How To Bet on New Hampshire Race

The New Hampshire Motor Speedway might not have the name recognition of Daytona or Talladega, but you see, that’s where the betting opportunity lies. Many bettors don’t care enough about the track to prepare for the next race there. That’s a silly mistake and one we don’t want you to make. That’s the exact reason we’ve created this betting guide, to give you the full low down on betting New Hampshire — including track details, question-and-answers, NASCAR odds at New Hampshire, and so many other must-know details!

NASCAR New Hampshire Best Sites 2024

Before we get to the race itself, you’ll need a trusty sportsbook that carries all the NASCAR odds New Hampshire 2024. Keyword in the last sentence being “trusty.” For just that, explore the list of betting sites below. We’ve tried hundreds of bookmakers, and take it from us, the ones featured underneath are the “cream of the crop.”

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Odds For New Hampshire NASCAR Race

For up-to-the-minute NASCAR odds to win New Hampshire, reference the table below. We don’t have the space to include every driver in the racing field, but for now, these are the front-runners to claim the victory.

DriverBovadaBetOnline ReviewBetUS Review
Chase ElliottTBATBATBA
Kevin HarvickTBATBATBA
Martin Truex Jr.TBATBATBA
Brad KeselowskiTBATBATBA
Tyler ReddickTBATBATBA
Christopher BellTBATBATBA

Popular Types Of NASCAR Bets You Can Place On New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Vegas odds NASCAR New Hampshire don’t come in one-size-fits-all. Nope, there are actually several different betting lines come race day. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common ones you’ll find with bookmakers:

Race Winner

Among all the NASCAR New Hampshire odds, the most bet-on is the race winner. It’s also the most straight-forward. Just pick the driver that’ll beat out the entire competition for first place. Easy enough, right?

A word about the odds for race winner: they’ll almost always be plus-money across the board, no matter the driver. That’s just the nature of a crapshoot bet like this. So while there’s a lot of risk with this wager, it does pay out handsomely on correct picks.

Driver Matchups

Matchups are much more focused than race-winner bets. For this wager, bookies will select several drivers and pit them against one another. As a bettor, you’re simply deciding which driver among the matchup places the highest by the end, not necessarily who will win outright. Matchups are offered in two varieties — head-to-head (two drivers) or group (four cars).


Some of the most “fun” Vegas odds New Hampshire NASCAR are props. The fun factor comes in the random outcomes you can bet on. Examples of props include over/under on pit stops for a certain driver or who will run the fastest single lap during the event. Props are a perfect alternative to race-winner or matchup bets since many props have nothing to do with who wins or which driver places where.


Last but not least, there are futures. This wager actually has little to do with the New Hampshire event itself. That’s because futures are much more long-term than any single race. The most common future bet of all is which driver wins the Cup Series at year’s end. This future is available to bet on throughout the race season. Though, betting odds for it will constantly be in flux as bookies react to recent events such as injuries or a driver getting red-hot or cold.

New Hampshire Racetrack

About New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Maybe it’s not the most buzz-worthy track, maybe it’s not the most exotic location, nonetheless, the New Hampshire Motor Speedway has a long history with NASCAR. The course has been part of the Cup Series rotation since 1993 — only three years after its opening. Since then, it’s been an annual summertime race during the long season.

The annual event is dubbed Foxwoods Resort Casino 301. The number indicates the number of laps in the race, not miles or kilometers. As for the track itself, it’s 1.058 miles long and features a banking of two to seven degrees on the turns and one degree on the straights.

The speedway is located in Loudon, New Hampshire, about an hour north of Boston. In a surprise to many, the venue is actually the largest sports arena in the whole New England region — even bigger than Foxboro Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. Speedway Motorsports owns and operates the New Hampshire track, which puts it in its extensive portfolio of NASCAR courses that also includes the speedways in Atlanta, Bristol, Charlotte, and others.

ISM Connect 300

Traditionally held in Mid-September in the New Hampshire Loudon Race Track, the ISM Connect 300 has gone through several names over the years. You may also know the race as:

  • CMT 300
  • Farm Aid on CMT 300
  • Dura Luba/KMart 300
  • New Hampshire 300
  • Sylvania 300
  • Bad Boy Off Road 300

After a few accidents when NASCAR implemented restrictor plates, the race here changed drastically. It became so uncompetitive that Jeff Burton was able to lead for all 300 laps. The very next year, they went back to the way things were.

Chevrolet is by far the winningest manufacturer at the ISM connect. They have more than twice as many wins as Ford, the second place manufacturer. However, the race has not happened since 2017, even though fans are clamoring for its return.

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