How To Bet The Bristol Race

NASCAR events run throughout the season, with all kinds of disciplines of the sport taking place at several exciting Racetracks. The Bristol Race is the one most fans always tune in for as cars battle it for the pole position at the infamous Bristol Motor Speedway.

There are NASCAR tracks, and then there’s Bristol Motor Speedway. It is, by far, one of the most beloved courses in all of NASCAR — and that goes for drivers, fans, and bettors alike. That pedigree is why we’ve created this all-encompassing guide to gambling on Bristol races. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a new one, there’s something in this guide to help you win big — including the latest Vegas odds NASCAR Bristol race, wagering tips, race history, and a whole lot more!

NASCAR Bristol Best Sites 2024

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NASCAR Bristol Betting Odds

Of all the drivers doing battle at Bristol this year, the following currently have the best NASCAR Bristol odds to win outright:

RacerBetOnline ReviewBookMaker
Chase ElliottTBDTBD
Denny HamlinTBDTBD
Kevin HarvickTBDTBD
Joey LoganoTBDTBD
Brad KeselowskiTBDTBD
Kyle BuschTBDTBD
Martin Truex JrTBDTBD
Kyle LarsonTBDTBD
Ryan BlaneyTBDTBD

Popular Types of NASCAR Bets You Can Place On Bristol Motor Speedway

One of the biggest pros to wagering on NASCAR is how many options you have to do so. A regular Bristol competition can have upwards of a dozen different Vegas odds NASCAR Bristol available. Let’s cover the most common betting methods:

Race Winner

The purpose of this bet type is given away in its name — simply picking which driver crosses the checkered flag first. Depending on which Bristol race you’re gambling on, you must whittle down the race field from either circa 40 or 16 cars down to one sole winner.

That’s a tall order for most bettors, especially at an unpredictable track like Bristol Motor Speedway. Because of this, you’ll typically get longshot (plus money into the hundreds and thousands) NASCAR Bristol Vegas odds on each driver, even the favorites. As difficult as that may be, the reward on a correct pick can go a long, and we mean long, way in a bettor’s bankroll.

Drive Matchups

Betting on matchups is much more selective than on the race winner. Matchups are offered in two varieties — head-to-head (two drivers) or group (usually four cars). Moreover, this wager is won by picking which drivers in the matchup will perform better than the other. The performance of the remaining race field (as in drivers not included in the matchup) has no bearing on the ticket result.


Perhaps the best way to explain prop bets is by listing a few examples of them: driver with the fastest lap during the race, will anyone be flagged for speeding on pit road, over/under on caution flags throw. You get the point, right? These are essentially “side bets” on other in-race outcomes, many times not related to who wins or how a certain driver places.


While NASCAR Vegas odds Bristol only concerns themselves with the results of this race, futures are focused on the entirety of the NASCAR season, like who wins the NASCAR Cup Series. A futures bet like that is bettable at any point in the season. Over the course of the year, bookmakers will shuffle betting odds for it based on how races are shaking out.

NASCAR Bristol Betting Picks and Odds

About Bristol Motor Speedway

History is already rich at Bristol. Nicknamed “The Last Great Colosseum”, the speedway is an ancient relic of a time gone by, which isn’t slight but actually as big of a compliment as one can give. Bristol’s very charm comes from its dated, all-concrete structure that first opened in 1961 — grandstands also surround all sides, which draw natural comparison’s to Rome’s world-famous colosseum that formerly hosted gladiator fights.

That’s not to say Bristol Motor Speedway is solely a nostalgia trip, though. That couldn’t be further from the truth actually. The raceway itself throws one challenge after another at drivers. First, there’s the .533 oval that’s earned the moniker, “world’s fastest half-mile.” Then there are the extraordinarily-high banks. Turns are as tight as ever at Bristol, which many times end with hard crashes into the concrete-slabbed walls.

Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race

You’ll find no such fights to the death at Bristol. Instead, you’ll get a pair of NASCAR races (Food City Dirt Race & Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race) every year, perhaps a football game (that can hold up to 157,000 people), upper echelon concerts, amongst other events.

Formerly known as the Sharpie 500, the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race is the third and final race of the Round of 16 playoffs. It typically takes place in late September, on a Saturday. But it has recently moved to mid-September. Chevrolet and Ford are the winningest manufacturers at this race.

Famous NASCAR Speed Tracks