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Are you looking for sportsbooks like BetMGM, FanDuel or DraftKings? Or maybe you are looking for Caesars Sportsbook, PointsBet or Fox Bet? That would be totally understandable given the sheer volume of advertising on TV. But, and yes, there is a but: those brands are not available in the biggest US states like Texas, California and Florida. What to do? Don’t panic. The list of brands above includes brands that are available in all big US states. We have tested them all and have accounts with them. Read reviews and find your new favorite sportsbook today!

Sports betting in the state of Idaho is not regulated, and there seems to be little chance that we’re going to see any kind of significant changes in the near future. Despite efforts from certain government officials and lobby grounds, none of Idaho’s legislators has submitted a bill to regulate sports betting since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, or PASPA, was deemed unconstitutional in May 2018.

Online gambling is not regulated, but there are a handful of land-based gambling facilities that have been running on tribal lands for some years now. However, these casinos aren’t located near the major population areas and cities, which means it can be a bit of a pain to drive to them.

State Idaho
Sports Betting Law Passed No ❌
Launch date N/A
Minimum Gambling Age 18
Online Sports Betting Yes ✔️
Retail Sports Betting No ❌
Retail Casinos No ❌

The regulation of betting in Idaho may be clear, but there are other ways to bet online in the state. Offshore bookmakers offer convenience and a great way to access sports markets, as well as providing a range of great bonuses and promotions to keep players entertained—we also cover each and every state, which can be followed on our USA betting page.

Idaho Sports Betting – Recent Updates

  • February 12, 2024 – Sports betting lobbyists aren’t very hopeful for change this year, though there are a few rumblings in the state that 2025 may be the year.
  • January 2023 – Idaho State Congress had no plans to discuss sports betting during this year’s legislative meetings. This further solidifies the state’s lack of initiative towards legalizing sports betting.​
  • June 2022 – While other states have moved quickly to take advantage of the revenue opportunities that sports wagering can bring, Idaho hasn’t even flinched.
  • May 2018 – U.S. Supreme Court decision to allow individual states to offer legal sports betting in Idaho, with the aim of pursuing the bill the following year in court.
  • January 2002 – In 2002, they began installing video gaming machines that dispensed cash-out tickets in their casinos.

Top 5 Idaho Sportsbooks

Despite the fact that Idaho doesn’t allow gambling in the state, there is a range of other ways to gamble on sports markets. Firstly, and the most popular choice among Idaho residents, is using offshore bookmakers.

As such, we thought we’d put together a list of recommendations for Idaho sports bettors and enthusiasts. This way bettors are fully prepared for when the sports season comes around.

It’s important to remember that, despite the lack of regulation of gambling in the state, bettors can access Idaho sports betting markets through a range of first-rate offshore providers. Many of the names on our list you may recognise, as they often have major sponsorship deals inked with sports organizations.

What will be interesting for bettors is that many of the websites we’ve listed offer unique promotions and bonus deals, which give bettors the opportunity to increase the amount of cash they have to play with on their sports betting accounts. Either way, below you’ll find a complete list of the top 5 bookmakers available to those residing in the state of Idaho.

MyBookie offers a variety of great ways to manage your funds, moving in and out of your account using classic payment methods such as Visa and Mastercard, but also modern payment systems such as crypto. This provider also offers a variety of different signup bonuses.
BetUS is a well-established online provider, first coming online in 1994 and now recognised as one of the most trusted providers still operating today. With a range of betting lines and some of the most competitive odds around, it’s a real fan favorite.
Bovada is probably the most well-known bookmaker on our list. It has a global community of players and keeps the site fresh and interesting. The Bovada name is trusted and will ensure customers enjoy a comprehensive user experience.
This bookmaker is a real favorite among Idahoans, not just because it has a broad range of betting markets, but also because the bookmaker strives to ensure customer satisfaction is its top priority.
This first-rate website has a great welcome bonus. At a 100% match up to $1000, it’s a great choice for first-time depositors! Learn more about this unique Idaho sportsbook in our complete review.

Six Reasons to Bet on These Idaho Betting Sites

We have assessed and analysed all the online sports betting websites available to Idaho residents. We have been working with the vast majority of these sites for years and know what qualities they offer.

As a team, we know what to look out for when it comes to sports betting. When it comes to online wagering, it’s imperative that you know your funds are safe and you are getting the best deal possible.

That’s just one thing we claim to be one of the pillars of any professional provider. We actually have five more, which we’ve put into a  list below, highlighting the core aspects of quality service.

This is often called line shopping, we encourage all our readers to take time to look through the various odds markets across a range of oddsmakers. By doing this, bettors will ensure they get the best rate possible on the odds market they intend to wager on.
Every bookmaker is trying to entice new customers, as well as offering promotions and bonuses to retain their current customer base. As such, bettors should come to expect quality bonuses and promotional offerings as standard. Moreover, there should be a wide range, catering to the needs of all sports fans and covering numerous sports.
There should be nothing less than the most up-to-date Vegas betting lines available to customers. Not only should this be a foundation of any top provider, but customers should be aware of this and demand the very best.
Customer support is essential when it comes to a service handling money. Whether it’s your bank, trading platform, or betting account, you always want to know your money is safe and if something goes wrong you’ve got the right person to help you.
Well, this may seem glaringly obvious, but it’s integral that the betting platform caters to bettors in the state of Idaho. There are sometimes governmental regulations that don’t allow certain offshore bookmakers from operating in specific states. Be sure to check this isn’t happening in Idaho!
Often peer reviews of bookmakers are some of the most valuable accounts of the quality of the service. In recent years, there have been a number of top providers that have gotten into trouble, which should be a major red flag for bettors. Ensure the company has a clean record and has made amends for any problems in the past.


List Of Casinos In Idaho

There aren’t many land-based betting facilities in the state of Idaho. But, there are seven Indian casinos owned and operated by four Native American tribes in Idaho. Some of the casinos are quite basic, while others offer award-winning qualities, including restaurants, spas, and other great features! Here is the full list of Idaho casinos:

  • Bannock Peak Casino
  • Clearwater River Casino & Hotel
  • Coeur D’Alene Casino
  • Kootenai River Inn Casino & Spa
  • Itse-Ye-Ye Casino and Sage Hill Travel Center & Casino
  • Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel

Idaho Sports Betting Timeline

In Idaho State, there hasn’t been much of a push to try and encourage state representatives to push forward with a sports betting bill. As is the case in many states, this uphill battle of approval is proving to be futile.

As such, many bettors are being forced to look for their horse racing, fantasy sports, and professional sports wagering at offshore online bookmakers. But, staying up to date with all the sports betting news in the state of Idaho can be tiresome and time-consuming.

As such, we decided to put together some of the most recent events in Idaho sports betting regulation. Many of the big events that have occurred have done so in the last year or so. We will ensure to update this with any major milestones as they happen.

idaho sports betting


December – Idaho’s Ongoing Resistance to Sports Betting Legislation

Idaho remained firm in its opposition to legalizing sports betting, despite neighboring states like Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, and Oregon adopting legal sports betting apps and retail options. With no legislative efforts to amend its strict gambling laws, Idaho continues to forgo potential tax revenue from sports betting, contrasting sharply with regional trends.


May – College sports eye gambling money amid safeguard concerns

The NCAA stance against gambling on sports by its athletes and those who work in college athletics is summed up simply by the slogan on the posters the association provides to its member schools: “Don’t Bet On It.” The rules have been unambiguous for decades, part of the bedrock guidance in place for a half-million amateur athletes. But with sports betting now regulated in more than half the states and millions flowing to once-apprehensive professional sports leagues, college conferences are starting to explore ways to cash in, too.


March – Thanks A Lot, Idaho: How One State Is Ruining The Sports Betting Lincoln Highway

As it turns out, I live on what used to be called the Lincoln Highway. You’ll be forgiven if you don’t know what the Lincoln Highway is, as, again, I legitimately live on it — like, directly on it, I pull out of my driveway and presto, there it is, Lincoln Highway — and I had no idea.

But yes: The Lincoln Highway was the nation’s first transcontinental road for cars, dedicated in 1913. It started in New York City at 42nd Street in Times Square, and from there ran through the heart of the nation, culminating in San Francisco.