• 2024 Canadian Grand Prix: June 9th, 2024
  • Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
  • Circuit Length: 4.361 kilometers (2.710 miles)


We’re back with the Canadian Grand Prix betting odds for 2024. Canada has been without its largest formula one race for too long. Check out our complete F1 betting guide. 

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Odds for the Canadian Grand Prix

The odds for the Canadian Grand Prix were last updated on July 4, 2024:

Canadian Grand PrixBovadaMyBookie ReviewBetNow Review
Max VerstappenTBATBATBA
Charles LeclercTBATBATBA
Oscar PiastriTBATBATBA

Circuit Gilles Villenueve

The Gilles Villenueve is a motor circuit located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Most famously it is the home of the Canadian Grand Prix, the largest motorsports event in Canada. However, the circuit has hosted many important racing events.


  • FIA World Sportscar Championship
  • Champ Car World Series
  • NASCAR Canadian Tire Series
  • NASCAR Xfinity Series
  • Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series


The year the race track opened in 1978 was also the first time the Canadian Grand Prix was held there. Hometown here Gilles Villenueve took home the first place position, thus giving his name to the circuit.

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Canadian Grand Prix Betting Tips

Novice sports bettors and those who are more used to betting on Formula 1 will benefit from our betting tips. These Canadian Grand Prix betting tips do not differ greatly from other sports or races, but are always good to review.

Bankroll Management

A good bankroll management strategy is key for sports fans navigating the Montreal Grand prix betting markets. So, what exactly is a bankroll management strategy?


It is when you stabilize and organize your risks, so you can more accurately measure the success of your over betting strategy by looking at your profits. If you always wager a random amount, you will not know if you are making more or less money as easily.


However, if you follow, for example, the unit approach, you will always bet the exact same amount, whether it’s the Dubai Grand Prix or the Canadian. Whether it’s the pole position or the fastest qualifying time.


Having stabilized the input, the output will be easier to compare as you fine-tune your overall strategy.

Do Your Research

No matter your overall strategy, you must also do the research. You should know the relative strengths of Lewis Hamilton compared to Fernando Alonso. And yes, strengths in plural. This will depend on the driver and the constructor.


If it were as simple as picking the best driver, we would all be millionaires. When you put a wager into your bet slip, you should be thinking about how the circuit fits with the different abilities of the drivers. Are they great at hairpin curves? Do they pull ahead in straightaways?


You should also, therefore, know the track, how many laps they have, and how frequent crashes are. The weather will also be important in terms of track conditions. Which constructors. have previously won this race? Do you see a pattern? In this case, Ferrari has won the most Canadian Grand Prix.


 Canadian Grand Prix Betting Odds 2022


Follow Our Free F1 Picks

Our free expert Formula One picks are a great resource for anyone researching the best bets for the Canadian Grand Prix.  This is true, even when the picks do not include any direct discussion of the Montreal Grand Prix.


This is because you will be able to familiarize yourself with the different types of Formula One bets.  We include futures picks for the Drivers Championship and the Constructors Championship as well. We also include pole positions, props, and matchups. Sports bettors who are used to other ball-centered sports will have something to learn here.


You will also become familiar with the different drivers and constructors and their relative strengths in different conditions. The more all of this becomes second nature to you, the better off you will be when it is finally time to bet on the Canadian Grand Prix.

Pick a Great F1 Betting Site

All of the best F1 betting strategies and best bets will mean nothing if you do not have a solid, trusted, and legitimate online sportsbook. For one, you need the Canadian Grand Prix betting markets in order to even place the bet.


Plus, the website design has to be smooth in order for it to be a relaxing and fun experience. No one wants to be frustrated by bugs when they are trying to place a high-stakes wager.


All of the sports betting sites we recommend here on this page are excellent. We recommend you sign up with at least two. This way you can compare lines as well as take advantage of double the bonuses.

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