How to Bet on the Australian Open

If you want to learn how to bet on the Australian Open, you have come to the right place. Here we will lay out the best strategies for betting on the Australian Open. If you are an expert bettor, much of the advice in this guide will sound familiar to you. However, it is always a good idea to see how to apply what you know directly to Australian Open 2022 betting, with all its twists and turns.


If you are new to betting and getting started with betting on the 2022 Australian Open, you will find everything you need here. You’ll know which athletes are the favorites and where you can bet for, against the top tennis players.

2022 Australian Open Odds

The odds for 2022 Australian Open betting have been available for many months. In addition to the futures or outrights for who will win the entire tournament, you can also find Australian Open odds for each match in the men’s and women’s tournaments.


Another key part of the 2022 Australian Open odds is that many top contenders have dropped out, and the odds have had to adapt to these sudden changes. Roger Federer, for example, had to drop at nearly the last minute. This is because he was not able to quarantine properly. Australia is far from most of the world, so traveling during these difficult times has proven to be a hurdle.


While no one is considered a favorite to win against the entire field, Novak Djokovic is the closest we have to a favorite to win. He is currently the top-ranked tennis player in the world and has won the Australian Open 8 times already. He currently has the best odds to win the 2022 Australian Open.

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Australian Open Betting Strategies, Tips, and Advice

When betting on the Australian Open, there is no reason to go in blind. In addition to having the odds and betting sites, you should also have an idea of a strategy for organizing and perfecting your Australian Open betting.

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Go Line Shopping

Always make sure you are getting the best odds for the 2022 Australian Open by checking out our odds table here. You can also do the same with whichever betting sites you choose by signing up at more than one. The more accounts you have, the more you will be able to find the best value for the bets you choose to make.


Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is key to any successful Australian Open betting strategy. It is the backbone for developing a strategy because it is a yardstick that allows you to measure the efficacy of your Australian Open betting.


One approach is unit-based. Here, you bet the same amount on every bet, no matter what. This way, if your winnings are more or less from week to week, you will know it is because of the types of bets you are placing, rather than having bet more or less.


It is also a good way to gamble responsibly, as it is easier to stay within your entertainment budget.

The Underdog Approach

With the underdog approach, you focus on the bets that are not as likely to win. This seems counterintuitive at first. Why would you place bets that are not likely to win? Well, because with great risk, comes great reward.


Of course, this requires knowing which players are undervalued. It is not a good idea just to bet on any underdog. But if you can find the underdogs that are slightly more likely to win than the bookmakers think, you can get some pretty handsome payouts.

Stick to the Safe Bets

The other approach is to just bet on the favorites. These are the bets marked with negative values in Australian Open betting odds. You are likely to win the majority of these bets, even if their payout is not too big. This is a slow and steady approach to betting. And Australian Open betting should fit nicely into your overall betting strategy, whatever it may be.

Getting Started: Finding Your Australian Open Betting Site

Now that you have learned well beyond the basics of Australian Open betting, you are ready to get started. Here you will find a list of great betting sites that are trusted, have nice welcome bonuses, and the latest Australian Open odds.


While any one of them would be an excellent choice, it is also a good idea to sign up at more than one. This way you can go line shopping to make sure you are getting the best deal available.




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