Betting apps Arizona are everywhere — everyone wants their piece of the pie that is online betting. However, not all these Arizona betting apps deserve your hard-earned dollars. This guide is uniquely created to narrow down the best sports betting app Arizona. Theres a lot to cover so let’s jump right into it:

Best Arizona Sports Betting Apps

September 21, 2021 — that’s the day Arizona became the latest U.S. state to pass legal sports betting. The floodgates opened in 2018 in a Supreme Court ruling that made betting legal at the federal level so the state of Arizona wasted little time in getting sports betting apps up.

But here’s the thing, there might be a thing as too many Arizona sports betting apps. For most Arizona bettors, it can be information overload to pick the best sportsbook. Should they go with a regulated sportsbook or offshore? Regulated ones include BetMGM Arizona, Caesars Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook, ESPN Bet, FanDuel, and a few others.

While we have no “dog in this fight”, we’d argue the top AZ betting apps are actually offshore. The best betting experience can be had using some of these apps, including the four AZ sportsbook we’re about to mention. As we’re about to explain, these offshore apps can just flat-out offer things that a regulated Arizona sportsbook couldn’t even imagine.


Regulated online sportsbooks can’t just accept any payment method. Things like crypto are flat-out now allowed by lawmakers — this goes for the Arizona sports betting market and really any in the United States. However, the Bovada app, one of the most-used in the offshore sports betting sites space, can offer it and it doesn’t. Bovada accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash Litecoin, and a few other coins.

Say what you want about cryptocurrencies, but they’re perfect for online betting. At Bovada, winnings are paid out the fastest on crypto — usually at cheaper prices too. And so long as you know you’re way around a crypto wallet, it’s actually quite safe. If that doesn’t sell you enough, then realize Bovada has a special sign up bonuses when using crypto – worth three times more than the “normal” sportsbooks offer.

✅Supports cryptocurrencies as a payment method (both first deposit and cashout)
✅Reputable name in online sportsbooks industry

❌Welcome offer (non-crypto) pays peanuts compared to competitors
❌App could use a more modern look and feel


The BetOnline stands out for one thing above all: its betting options — both in sports and the casino. Arizona bettors will be hard pressed to NOT find the betting line they’re looking for here. Having this many options makes BetOnline an effective all-in-one betting experience.

One thing bettors should know is that offshore platforms like the BetOnline app can offer betting markets that regulated AZ sportsbooks simply can’t. Think of politics, award shows, movie box-office results, esports, WWE — none of that is at legal sports apps. Those apps are restricted from offering odds on these events, but no such rules exists for BetOnline and other offshore sites.

✅Huge amount of betting options
✅Slick rewards program for loyal Arizona bettors

❌Offers feel stingy (especially for new users)
❌Mobile app could use a facelift


There’s sportsbooks offers and then there’s BetUS offers. The latter are the best (in dollar value) in the business. Seriously, no even regulated sportsbooks can come close to the type of free-play deals being served up on a daily basis by the BetUS app.

Take the sign-up bonuses. BetUS has two deals — one maxes out at $3125 in free play, while the other goes up to $5000. This sum of money is almost too good to be true but it’s 100-percent real. BetUS has other big-money promotions for online sports betting, including the refer-a-friend bonus that’s worth a whopping $6000 in free play.

✅Top Arizona sportsbook promos around (just use the right bonus code per deal)
✅Extensive betting menu

❌14-day expiration period on bonuses
❌High rollover requirement before winnings can be withdrawn


MyBookie is synonymous with a user-friendly mobile betting experience. This begins by how you use to it to bet on mobile sports to begin with. No download is required from the iOS App Store nor the Android Google Play Store. Just access MyBookie on a mobile device’s web browser and betting can be had from there — anywhere and everywhere.

Live betting really stands out when using MyBookie’s mobile sports app. Real-time betting only works if apps can refresh odds in real time and take bets without any major lag. Safe to say that’s exactly the formula at MyBookie. Most of the major sports support live betting for now.

✅Top-end mobile betting experience
✅Multiple promotions to pick from (always use the right promo code)

❌Live betting on more sports markets would be sweet
❌Casino section could use more betting options

Choosing The Best Sports Betting App In Arizona

You’re free to take your online sports wagering elsewhere beyond the four apps we just hit on. If so, just make sure you’re looking for AZ sports betting sites that check each of the three boxes below:

Depth of wagering menu: ideally, the spot you end up at offers all the betting you could possibly need. These means two things. The first is just a wide array of betting markets in general — NFL, Super Bowl, MLB, NBA, NHL, college sports, and so on. But second, you want these markets available in a multitude of bets (spreads, moneyline, same-game parlays, prop bets, etc.).

Betting odds: competitive odds on the bets you’re placing matters big time. Think about it, why bet on Arizona Wildcats -2 spread when you can get the same outcome at -3. Having that extra point of cushion is what we mean by getting the best odds possible. Always maximize your chances at winning by taking the best-value lines.

Bonuses: all of us could use free bonus bets to play with, right? Well, it’s not hard to find at the best Arizona sportsbook, however, some are more giving than others. You’d be smart to use the app that’s dishing the most free play. That way, you minimize some of the downside risk of sports betting since its free money.

How to Bet With Offshore Apps In Arizona

It’s easier to play at offshore betting apps than you probably think. Many sports bettors misperceive the ease of getting started. Really, all you have to do are these dice simple things:

1. Hone in on the top Arizona betting app that suits your needs.

2. Before a first wager can be made, create your account. Registration will ask for your basic info like name, address, birthday, and so on.

3. Decide what method you’ll use to find your playing account. Most sportsbooks these days accept debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, crypto, and similar payout options. Most sportsbooks offer hinge on this deposit so make sure you get your free bonus bets too.

4. Scan the wagering menu. Decide what you want money on and lock in the wager.

5. Keep the betting going until it’s time to cashout. Here again, choose how you want winnings to payout.

State-by-State Guide to Betting Apps

Arizona bettors, you should be set if you’ve read this page closely (we have an FAQ section if have last questions). It’s time for you to get action on local teams like the Arizona Coyotes, Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Cardinals, and Phoenix Suns, or other professional sports teams. You got this, trust us, just go out there and do the damn thing!