For those that are interested in making a bet on the NBA Rookie of the year, you’ve come to the right place. In terms of NBA betting odds, the odds for the NBA’s best Rookie always garner a lot of wagers as a futures bet. While this is a market some may not be interested in at the start of the season, as things progress the candidate becomes more interesting.




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Odds to win the NBA Rookie of the year

The odds for the NBA rookie of the year 2023/24, and every other year, contain more than just the straight-up NBA rookie of the year odds—as bettors will have the option of the defensive and offensive rookies as well. For those bettors that are looking for Vegas odds for NBA rookie of the year, you’ve come to the right place. The below tables were last updated on April 9, 2024:

Rookie of the YearBovadaBetOnline ReviewBetUS Review
Victor Wembanyama-230-240-225
Chet Holmgren+175+200+165
Brandon Miller+30000+25000+30000
Jaden Ivey+7500+7500+7500

Last Years’ Rookie of the Year Results

The NBA Rookie of the Year betting odds often become a two-player affair, or entirely a one-horse race. In 2022/23, the betting odds for the NBA rookie of the year were between Scottie Barnes and well, nobody. Barnes was the -800 favorite to win, which is reflected in many of the NBA picks for this market. While Barnes didn’t win it all in the NBA Finals, he really helped to carry the Raptors this year.

We now look forward to the 2023 odds to see who could challenge the new talent coming into the league from the current batch of players. Let’s take a look at some of the important markets for the rookie of the year NBA betting odds.

LaMelo Ball Rookie odds

Understanding NBA Rookie of the Year odds

When you look at any of the top-tier basketball sportsbooks in the USA, it’s always worth taking a look at the NBA rookie of the year betting odds. An example of the odds could look like this:

  • Scottie Barnes +400
  • Cade Cunningham +450
  • Jalen Green +500

You’ll be rewarded playing markets like this, as it allows the sports fan to track the progress of the individual player and help them to become more immersed in the sport. Another great thing about NBA rookie of the year betting is that you can choose from a range of markets, this include:

  • NBA Rookie of the Year
  • NBA Defensive Rookie of the Year
  • NBA Offensive Rookie of the Year

What is a Prop Bet on NBA Rookies?

Prop bets are always a fun aspect of gambling, no less when betting on rookie of the year NBA betting odds. Any bet that is placed on the occurrence or non-occurrence of a certain player or team that doesn’t relate directly to the result of a game is defined as a prop bet.

As such, any bettor that is wagering on a player’s chances of winning rookie of the year will be qualifying for a prop bet on this market. These can be interesting markets, as they focus specifically on NBA rookie of the year odds, which for some bettors are the main focus each season.

The oddsmakers will move the lines as the season progresses, so be sure to keep checking back with our page for the latest updates. As more games are played, bettors will see that different players begin to showcase their skills and abilities, slowly climbing up the ranks. The odds shift quite regularly for this season. However, if you see odds you fancy, don’t be afraid to pull the trigger, as the odds may lean out of favor for you quite quickly.

How to Bet on the NBA Rookie of the Year

In terms of how to bet on these markets, it’s important to do your homework about the player and know what is required. While this is generally us speaking broadly about how to make the most out of your NBA Rookie of the Year bets. So, let’s dig into some top tips and pointers to help you find value in the market.

Current Performance

This may seem like an obvious one, but currency performance is a key indicator when trying to establish which players are worth wagering on for Rookie of the Year. Many of the Rookies will start at developing or lower standard teams, often going on to shine at their first NBA side. Be sure to check out what’s available n terms of team and player start before you begin betting.

Team Performance

Team Performance is another key indicator of how well a Rookie of the Year candidate might do. While it’s true that a player can shine regardless of his teams’ performance, it always helps to see a Rookie take a player to the postseason with consistent performances.

Will they make the Playoffs?

As we mentioned briefly in our previous point, going to the Playoffs can be pivotal in a players’ attempt to show their worth to the judges of Rooke of the Year. Seeing any kind of progress in the Postseason is something that doesn’t go unnoticed. Generally speaking, these are the only games in which NBA fans capture every game, regardless of the teams that are competing, as such it’s a great opportunity for Rookies to shine.

Previous season performances

Obviously, Rookie of the Year is considered for that particular year alone. However, it’s always worth seeing how these players have performed at a college level to see what kind of consistency, playstyle, and statistics they have produced at the end of each season. When it comes to betting, this is a great indicator as it’s clear information and it’s based on fact.

Player consistency

Finally, we look at consistency. If you’re not betting on a preseason future for Rookie of the Year, then you have some games to look at in terms of player performance. At this stage, we’d advise doing a bit of homework and looking at what kind of consistency players have put up in previous seasons. This will be an indicator as to what the early performances mean and whether players can maintain this level of play.