How To Bet The Atlanta Motor Speedway Race

The Atlanta Motor Speedway is a staple of the NASCAR circuit, hosting two races every season, and here’s exactly what you need to know about betting on these high-octane competitions. Throughout this guide, we’re going over odds to win NASCAR Atlanta, types of wagers, and even gambling tips to win big.

NASCAR Atlanta Best Sites 2024

The first order of business before betting on NASCAR Atlanta odds is finding the perfect online sportsbook for you. The word “perfect” is subjective because every bettor wants something different out of a bookmaker — say, unbeatable betting lines, or big-saving promotions, or perhaps great customer service. To make this decision easier, we’ve built the table below with our sportsbook suggestions and included site reviews and promo offer details.




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NASCAR Atlanta Odds 2024

Next up, you need to know what the current NASCAR race odds Atlanta even is. Of course, we have you covered here, too. The table underneath has updated wagering lines for the race-winner bet (more on this shortly).

Atlanta Motor SpeedwayBovadaBetOnline ReviewBetUS Review
Kevin HarvickTBATBATBA
Martin Truex Jr.TBATBATBA
Brad KeselowskiTBATBATBA
Chase ElliottTBATBATBA

Popular Types of NASCAR Bets You Can Place On Atlanta Motor Speedway

Now that you have an online sportsbook, current NASCAR odds for Atlanta, the last step is choosing and making a bet. And the thing is, NASCAR Atlanta betting odds come in a variety of flavors. Let’s cover the four most common bet types you can get action on:

Race Winners

The purpose of this wager is given away in the name — pick whoever wins the race. Period. However, with about 40-or-so drivers per race, that’s far from a lay-up. Though, hitting correctly on this bet does pay handsomely. Almost every driver will have “plus money” odds.

Some of you might be asking yourselves, “what’s that even mean?” Perhaps an example is the best way to break it down. Let’s say Austin Dillon’s odds to win the Quaker State 400 were at +750. This means a $100 bet his way pays out a profit of $750 if he indeed wins outright. So the plus sign and number indicate how much you stand to gain if you were to bet on the winning driver.

Driver Matchups

Bettors looking for a smaller choice of drivers to wager on (at least compared to the race winner gamble) will find comfort in matchups. These bets narrow the betting pool to either two drivers only (this is referred to as a head-to-head bet) or four (dubbed a group matchup). Rather than pick which driver will cross the finish line first, matchups care solely about which of the selected drivers finish best amongst each other. Matchups don’t pay nearly as high as race-winner wagers, but they’re also more winnable.

Prop Bets

Props can be bets on a whole range of “outcomes” within a race — many of which have nothing to do with who wins or places where. Some of the most common props available are over/under on how many caution flags are given or the driver with the fastest lap time (at any point in the race). The latter of which is especially fun on a track like Atlanta’s, given it has a reputation for being a burner.


Betting on which driver will win the entire NASCAR Cup Series is a futures wager. It differs from race-winner bets because of the longer time horizon, taking into account the entire season. A futures bet such as that is bettable at any point in the race season — from preseason right up until the final four championships.

NASCAR Las Atlanta Betting Picks and Odds

About Atlanta Motor Speedway

Few tracks have as checkered of history as the Atlanta Motor Speedway (formerly known as the Atlanta International Raceway). In 1960 when it opened, it was one of the biggest racetracks in the South — which ironically enough, was the region that helped stock car racing become a thing during the earlier moonshine era.

In the sixty years since the Atlanta Motor Speedway has undergone a complete transformation. Today, it’s a quad-shaped track spanning 1.54 miles. Tack on 24-degree turns and five-degree straightways, and you get one of the speediest tracks in all of NASCAR.

It’s no wonder why NASCAR hosts two annual events at the Atlanta Motor Speedway — the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 and Quaker State 400. Both are part of the 26-race regular season, separated by only four months.

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