Popular Types of Nascar Bets You Can Place On Miami Speedway

There’s more than one way to bet on NASCAR Miami Homestead odds, or heck, any NASCAR event for that matter.

Let’s cover the most common methods you’ll find at sportsbooks:

Race Winner

Out of all the Vegas odds NASCAR Miami you’ll find, the race winner is the most bet-on, without question. As you’d expect, it’s a wager on the one driver who’ll cross the finish line in first. Remember the NASCAR betting odds Miami from earlier on in this guide? Welp, that was on the race winner.

Typically, you’ll always get plus-money odds on this bet type — no matter which racer you select. That’s because it’s difficult to handpick a single winner in a 40-or-so-person field. But hey, the payoff is well worth it if it indeed hits. And thanks to the longshot odds all around (even for favorites), it doesn’t take much money to score a huge return on this bet type. We will update our Nascar Betting Page with the latest Race Winner Odds for Nascar Miami Homestead when they are available.

Nascar Miami Homestead race betting

Driver Matchups

Ah, yes, driver matchups (sometimes also called head-to-head) is a NASCAR specialty. With this bet type, you’re solely betting on the outcome amongst two drivers — the rest of the field be damned. The outcome is based on which of the two racers will finish ahead of the other, that’s it.

These matchup pairings are selected ahead of time by bookies. Many times, bookmakers lean on existing rivalries or on-going storylines to make their matches.

A spin-off of the driver matchup bet is the group matchup. Here, an additional two drivers are added to the betting field and bettors must choose which of the four will finish tops amongst each other. Since there are more possible outcomes, you’ll get longer odds on group matchup wagers.

Prop Bets

Props are essentially “side bets” on a NASCAR event. With props, a wide range of in-race outcomes become bettable beyond just which racer wins straight up or finishes ahead of another.

Examples of prop bets include which racer will have the fastest lap during the entirety of the race, who will lead the most laps, which car manufacturer will earn a podium spot, and so much more. To borrow a driving term, props “add a lot of mileage” to any NASCAR event from a betting perspective since it gives you something to look forward to besides just the final lap. Nascar Miami Homestead Prop Bets become available typically around a week before the event.

A speedy, anything-can-happen race like the Homestead-Miami really lends itself well to the first two props we mentioned. That’s because a driver who dominates throughout (e.g. the fastest lap time or most laps ahead) doesn’t always come out on top due to “high wear” (more on this phenomena later on).

Futures Bets

Long-term bets beyond just who wins a single race are dubbed futures. The most popular futures wager is on who will win the NASCAR Cup Series at year’s end.

A futures bet such as that is available almost year-round. When you choose to bet on it — whether in the January preseason or perhaps mid-season — is up to you, but as you’d expect, the betting lines will constantly shift based on current happenings.

About Homestead-Miami Speedway

Located in Homestead, Florida, this speedway has been an annual stop in the NASCAR Cup Series since 1999. Matter of fact, between 2002 and 2019, it was the season finale — a race that all too often crowned the latest NASCAR Cup champion.

That all changed starting 2020, however. Since then, the race has taken place towards the end of October.

As for the speedway itself, it’s a 1.5-mile oval. As the sponsored name suggests, the Dixie Vodka 400 entails 400.5 miles or 267 complete laps. The turns are 18-20 degrees of progressive banking, whereas the straightways feature three degrees of banking. The front- and back-stretch are an equal 1,760 feet in length.

Moreover, the Homestead-Miami is very much a “high wear” racetrack. Therefore, pay close attention to tire management whilst the event is ongoing. Underworn and worn-out ties alike contribute to a leaderboard that’s constantly in flux to the bitter end.

The high wear track, plus how early the event takes place in the season, creates all sorts of randomness at the Homestead-Miami. That’s why we suggest exercising caution when betting. There are simply too many unknowns here to warrant big-money bets. Think of the Homestead-Miami as a “feel out” race in that regard.

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Nascar Miami-Homestead FAQ

Everything you need to know about the 2024 Miami Homestead Race to make good bets

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