• Scotland in 2022
  • St. Andrews’s Golf course in 2022
  • July 14-17, 2022
  • Purse: $11,500,000
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British Open Betting Odds 2022

Another major golf tournament, which provides excellent golf betting odds and a range of unique lines for the sports fans to enjoy each year. We’ll discuss the event and the best golf odds right here.

Best Golf Betting Lines

The odds to win the British Open golf tournament are now available. The British Open odds to win come from all the top-tier betting sites available to American players. However, the current Vegas odds for the British Open are likely to change, so be sure to keep checking back with this page for the most up-to-date information.

The odds to win the 2022 British Open were last updated on May 11, 2022:

Jon Rahm+900
Rory McIlroy+1400
Brooks Koepka+1400
Jordan Spieth+1400
Dustin Johnson+1600

How to Read Golf Odds

With British Open golf odds, we would always advise developing a unique strategy before placing bets. Our in-house experts will provide a few of our very own betting tips based on the latest British Open betting odds. As with almost any other golf betting market, or championship event, it’s always good to review your strategy and ensure you’re ready for this specific tournament. Let’s take a look at these golf odds explained right here.

Only Use the Best US Open Betting Sites

It is important to make sure you’re using a sportsbook that suits your needs. Moreover, there are only certain US-based sportsbooks that offer the best Las Vegas betting odds for the British Open.

You want to ensure you’re getting the best sports betting experience possible, so filter through the various bookmakers before depositing. As golf betting experts, we know what to look for with an online oddsmaker.

We’d highly recommend finding at least two different sportsbook providers to work with. By doing this you can double up on the various promotions, unique offers, free bets, and welcome bonuses. Moreover, you will be able to compare the lines between those two bookmakers. Always shop around for the best odds. 

Manage Your Bankroll

As we’ve said time and time again to our readership, always be smart with how you spend your bankroll. Without this kind of money management, it’s going to be difficult to accurately analyze how you can spend, what kind of payouts you’ve gotten, and measure the overall success of gambling each money.

Simply put, you must stabilize your risks so that you can measure payouts and when to make withdrawals. A common approach is the unit-based betting strategy. This simply means that you wager the same amount no matter what the sportsbooks or value of the odds.

By doing this, by the end of each month, you’ll be able to see what real cash has been made. You can know this by accounting for all your placed bets and checking the totals against what your funds are month-by-month.

Follow Our Golf Picks

While we’re not perfect, over the years we’ve come pretty close with our golf picks. We would strongly advise doing your own research before diving deep into the various online sports betting markets. What we mean by this is checking out who’s the in-form competitor, how players have performed on this course in the past, and specific characteristics of the course that suit players.

One of the main things we advise when reviewing Las Vegas betting odds for the British Open is to check out golfers’ strengths and weaknesses. The futures odds are generally set quite high, with little between one player and the next. Seeing these nuanced differences will really help to make accurate predictions.

Also, get a good understanding of the odds; from futures, odds to prop bets, get to grips with it all, then you can maximize value. Check out prop bets, futures, spreads, over/unders, before you do anything.

Go Line Shopping

What do we mean by line shopping? As we mentioned before, having various sportsbooks at hand to use as a point of reference is of great value to players, as they’re able to check one set of odds against another. Line shopping is one of the most important betting strategies for any successful bettor.

For those players looking to start line shopping, you are looking to compare betting odds for the British Open golf tournament across various oddsmakers. You then should be able to get the best deal possible for your bet slip. As well as that, you are able to keep track of the various bonuses available to customers at each bookmaker.



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