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The Champions League is the top competition for clubs across Europe. Thus, betting on Champions League games can be both fun and profitable for soccer betting fans. The Champions League includes teams from multiple domestic leagues in Europe, and often the biggest names in the sport play in the competition. Past winners include Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Inter Milan, among others.

The Champions League starts with qualifications over the summer before the group draw in late August. The group stage runs from September to December. The two-legged knockout rounds begin after the new year. Typically the final is played in May at a predetermined location.

Liverpool and Manchester City look favourites to win it this year. Having said that, it’s been Real Madrid, once again, that is showing why they are 14-time winners.

Champions League Betting Odds

Numerous sportsbooks offer odds on the Champions League. This includes single games and futures for the overall winner. Winners odds are typically posted at the beginning of summer. They change drastically when the groups are announced heading into September. We’ve done the early research for you searching through the various Champions League betting lines, and here are the best sites to use for the upcoming Champions League winner betting odds.

The 2024 Champs League odds below were last updated on September 8, 2023:

UEFA Champions League 2023/2024BetUS Review
Man City+200
Bayern Munich+700
Real Madrid+1000
Man Utd+1600
Borussia Dortmund+2500
Inter Milan+3300
Atletico Madrid+3300
AC Milan+4000
RB Leipzig+4000
Real Sociedad+6600
FC Porto+6600
Union Berlin+8000
FC Salzburg+15000
Shakhtar Donetsk+15000

We offer regular Champions League bets predictions on our site. So be sure to check out our free picks section for in-house expert advice!

Champions League Betting Tips and Strategies

Check out these Champions League betting tips and strategies to help you decide which bets are the best to make. No matter what leagues you are betting on, you can always check out our free expert soccer picks and stay current.

Premier League betting odds

Do Your Research

Learning about the teams and the players in the Champions League is important. Make sure you know what stage of the competition you are betting on, where the game is, and what the ramifications are. Late in the group stage, for example, some teams may have already qualified for the knockout round and thus will play a lesser team in the final group game. 

Likewise, a team that has been eliminated before the final group game has nothing to play for. The odds will reflect this, so you should know before betting why the odds look different than normal.

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The knockout rounds are two-legged, home and away. Make sure you know if you are betting on game one or game two of the round. Also, if it is game two, look to see what happened in game one. This will have an impact on which team needs to win or score more goals to win on aggregate in game two.

Weather across Europe varies, especially in the winter months. Snow and cold weather can impact games in Russia, Scandinavia, northern Europe, and even in Great Britain. Also, hot weather can influence games in southern Europe, especially in September group play.

Ride the Big Boys

Champions League games in the group stage can often get out of hand early. Champions from power leagues like the Premier League and La Ligacan find themselves going up against teams from tiny leagues and budgets. It is not unusual to see a final score of 5-0 or 6-1 in some group games, and bettors can take advantage of this.

The depth of the big-budget teams is extremely helpful in the Champions League. Nearly every team in the group competition will have a league game on the weekend and then play a Champions League game on Tuesday or Wednesday. For teams from places like Greece, Croatia, Switzerland, Norway, and even smaller nations, this can be a hindrance as they don’t have the depth to play different players.

Remember, when it comes to Champions League final betting, the odds are likely to shift a lot!

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Big budget teams can dig deep

On the flip side, big-budget teams like Juventus, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, and Manchester City can dip into the reserves for one of these two games depending on the need. And usually, the reserves of these big-budget teams are still better than the starters on the smaller budget teams.

It is tough to win a competition like the Champions League without a handful of superstars. A powerful striker, a shot-stopping goalkeeper, a tough defender, and a playmaking midfielder are crucial. Remember, this competition lasts nine months and includes 13 games. It’s crucial to have big-time players who are used to winning games in hostile territory.

Premier League betting

Know the teams and sites to trust

History can be your friend with Champions League betting. Very rarely is there a new winner as the top teams have built-in advantages with qualification, scheduling, budget, and experience. Knowing that recent winners tend to have success over and over again is something you can profit from. This is flushed out in the odds, as well as teams like Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City pop up as favorites. However, the better value bets can be placed on teams with consistent success in the tournament like Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Juventus, and Barcelona. Take a look at the current winner odds for the upcoming Champions League.
Not every sportsbook is valid and reliable. Make sure to use sportsbooks you can trust, so you aren’t cheated out of your money, so we have tested many sportsbooks and list the best ones for you to try. Signing up at these sites will give you access to great bonuses and competitive odds for Champions League action.

Home Field Advantage

Travel can be a nightmare in the Champions League. Look to see where the teams played on the weekend and where they are headed in the Champions League before you make your bet. Often in the group stage, the home team is at a big advantage.

For example, the teams in Russia, Turkey, and Greece are much better bets at home than away. Something happens to them when they have to travel thousands of miles to England, Spain, or Portugal. Elevation can be an issue, too, so look to see if that has an impact on the betting odds.

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Season-Long Bets

Straight game Champions League bets are not your only option at most sportsbooks when it comes to Champions League betting odds. Most books will offer odds to win each group in the group stage. You’ll also find odds for teams to advance to the next round as the top two from each group advance. In the knockout rounds, in addition to betting on each of the two games, you can bet on which team will advance.

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The best sportsbooks will also take action for Champions League bets on player props as well. Bettors can get odds on which player will score the most goals in the competition and who will win individual awards at the end of the competition.

There are always opportunities to find Champions League best bets. But, remember what we’ve said here and you’ll be well on your way to that big payout!