Legal Sports Betting in North Dakota



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This page covers the legality and covers the regulatory standards set by the state in relation to North Dakota sports betting. As of today, sports betting is illegal in the state of North Dakota. However, there are always sports fans and betting lobbyists who are trying to amend the legality of online sports wagering.

Our team has dissected all aspects of sports betting in North Dakota and will give you the full run down, detailing the legal gambling age, the various land-based betting facilities operating in the state and much more. With so many sports betting sites to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one to suit you—we’re here to help.

With so much to discuss regarding North Dakota gambling laws, we wanted to break things down into something palatable. As such, we’ve detailed the specific laws for the state of North Dakota, but you’ll find details regarding all USA state laws on our site.


North Dakota Sports Betting – Recent Updates

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Top 5 North Dakota Sportsbooks

Sports fans and betting enthusiasts will find a range of first-class betting opportunities in the state of North Dakota. On top of that, there are a wealth of great online sports betting sites that provide unbeatable odds. Sports betting in North Dakota may not be that popular now, but it’s growing and so is its community.

To ensure our readers get the very best online sports betting sites, we thought it’d be best to provide a complete list of the top-tier providers operating in North Dakota today. We’ve been through our comprehensive list of online bookmakers, to give you the best sites in ND!

For sports fans in the state, they’ll be wondering “is sports betting legal in North Dakota?” This is easy to answer, as Bovada is operating in the state and has been for as long as any other bookmaker on this list. Bovada remains one of the most recognizable names in the industry.
This bookmaker has slowly established itself as one of the best in the U.S., specifically in the state of North Dakota. As one of the leading bookmakers in the state, it offers all that you’d expect, including a range of betting lines, educational betting material, and great promotions.
One you land on the BetOnline site or app, you pretty quickly realise why we’ve recommended this bookmaker to you. One Of the real takeaways from BetOnline users is the welcome bonus, which offers a 100% match up to a staggering $1000!
We love GTBets, it’s been one of the most reliable bookmakers we’ve ever worked with, boasting an impeccable customer experience record. We must say it certainly lives up to expectations, offering a complete betting experience.
This bookmaker has been involved in the betting industry since 1994, servicing customers globally during that time. Offering first-rate sports betting app, with promotions and betting lines in abundance, a great choice for new players.


Six Reasons to Bet on These North Dakota Betting Sites

We are fortunate here at MyTopSportsbooks to have a team made up of some of the most knowledgeable sports betting operators in the U.S. With years of experience behind us, we’re able to spot what it takes to be a top-tier bookmaker. We have assessed all the available sports betting providers in North Dakota and put together six features to look out for before you deposit!

Line checking means don’t just wager on the first betting lines you see on site. Check around! Explore the various lines and find the value in the odds to ensure you have the best chance of winning!
One of the most important features for any provider, and customer! Why? Because customer service is integral when you’re talking about handling money. You want to be absolutely sure that you’re in safe hands and aren’t frustrated by low-quality support.
One thing that any experienced bettor will tell you is that you must keep an eye out for malpractice or any history of fraudulent behaviour. For any customer, this should be a huge red flag and a reason to not deposit and walk away.
This may seem clear for new players, but we’re here discussing legality and this is important. Bookmakers have their own regulatory standards related to certain places, while normally it’s either “yes” or “no” to operate in the U.S., it’s always worth considering state laws.
The welcome bonus will always be the one that catches your attention. But, we should consider there are many other promotions, often which tie in with sports seasons, specifically when they reach the final stages.
The sports betting line should always be tied to the Vegas sports line. This is the benchmark for the industry and should be what sets the standard for any online provider in the United States.


List Of Casinos In North Dakota

Despite the fact bettors and sports fans aren’t able to wager online in North Dakota, there are some twelve land-based betting facilities available. Online wagering is accessible through the aforementioned online betting providers, but there are also these North Dakota-based betting sites. We’ve added the full list here:


  • Dakota Magic Casino
  • Spirit Lake Casino
  • Four Bears Casino
  • Skydancer Casino
  • Prairie Knights Casino and Resort
  • The Stadium Sports Bar and Casino
  • Blue Wolf Casino
  • King Pin Casino
  • Playmaker’s All-American Lounge
  • Rumors
  • Southgate Casino
  • Lucky Strike Lounge and Casino


North Dakota Sports Betting Timeline

In the state of North Dakota, there has been little progress towards legalisation, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t trying. With various people vying to push an amendment to the bill, we expect little to change in 2022. However, there have been many attempts in the past, which we’ve highlighted here with a few examples from the last couple of years.

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February – Mobile North Dakota Sports Betting Ballot Measure Clears Senate

A ballot proposal for mobile sports betting in Dakota is on to its next step. The Senate passed the SJR 502 proposal, following a narrow 18-17 passage, and it will face a likely split in the House. The resolution would provide voters in the state the chance to approve mobile sports betting in North Dakota in November.



December – North Dakota Legislature Rejects Online Sports Betting Ballot Measure Bill

North Dakota lawmakers again reject a sports betting ballot measure on Monday, which will likely end any hopes of legalisation until at least 2025. The North Dakota Senate has rejected the consideration of bills 24-23. North Dakota voters could have amended the state constitution’s sports wagering prohibitions via a 20222 referendum. Republican officials supported the bill’s original vote 20-19, with one member absent, while the Democrats voted 5-2 against the bill.