Isn’t the MLB playoffs season the best time of the year? We are here to help you to make the best MLB Playoffs betting moves this autumn. Betting on MLB Playoffs can be difficult, and that’s why we created this guide so you can dominate in October.

We have the best MLB playoffs betting guide because we break down the MLB playoffs betting odds, how to wager in the postseason, and so much more.



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Odds to Make MLB Playoffs

The odds to make the MLB playoffs vary at every point in the season. Some teams are clear-cut favorites to make the postseason. When you look at these odds, take them with a grain of salt to avoid losing a lot of money. The odds were last updated on May 11, 2022:

Los Angeles Dodgers+500
Toronto Blue Jays+900
Chicago White Sox+1000
Houston Astros+1000
New York Yankees+1100
New York Mets+1200
Atlanta Braves+1200
Milwaukee Brewers+1400
Tampa Bay Rays+1600
San Diego Padres+1600

Favorites have little value for future bets to make the postseason. However, these teams have excellent betting value to win the World Series or a league pennant. With two months remaining in the season, odds become relatively stable. Teams lose steam at the end of the season, but they have given enough evidence to bettors on how they compete.

The MLB playoff format is constricting, so it’s hard to make the postseason. Only ten of 32 teams punch their ticket to play meaningful baseball in October, so it’s not easy to succeed. You must keep this fact in mind as a bettor.

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If a team is in a tight playoff race, it could be best to hold off on a future bet unless you have confidence in the team. You can look at many stats to determine if Vegas MLB playoff betting odds are accurate, but consistency is the main thing you should examine.

Teams that win at the end of the year define consistency. This should always be considered when betting MLB or wagering in the MLB World Series. Additionally, pitching is critical to view when considering who will make the playoffs.


mlb playoffs

High-powered offenses often fluctuate throughout the season, but pitching tends to be steadier. A team cannot win without scoring, so pitching is very important when looking at the postseason.

If you consider this, good things will happen when betting on who will make the MLB playoffs. Odds change every day from sportsbooks, but consistency does not usually falter with the best teams in the sport.

How to Bet on MLB Playoffs

Betting on who will make the MLB playoffs and the actual postseason are two different things. When looking at who will make the playoffs, strength of schedule and division toughness are essential. In the playoffs, some teams have more accessible roads, which is highlighted in October.

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However, most of the time, playoff contests are fairly even. It’s difficult to make the MLB postseason because of the rigorous schedule, so teams who earn a ticket are battle-tested. When looking at the playoffs, you need to consider a few things.

Here are the most important factors that you must examine as a bettor in the MLB playoffs.

Baseball is not like football in the sense that home-field is critical every week of the season. There are 162 games on an MLB calendar, and many times, stadiums are not filled during the regular season unless it’s in a major market like New York or Boston. Home field is applicable in MLB during the regular season, but it usually should not change your bet. In football, it’s a completely different story. Although, in the postseason, home-field advantage is critical. Playoff baseball is a time when fans come alive, and it can be challenging to win in October because of this fact. Home field should be the first thing you look at for MLB postseason betting, but it’s important to note. Some of the toughest stadiums in MLB to compete in belong to the Yankees, Red Sox, Astros, Dodgers, and Mets.
The pitching matchup is the primary thing you should view before placing a bet on the MLB postseason. A great pitcher can shut down a potent offense and, in the playoffs, managers always throw their best wings. Five-man rotations drop to three men in many cases because it’s all about winning games. Over seven games, a team will see aces multiple times. When a team’s ace is on the mound, it’s hard to bet against a club. When numerous stars are slated to pitch, things become very interesting.
Even though pitching is more important than hitting to winning games, a powerful offense is still critical for success. If a team can attack a pitcher, they will win postseason games. Although, it can be difficult to rely on an offense delivering. This is because no pitcher is the same. It’s hard to win battles against different pitchers in every postseason game, but talented offenses tend to strike at the right times. Teams with players who are able to find the clutch hit prevail in October. When teams are clutch at the plate and have strong pitching, they are great betting options.

MLB Playoff Betting Lines

Postseason lines tend to fluctuate drastically, and this is critical to remember. If you lock in a bet earlier rather than closer to the first pitch, it could increase your payout. Yet, there is a risk-taking this strategy because something may happen, causing your bet to fail.


mlb playoffs betting

You need to find the balance between betting an early MLB playoff betting line and holding on until you know the starter on the bump. It’s smart to follow beat writers and consume as much inside information as possible to outsmart sportsbooks.

This is a strategy that handicappers utilize to win consistently. The more information you know, the better you will perform when betting on sports.

Study, Study, Study

Baseball is a game that involves advanced analytics. You should take advantage of these numbers to place educated bets. Baseball analytics tell you a lot about who is going to win games in the postseason.

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Many websites help you compare pitcher vs. hitter statistics. These are not certain, but they are better than nothing when betting on the postseason. When done correctly, wagering can take a lot of hours, so always put in the time. If you are not studying and placing bets, you are doing something wrong.

This strategy will hurt your chances of winning big on the MLB playoffs.

Consider Momentum

Wild Card games in the MLB are one game. These are rough for teams to compete in, but when a franchise wins the contest, they generate a ton of momentum heading into the division series. There are multiple rounds in the MLB playoffs, and momentum can carry over from one round to the next.

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This is something you should note. It’s not the most important thing to remember while betting on the MLB postseason, but it’s still essential.

MLB Postseason Format

The MLB postseason format is vital to know if you are looking to bet on the MLB postseason or if you want to wager division winners. There are six divisions in MLB across two leagues.

The American and National League both have three divisions. There is the AL East, West, and Central. The National League has the same division names.

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There are five clubs in every group which totals 30 in the league. Every division receives one automatic bid to the MLB playoffs. Two Wild Card teams come out of every league.

The Wild Card teams compete in a one-game playoff, with the winner taking on the highest seed in their league. The division series are five games in length, and the championship series are seven.

The winners of the American and National Leagues face off in the World Series. This is a seven-game series played in a 2-3-2 format. Anything can happen in October, so it’s essential to understand the postseason format to prepare your bets during the month.