For sports bettors interested in soccer betting, the world’s most popular sport, we are here with our guide on betting leagues, tournaments, and competitions from around the world. We will cover different types of soccer betting odds, where to get the best soccer odds, and tips to the best soccer betting sites around.




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Best Soccer Odds Today

European seasons start in August and run through May in a typical year. Odds can be found for league futures such as Premier League (England), La Liga (Spain), Bundesliga (Germany), Serie A (Italy), Ligue 1 (France), and others. Bettors can also find odds on MLS futures in the United States with that league running from February to December and using a playoff system to decide a champion, unlike European and South American leagues.

Club teams in Europe also take part in multiple competitions throughout the season, both inside and outside their domestic leagues. Each country has its own competition or cup, such as the FA Cup (England), Coppa Italia (Italy), Coupe de France (France), DFB Pokal (Germany), etc.

Outside of their domestic league, teams qualify for the Champions League and Europa League in Europe. Both competitions start with qualifiers in August, move to group play in September, and finish with a knockout round from February to May. Bettors can make futures bets or individual game bets.

On the international side, bettors can get involved in numerous soccer markets. The FIFA World Cup takes place every four years, always on an even year. The European Championships also take place every four years, alternating with the Olympics.

In South America, the Copa America is played every two years, and the CONCACAF Gold Cup is also played every two years in North/Central America, as is the African Cup of Nations and other continental competitions. The followings odds markets were last updated on November 8, 2022:

World Cup Betting

EventBetUS Review

Euro Cup Betting Odds

Euros 2024 OddsBovada ReviewBetUS ReviewBetOnline Review

English Premier League Betting Odds

EventBetUS Review
Man City-175
Man Utd+2500

MLS Betting

EventBetUS Review
New England+600
Los Angeles FC+900
New York City FC+1000
Sporting KC+1000
LA Galaxy+1600

Copa America Betting Odds

Copa America 2024Bovada ReviewBetUS ReviewBetOnline Review

La Liga Betting

La Liga Winners Odds 2023Bovada ReviewMyBookie ReviewGTBets Review
Real Madrid+110+110+112
Atletico Madrid+550+550+600

Serie A Betting

Serie A Outright 2023Bovada ReviewGTBets ReviewMyBookie Review
Inter Milan+200+200+275
AC Milan+300+350+350
AS Roma+1400+1400+1400

Champions League Betting

EventBetUS Review
Manchester City+150
Bayern Munich+175

Bundesliga Betting

Germany Bundesliga 2022/23Bovada ReviewBetUS ReviewBetOnline Review
Bayern Munich-883-883-890
Borussia Dortmund+1000+1000+1000
RB Leipzig+1800+1800+1800
Borussia MΓΆnchengladbach+3300+3300+3300
Borussia MΓΆnchengladbach+10000+10000+10000
Eintracht Frankfurt+10000+10000+10000

Europa League Betting

EventBetUS Review
Borussia Dortmund+550
West Ham+1200

How to Read Soccer Odds

Soccer odds are not always the same as odds for other sports, so here are soccer odds explained for sports bettors. It’s not unusual to see both teams with plus odds on the moneyline. There is also a third option as games can end in a draw.

If you are betting on a tournament game that is an elimination or knockout round game with overtime or penalty kicks, your bet will end after 90 minutes unless otherwise specified.


American Odds

You read American odds for soccer the same as odds you see on other sports, but you will also see a third option with a draw, usually in the plus odds category. If there is a favorite, they will have a minus odds, just as in other sports. The home team will be listed on the left, but make sure the game isn’t a neutral site game, as often happens in tournaments or cup competitions.

For example, in an English Premier League game with American Odds, you’ll see something like this:

Manchester United +110 Draw +240 Arsenal +325


European Odds

European odds are displayed in decimals. You take your stake and multiply it by the odds to get your profit. The break-even point is 2.0, so any team listed under 2.0 is the favorite, and any team over 2.0 is the underdog. An example of European odds may look like this:

Barcelona 1.90 Draw 3.20 Real Madrid 2.75

So if you bet $100 on Barcelona, you win $190 and a profit of $90. If you bet $100 on a draw and it hits, you win $320 and profit $220. If you bet the same $100 on Real Madrid and they win, you take home $275 for a $175 profit.


Betting Spreads

As with other sports, soccer betting lines also include spreads in addition to money lines. Bettors can take a side with a team favored by 0.5 goals or as a 1.5 goal underdog, for example. Often you can find options for any number, but the odds will get worse the higher you go.

Soccer betting lines will also include an over/under for total goals. This is similar to total points in football, total runs in baseball, or total points in basketball. Soccer betting lines will typically have over/under total goals of 2, 2.5, or 3.

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Game Props

Most books in betting soccer will offer game props among their soccer betting lines. Popular examples of this include Total Goals, Number of Corners, Number of Cards Issued, First Team to Score, Last Team to Score, etc. The best soccer odds will give multiple options on all of these, with odds changing depending on how high or low you go.

Other game props for teams will include how many goals each team will score or whether or not a team will get a penalty kick. Soccer betting odds can be quite specific as well. An example of this is betting on when the first goal will be scored: First 20 minutes, 21-40 minutes, after the 80-minute mark, etc.


Player Props

Soccer betting lines will also include a variety of player props. These could be for a player to score when that player will score or for a player to pick up a card. An example of this could be that Cristiano Ronaldo is +100 to score a goal, but more specifically, he is +350 to score the first goal of the game.

Likewise, Sergio Ramos could be listed on the soccer betting lines as +275 to get a yellow card or +700 to get a red card. Goalkeepers will have options for how many saves they will make or if they will stop a penalty kick.