Legal Sports Betting in North Carolina



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You’ve arrived on our North Carolina state page, where you’ll find information regarding the legality of betting, where to wager, and how to make the most of the odds when you find the right provider for you! North Carolina sports betting has been legal as of 2021, allowing citizens to freely participate in sports wagering.

The change to North Carolina gambling laws has opened up the state to the fast-growing sports betting industry. With a range of companies offering their services to citizens residing in the state, it can be difficult to find the right bookmaker to suit your gambling desires.

As such, we put together this article to make life easier for our readers. We’ll cover everything related to North Carolina’s online sports betting, but also touch on US sports betting laws over all states.

North Carolina Sports Betting – Recent Updates

  • June 10, 2022 — With just 20 days left before the end of the session, there are those who are hopeful that the bill will go through legalising mobile sports betting.
  • June 1, 2022 – Despite starting on May 18th, North Carolina’s legislative session ends in just over a month on June 30th.
  • May 16, 2022 – There’s a chance a mobile sports betting bill will be approved by the Senate, though it needs the House leadership support.
  • May 11, 2022 – A lobbyist representing the Charlotte Hornets claims the votes are there to approve the bill.
  • April 25, 2022 – A poll suggests just 36% of registered voters support online betting, with 25% unsure and 39% against it.


Top 5 North Carolina Sportsbooks

For any of our readers still wondering “how to bet on sports in North Carolina”, you’ve in safe hands. With a bubbling gambling community in the state, we have put together some of the very best online sports betting providers favored by North Carolina residents.

Sports betting in North Carolina is normally done through U.S.-based platforms. But, with the growth of the offshore betting industry, we’ve seen a growing number of sports fans and bettors moving to these platforms. With so many available it can be a real challenge to filter through them. So we’ve listed five of the top-tier providers for you below.

Bovada is arguably the biggest sportsbook in the world, offering its online betting services to customers across the globe. A name that is synonymous with the industry and one that has pioneered it.
BetOnline is touted for its great first-deposit bonus, which offers 100% match up to $1000! We recommended this bookmaker for this reason, as well as offering highly competitive odds.
GTBets is one of the very best. A long time in the industry and has always been committed to providing users with the best odds possible.
BetUS has been in the industry for a long time, first going online back in 1994 and since transforming into one of the leading online bookmakers.
Among the very best around today, offering a broad range of sports betting markets for bettors to enjoy everyday of the week!


Six Reasons to Bet on These North Carolina Betting Sites

With various great sports betting opportunities to enjoy, bettors have flocked to offshore bookmakers in recent years. Offshore bookmakers offer great odds and a first-class betting experience. But, what to look out for on these platforms? Well, we’ve put together a list of six must-haves from your next sportsbook provider. Let’s take a look.

While this might seem like a fairly obvious point to make, there are cases where the state laws allow certain bookmakers and not others. As such, check out the laws regarding your bookmaker in the state of North Carolina.
This is essential. In an industry where scandals are few and far between, those that do occur are often significant. We’d strongly advise looking around the web to find reviews regarding your oddsmaker of choice.
When it comes to cash, you want to know it’s safe. Like a bank, you want the bookmaker’s account to be 100% secure. All the sportsbooks we’ve listed on our site, of them, are based on reliable customer support and security.
Any sportsbook’s bonus offering should extend beyond the welcome bonus. Bettors should demand a healthy welcome bonus as standard at any bookmaker worth their salt. Look for providers offering seasonal bonuses and competitions.
Don’t just go with the first bookmaker you come across. Instead, look around the various sports markets to find value in the market, this is when you’re going to find success.
When it comes to online wagering in the United States, the Vegas betting line is the absolute benchmark for the industry. If the betting lines don’t offer Vegas-standard value, don’t bother with them.


List Of Casinos In North Carolina

North Carolina is still tackling legislators to allow for mobile sports betting. But, for the most part, the state has legal gambling operating the state and a wealth of great opportunities for bettors. However, there are always some players that prefer to wager in person. As such, we put together a list of all the land-based betting facilities in the state for our readers to enjoy.

  • Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort
  • Catawba Two Kings Casino
  • Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River
  • 29 BizCenter
  • The Gauntlet
  • Sweepstakes Casino


North Carolina Sports Betting Timeline

In order to keep on top of everything related to North Carolina online sports betting, we have created various timelines on this page. With the sports betting landscape constantly evolving in the state, it’s important we keep our readers informed.

We go back to 2021, highlighting the exciting journey of the North Carolina sports betting bill as it makes its way to the big table. There are many improvements to make to the law, but for now, things are moving in the right direction. Stay tuned!



January – Current online sports betting bill begins its way to the House

With many now vying for the current online sports betting bill to go through, it begins making its way through committee hearings in February. The Senate bill offers the possibility of 10 to 12 online bookmakers. Though, without the House calendar opening up a slot for debate, nothing will change.



March – Attempts to move for legal sports betting begin at two casinos in the state

A bill has been presented to the Senate, as the legalised online sports betting bill begins its journey to the state legislature. The bill is eligible to pick back up in the house when the 2022 session begins. The plan is to start things off at two casinos operating in the state, with many lobbyists backing the bill.