For bettors interested in MLB betting odds, we are here to guide you throughout the process. We explain MLB odds, MLB betting lines, and various other topics you need to know if you are interested in betting on MLB baseball. After scanning this page, check out our MLB team guides as well.

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MLB Betting Odds

MLB is a great sport to wager because of the variety of markets that you can wager. Other sports may be more popular to bet in the United States, but baseball betting never stops. This is why there are unlimited ways to make money on MLB.

There are a few MLB markets and odds that you will want to know before wagering the sport. The first market includes the traditional MLB betting lines like the money line, spread (run line), and total (over/under). These are the wagers that you will see listed on a sportsbook next to a game. MLB props are a bit more difficult.

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There are alternative lines for all these bets. However, beginner bettors should primarily focus on the primary money line, spread (run line), and total (over/under). The guide will detail how to read these odds later on, but it’s essential to know the definitions of these markets before you understand the odds.

The money line is when you pick a team straight up to win in a contest. The only thing that matters for the money line is the final score. The run line is when you bet on the difference in the final score.


mlb betting odds

For the run line, you are wagering a team to be within a certain number of runs or win by a specific amount. The spread on baseball games is always 1.5. Therefore, a team will either have to win by two or be within one run for a bet to be successful.

The total over/under is when you bet on the number of runs that will be scored. The over/under will be set at a specific number. It’s your duty as a gambler to pick the over or under on this number.

If you are attempting to look for the common baseball betting odds, this is what you should look for in a sportsbook. Bovada Sportsbook is an excellent platform for MLB betting.

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MLB Betting Markets

Baseball is a great sport for future betting. This is when you wager on something to happen in the future. The length of an MLB season puts the odds in your favor if you can choose the correct outcome on a wager.

You will find great odds with Bovada MLB futures throughout the sportsbook. If you are new to baseball betting or looking for a change, gamble with Bovada.

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Some of the headlining markets for Bovada are the future odds for the MLB World Series, MLB MVP, MLB Playoffs, MLB Best Rookie, and a variety of other postseason accolades. The odds were last updated on April 9, 2024:

MLB World Series Futures Odds

MLB World Series 2024BetUS Review
Los Angeles Dodgers+375
Atlanta Braves+550
Houston Astros+900
New York Yankees+1000
Texas Rangers+1100
Philadelphia Phillies+1200
Baltimore Orioles+1400
Toronto Blue Jays+2000
Seattle Mariners+2200
Minnesota Twins+3000
Arizona Diamondbacks+3500
Chicago Cubs+3500
Boston Red Sox+3500
New York Mets+3500
St. Louis Cardinals+3500
Tampa Bay Rays+3500
San Diego Padres+3500


Ronald Acuna Jr.+550
Mookie Betts+650
Shohei Ohtani+650
Freddie Freeman+1000
Bryce Harper+1000
Fernando Tatis Jr.+1200
Aaron Judge+550
Juan Soto+700
Yordan Alvarez+700
Corey Seager+800
Adley Rutschman+1200
Julio Rodriguez+1200

MLB Playoffs Wild Card Odds

Texas Rangers+500
Houston Astros+450
Toronto Blue Jays+800
New York Yankees+450
Baltimore Orioles+800
Seattle Mariners+1000
Tampa Bay Rays+1100
Los Angeles Dodgers+275
Atlanta Braves+325
Philadelphia Phillies+550
Baltimore Orioles+800
New York Mets+1100
Chicago Cubs+1400
Arizona Diamondbacks+1400
San Diego Padres+1400

Wagering on MLB Futures Odds

The most common future wager is betting on the World Series champion. You will find the best odds for this at the beginning of the season before any games have been played. The MLB MVP market is available for the American and National League.

There are separate MVP, Rookie of the Year, and Cy Young winners in both leagues. On Bovada, you can bet on all these different markets with terrific odds.

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The most interesting future market is the MLB Draft. Depending on the sportsbook, you can find an extensive number of bets for the draft. You can bet on the first pick or if a player will go in the top ten selections.

There are also other bets like choosing the specific player or position a team will pick on draft night. If a major event occurs in MLB, sportsbooks will offer odds and lines for the occasion.

mlb odds


How to Read MLB Odds

Reading MLB odds may seem puzzling at first. However, it’s much easier than it looks once you have an idea of what the odds indicate. In this section, MLB betting lines explained will be a primary focus. After you conquer this section, you will be understanding MLB Vegas odds without much effort.

All markets will have MLB baseball odds. Some markets, like the run line and total, will have odds and lines. Before diving deep into our explanations, the main thing to understand is that positive odds indicate an underdog, and negative odds mean a team is favored.

Reading Negative odds

Negative odds also mean more likely to happen, and positive odds show that event is not expected. The lower the odds, the heavier a team is favored (-220 is more likely than -120). The same goes for positive odds, but it’s reversed (+120 is more likely than +220).

The money line is when you are betting a team to win a game. If you choose this market, you will have to pick a favorite or an underdog. In baseball, anything can happen. One team will have positive odds, and the other will have negative odds.

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If you liked the underdog, you would bet the team with negative odds. This franchise winning is more likely to happen; however, your payout will be smaller than if you risked the same stake on the underdog.

Underdogs frequently win in baseball because bad teams usually take 60 games in a season. If you wager an underdog on the correct day, it will do wonders for your wallet.

MLB Spread betting, Run line & Totals betting

The spread or run line is slightly tougher to understand. In baseball, the run line is always +/- 1.5. A (-) indicates that a team must win by 1.5, and a (+) shows that a club must be within 1.5.
If you bet the run line favorite, they must win by two runs. If you pick the underdog, they must lose by one or win the game. Run line wagers are riskier than the money line because an extra element is added to the bet. Each line will have an odd associated with it to determine your payout.
The total is an easy bet like the money line to understand. A sportsbook will set the total at a specific number, and you must choose over or under the total. Each side of the bet will have an odd associated with it that will determine your payout, like the run line.

Do Your Research

MLB betting can be lucrative, and it’s available throughout the year. However, to win on baseball, you must do your research. If you place bets on a whim, you will lose more times than not.

The point of sports betting is to prevail. Losing is part of betting, but it’s not fun emotionally, and it hurts your wallet.

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The main thing to study for baseball is the matchups and how a team has performed in a recent stretch. The pitching matchup is the first place to start because this can change a game. If a team does not score, they cannot win.

This is why starting pitchers are important to compare and study. After you understand the start pitcher battle, you should compare it to the opposing lineup. This means studying past results of pitchers vs. hitters, hitting streaks, etc.

The more knowledge and content you consume, the better your wagering record will be throughout an MLB season. Additionally, you should view how teams have competed against each other in the past.

Head-to-head record is critical in baseball because history usually repeats itself on the diamond. If you are ever in doubt over a baseball wager, it’s important to remember that the better team typically wins. There are different ways to prepare for each betting market, but good teams win games in MLB.