How To Bet Dover Races

The Dover International Speedway may not have the name recognition of other NASCAR tracks, but believe us, it’s a highly underrated course. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking Dover the next time you’re betting on a race there. To help you avoid that (and any costly losses associated with the mistake), we’ve crafted this in-depth wagering guide on Dover’s head-turning track. We’re here to give you the full scoop on Dover, whether that’s how to bet it or NASCAR Dover odds. We got it all for you here!

NASCAR Dover Best Sites 2024

The Internet is ripe with online sportsbooks that carry NASCAR odds at Dover. But that’s not the only thing you should look for in a betting site. No, how about promotions? Or maybe the quality of their betting lines? Customer service? To get a bookmaker that checks each of those boxes, explore the list below. These are our top-rated sportsbook suggestions for betting on Vegas odds for the NASCAR race at Dover.

Vegas Odds For NASCAR Race At Dover

If you’re going to bet on a NASCAR race, whether that’s at Dover or elsewhere, you absolutely need to analyze the betting lines before anything else. Betting is more complicated than just picking winners, it’s all about finding value. For NASCAR Dover odds 2024, look closely at the table below. These lines are up-to-date and give you a hint at who bookies are leaning on to win the competition.

Dover OddsBovadaMyBookie ReviewBetNow Review
Brad KeselowskiTBATBATBA
Chase ElliottTBATBATBA
Kevin HarvickTBATBATBA
Aric AlmirolaTBATBATBA

Popular Types Of NASCAR Bets You Can Place On Dover International Speedway

The NASCAR odds Dover 2024 featured above is just one way to gamble on the race. But there are several other bets available for you to get “extra mileage” out of the event. Let’s cover the most prevalent bets you’ll find online:

Race Winner

The simplest of all NASCAR Vegas odds Dover is the race-winner bet, but it’s also the most difficult to hit correctly on. The purpose is to select the outright winner out of the entire race field, which is upwards of 40 drivers at Dover. If this feels like trying to throw a bullseye with shooting darts, well, it kind of is. Though, the upside of the bet is huge given that almost every driver will be given plus-money odds.

Driver Matchups

Matchups are much more orderly than the aforementioned race-winner wager. Here, bookies pre-pick drivers and it’s on bettors to choose which one finishes higher than the other in the final leaderboard. Most matchup bets are offered in head-to-head style with two bettable drivers only, but there are also group matchups, which expand the betting field to four cars.

Prop Bets

Props can be bets on anything and everything — which is its biggest charm. This can include wagers on what car manufacturer the winning driver will have or an over/under on how many cars pile-up during an in-race crash. For a demolition-derby-style track like the Dover International Speedway, a prop revolving around wrecks makes a whole lot of sense since it’s so typical (more on this shortly).

Future Bets

The most common futures bet in NASCAR is who will win the Cup Series title at the conclusion of the season. A wager on such a bet can be made at any point in the race season — whether that’s preseason or midpoint or heck, right before the final four-title race.

NASCAR Dover Betting Picks and Odds

About Dover International Speedway

Dover, Delaware — admittedly, a city that largely flies under the radar. However, its race car track, the Dover International Speedway is anything but forgettable. The course has earned one of the best nicknames in all of NASCAR circuits, “The Monster Mile.”

As you’d guess with the name, it’s a one-mile course on oval-shaped concrete. It features 24-degree banking in the turns and nine degrees on the straights. However, what truly gives the track the “monster” moniker is something completely else — a tendency for race cars to crash and pile up at the speedway. Yes, wrecks are somewhat the norm at Dover, mainly due to the high banking and tight spaces.

Dover International Speedway has been a fixture in the NASCAR Cup Series since its opening in 1969. Annually, it hosts the Drydene 400 around the mid-point of the racing schedule. Perhaps the most eye-catching thing about the race isn’t the blazing-fast cars. No, it’s “Miles the Monster.” This red-eyed, stone-looking creature — with a striking resemblance to Marvel’s The Thing — is both awarded as the winner’s trophy and immortalized at the speedway in a 46-foot-tall structure. Seriously, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, Google it. It’s something you need to see to believe.

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