• November 22-28, 2021
  • Innsbruck, Austria; Turin, Italy; Madrid, Spain
  • Defending Champions: Spain


Known as the World Cup of Tennis, the Davis Cup is unlike other tennis betting opportunities. Pitting countries against countries, the Davis Cup winner odds represent the biggest stars in tennis today.


In our Davis Cup betting guide, we cover it all: Tips for betting on the Davis Cup and how to read Davis Cup odds. We also connect you to the best online sportsbooks for wagering on the Davis Cup.

Davis Cup Final Odds

Follow Davis Cup Final odds to be able to make the best bets. As they come out, we will keep this chart updated with the latest Davis Cup winner odds.

Davis Cup Winner Odds 2024BetUS ReviewBetOnline Review
Great BritainTBATBA

Davis Cup Betting Tips

If you have been watching the Davis Cup 2021, or you have been a fan for years, either way, it is good to brush up on some Davis Cup betting tips. These tips will help you identify profitable bets and leverage your skills to be the best bettor you can be.

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Do Your Research

No matter how much you think you know the players and the Davis Cup itself, there is always something you could learn that will improve your Davis Cup betting odds. It can only help you out if you take a bit of time to brush up on your history.

History is really just the start. You should also know how the different athletes perform, which countries they play for, and how they do on the road. Ask yourself where the tournament will take place, and if it takes place in multiple countries, where which matches will be held. Some players receive a big boost from a home-field advantage. Others are geat on the road as well.

Also, pay attention to the type of court they will be playing on. Tennis stars sometimes have their strengths based on the type of court.  Do not let these details slip your calculations.

Line Shopping

Line shopping means comparing the prices of betting markets across different online sportsbooks. This is one of the key advantages of betting online rather than at brick and mortar buildings.

When you compare lines from Davis Cup betting odds, you are saving money and helping your bottom line, which is after all a big goal of sports betting.

To be able to go line shopping, you will have to sign up for at least two online sportsbooks. This way you can check out and actually play with the best lines out there. Read more about this in our line shopping guide.

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Only Use Trusted Betting Sites

When signing up at your Davis Cup betting sites, make sure you know them to be trustworthy. Some operations can be a little bit shady. This is why we are careful o inspect so many sports betting sites.

We not only make sure they are trustworthy, but we go a step forward. We also make sure that they are the best. Period. Follow our recommendations for great bonuses and speedy payouts.

Davis Cup Betting History

Looking back at the history of the Davis Cup is a key part of the research you should be doing as part of our Davis Cup betting tips. While it is not enough to make the best bets, because that work will always be personalized, we have here for you a big foot up.

The United States is the most winningest team in the history of the Davis Cup. This is not to say they will always be the favorite in the Davis Cup winner odds, but it does give you a prism through which you can interpret those odds.

Here’s a list of the most winningest teams in the Davis Cup betting history:

  • United States: 32 Titles and 29 Runner-Ups
  • Australia: 28 Titles and 19 Runner-Ups
  • France: 10 Titles and 9 Runner-Ups
  • Great Britain: 10 Titles and 8 Runner-Ups
  • Sweden: 7 Titles and 5 Runner-Ups
  • Spain: 6 Titles and 4 Runner-Ups

This list of winners is, of course, not the whole history. For instance, if you look just at Davis Cup wins since 1972, Sweden shoots up to second place, Australia in third, and Spain in fourth. All following the United States, which remains in the top spot.

The Davis cup has been around for over a century, having started in 1900. Between 1950 and 1967, Australia was a beast! They won 15 of the titles in those 17 years, Starting in 1972, the tournament was changed to a knockout style, ensuring that the defending champion had to play every round.

Best Davis Cup Betting Sites

It is super important that you connect with only the best Davis Cup betting sites. Signing up at sportsbooks that are less than ideal will lead to headaches and what is essentially throwing money down the drain.

We have tested these sportsbooks and compared them across the industry. We have been at this for a long time and are no stranger to great sportsbooks. Check out these Davis Cup betting sites for great bonuses, smooth web design, and good customer service.

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