaments

The big golf events tend to attract the biggest and most exciting bets. The biggest golf betting events every year are:


  • US Masters betting – April in Augusta Georgia
  • The Open Championship betting – July in Scotland
  • US Open Betting betting – June with varying locations
  • PGA Championship betting  – May with varying locations


It is important to do your own research for US Masters golf betting. In other words, you should know the holes and golfers that will be competing specifically for betting on the Masters.


The same goes for Open Championship betting. In fact, it is even more true because it is open, meaning a wider variety of golfers can compete. This really blows things up and opens the door to wild card betting options.


Golf betting is different from other sports in that you need to know the golfers and the courses. So keep that in mind when you get into US Masters betting and US Open betting seasons. They take place in late spring and early summer.

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Golf Betting Strategies, Tips, and Advice

In order tomake the best golf bets, you will need the best golf betting strategy. This will largely be similar to the strategy you have for your other sports betting.


It is important to make your golf betting fit in to your overall betting strategy. In other words, if you are going with the safe bet strategy, continue that here. Betting strategies should be consistent,s o that you can evaluate their efficacy after some time. If you apply a different or disjointed strategy, it will be hard to evaluate it.


For example, if you are using a bankroll management strategy, and if you are not, you should be, your golf bets should follow the same rules. So if you are using a $30 unit approach, all your golf bets should also be for $30. No need to shake it up here. In fact, it will only make your strategy into a scatter-shot, making it less of a strategy.

Types of Golf Bets

In order to make the best golf bets, you will need to understand how the different types of golf bets work. Let’s review the most common golf bets, how they differ from other types of sports betting, and how you can make the most out of each one of them.

When you place moneylines, whether it’s on US Masters betting or some other less headline-grabbing event, they are the same. You are simply betting on who will be the winner of the competition. Of course, in golf, that means having the fewest strokes after the end of the 18 holes. Moneylines are generally for events that are within the week. Otherwise, they would be considered futures bets, which work a little bit differently. With futures bets, the main difference is the risk. Because the event is so far away in the future, essentially anything could happen to change the odds.
For golf under/unders you are making a bet based on the total score for a particular golfer. This can sometimes be after the first-round or sometimes after a longer time. Once again, when you are thinking about these bets, consider the skill of the golfer and how their particular strengths match up with the golf course. Some are hillier. Some have more sand traps. The weather is also a potential wrench to consider.
Golf prop bets are any golf bets that do not have much bearing on the final outcome. In other words, you are not betting on the winner by any means. These bets tend to be the most fun and creative bets out there. There are even more during Masters betting season. Some examples of golf prop bets include: Best French player Top Irish player When will we hear the first audible cuss? When will the announcers first mention Tiger Woods?

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Golf Betting FAQ

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