How To Bet On NASCAR Darlington Races

We cannot get enough of NASCAR this season, and there’s nothing better than seeing the best drivers in the US burn out at the Darlington Racetrack. We go into depth about the legendary Darlington Raceway, covering odds, insights, and much more!

The Darlington Raceway is, without question, one of the most prestigious tracks in all of NASCAR. A racecourse of this caliber deserves a detailed betting guide to help bettors navigate its billing as a “track too tough to tame” — which it definitely lives up to, believe us. Let’s go into all the important topics, from NASCAR odds Darlington to betting strategies, that you’ll need to know before laying down any money on the event.

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NASCAR Odds To Win Darlington

It’s never too early to start plotting your next betting pick at Darlington Raceway, and it’ll help big time to know which drivers presently have the best odds to win the Darlington NASCAR race. Odds for the Southern 500 will be out closer to the race. For now check out the odds for the Championship. Here are the top contenders:

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Popular Types Of NASCAR Bets You Can Place On Darlington Raceway

The beauty of NASCAR betting, whether that’s for Darlington or another track, is there’s a slew of options available to bettors. Below is a quick snippet of what one can expect to find:

Race Winners

When bookies or bettors talk about NASCAR odds to win Darlington, they’re most likely referring to the race-winner bet. This wager puts a price on every single driver on winning the race and it’s on bettors to correctly pick the first-place finisher. With so many competitors in an event, these prices are pretty long, even for the race favorites that can be had at plus-money odds.

Driver Matchups

Matchup bets are much more consolidated than the race winner. This wager comes in two flavors — either head-to-head or group matchup. The former is a wager between two drivers only, while the latter ups the field to four. In either matchup bet, one must pick which car in the group places the highest amongst each other — the performance of the rest of the field makes zero difference on this betting outcome.


Props are like opening up Pandora’s box — it can go in so many different directions, and that’s the charm of them. Some of the most common props don’t involve race outcomes like who wins or places where. Rather, it’s on in-race results like who crashes first or how many caution flags get thrown all race long, as a popular example.


Futures are all about long-term outcomes. So instead of betting on a single race, a futures wager revolves around, say, who wins the entire NASCAR Cup Series by season’s end. A futures wager like that can be bet-on throughout the year, from preseason right up until the championship finale. Bookies will update the lines for futures based on recent race results and how the point standings are shaking out.

NASCAR Las Darlington Betting Picks and Odds

About Darlington Raceway

In NASCAR, you can probably guesstimate the caliber of a race track by the nicknames it has. Here are two commonly associated with the Darlington Raceway — “A NASCAR Tradition” and “The Track Too Tough To Tame.” You think Darlington is special? You betcha, it is.

First things first, there’s a storied history between NASCAR and Darlington. With an open date of 1949, it’s considered the “oldest major speedway” in the sport. Naturally, Darlington Raceway is rich with memories with every single NASCAR legend making a mark on it at one point or another.

Two NASCAR Cup Series competitions take place in Darlington every single season.

As for the track itself, it’s earned a notorious reputation for being one of the most difficult in the entire NASCAR circuit. A lot of that has to do with its egg-shaped design that’s 1.366 miles long with two drastically-different turns — one wide and the other short and incredibly tight. Moreover, when the track was first designed, it was optimized for speeds between 80 and 95 miles per hour — not knowing the cars of today would be well double of that. Darlington Raceway is such a challenge that there’s an unofficial “badge of honor” given to drivers who ram against the track’s unforgiving wall — the Darlington Stripe. How’s that for a NASCAR rite of passage?

The Southern 500

The Rebel 400 is the first, followed by the Southern 500. The latter is considered one of the sport’s four “Crown Jewel” races — think of this as NASCAR’s version of the Grand Slam. Per tradition, the Southern 500 goes down on Labor Day weekend annually and is currently the opening race of the playoff stage.

The Southern 500 is also known as the Cook Out Southern 500. This legendary race is the home Darrell Waltrip’s final career victory.

It is also nicknamed the “Throwback Weekend” because many cars go with their retro paint schemes. Plus, the trophy features pictures of all previous winners. Here, they value the history that they are steeped in.

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